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Angelo on backup QB, his new role

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Jerry Angelo discusses his new role in the front-office and whether the team will sign a veteran backup for Jay Cutler in his bi-monthly interview with Larry Mayer at

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz admitted that not having an experienced quarterback behind Cutler made him nervous during a recent minicamp. Does that mean the Bears will seek more experience at a position that also includes inexperienced Caleb Hanie, Brett Basanez and sixth-round pick Dan LeFevour?

"We're still exploring that," Angelo told Mayer. "Last year we went with Caleb [Hanie] as the backup and Brett [Basanez] on the practice squad. So we're at least where we were last year. We did draft Dan LeFevour in the sixth round, and we like Dan. So we have some parts in place already and we'll just see."

Angelo also said his role will change with the addition of Tim Ruskell, who was named director of player personnel last week.

"Tim's going to have more latitude to do things, Angelo said. "I'll still have a role in college. Maybe I'll have more of a role in the pro. When Tim gets here, we'll be able to sit down, talk and create a plan to maximize our efforts and expertise in personnel. Having worked with Tim helps because we share a commonality in philosophy that will expedite the feeling-out process that you normally go through when you hire people in management positions. We'll be able to share ideas and create a relationship needed to lead and grow our organization."

Angelo also discussed the secondary and Major Wright's opportunity to start as a rookie during the interview. He's the link:

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How about Jeff Garcia...atleat he can run, and with the line the Bears have..they need someone who can run.

I smell a succession plan here folks. To get a guy that is not only a friend of Angelo's, but thinks like him too, is not coincidence. Maybe not next year or the year after, but Tim Ruskell will be a major candidate for GM, if Jerry ever resigns or gets canned.

As for the backup QB position being a major need of these Bears, I think yes and no. Yes, because like the media and fans like to say, we are not loaded with experienced quarterbacks. Also, that it would cost the Bears a win or two by losing Cutler to an injury. No, because Hanie while not a precision passer, does possess mobility and an arm (his quirky mechanics cannot be linked to poor gameday performance, yet). However, Basanez is more of a quarterbacks coach than a player (average at best) and LeFevour is way too raw to even see the field (though his potential is very promising, maybe a 2012 or 2013 number two backup?).

If we do end up with another QB, I hope it's Josh McCown (who some fans keep confusing with Cade McNown). He's the youngest FA quarterback out there (33) and familiar with Martz's playbook from his days playing for him in Detroit (2006?). Bulger is too old and I hear Arizona is interested in him anyway (first Faneca, now Bulger huh?).

That's another thing, it's sad to see Arizona go from a playoff caliber team to be like the St. Louis Rams after 2003.

Shiver me timbers!

Don't you guys see it, Ruskell will have more to do with College and Angelo with Pro. Those were their jobs in Tampa pre-new ownership. You know 10 losing season in a row. We are using the pre-good tampa buisness model, the one that created the worst franchise in nfl history.

Old Angelo and Ruskell are going back to the good old days of the Orange and the white. Maybe someone will stick a plume on the Bears helmet.

Creighton, you are coming with me. Dead or alive.


I think you are mistaken. When angelo and lovie get fired at year end, so will all of their buddies. The McCashkeys gave angelo enough rope to hang himself. He has done that. Now all is needed is for someone to show him the door.
No succession. Just a clean sweep.

Ruskell won't be around long enough to deal with the college draft.
This is just a vacation for him. Come to think of it, angelo has been on vacation just a little too long.


I like the fact you are calling for Lovie and Angelo to be hitch hiking their way out of Chicago after this upcoming season, I am in favor of that as well.

Although, I do disagree with you about your claim that they will lose far more than they win. My thoughts are that they will finish 9-7 or 10-6 and may win the division.

If the Bears finish 9-7 or better and make the playoffs JA and Lovie remain, unless they completely blow the first playoff game with poor coaching, then maybe Lovie hits the pavement.

The Bears have improved with the addition of the three Free Agent pick ups of Peppers, Taylor and the tight end Mananananannananang (don't have time to look up the spelling of his name).

With Urlacher back, PISA healthy and Briggs, the additions made at free safety, the D line seems better and should have a better pass rush this year( we will see about T Harris), the corners are serviceable and better with a strong pass rush, so the D could be a top 10 defense and hold teams to an average of 17 points or less per game. The offense with Cutler in year two and more in sync with the WR's, the running back and tight end situation seems improved, the offensive line will be the question mark but I am sure they will put up more points per game than last year. If that happens and D improves the Bears will be in the race for the division crown.

GO BEARS !?!?!?!?!

A plume on the helmet...hilarious.

I haven't posted here since last season started to come apart but I do read this blog everyday and I have to tell you that this is the best, most entertaining, free stuff available on the internet...beyond the other, obvious, available free stuff.

Keep it up folks. I can guarantee this season...and many more in the foreseeable future will give you much to write about.

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