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The NFL Draft is fast approaching. And even though they don't have a pick in the first or second rounds, there's still a buzz about what the Bears will do, especially since they didn't address one of their glaring needs: safety.

Will they spend their top pick on a safety, or will they go with the best available player?

Will the Bears package picks and move up?

Fire your questions to me.

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The Bears look as they are comming into the draft looking for saftey and a gaurd. It seems the "starting caliber" players for those two positions will be gone before the third round.
Do you know of any players at saftey or gaurd that could be a impact guy falling to the mid third round?

If you had to bet, who is starting at FS for the Bears the first game of the season?

Do you believe the Bears will select a FS in the draft and sign a veteran after the draft? If so, who do think gets cut during training camp?

Earlier in the year during a Q&A Lovie Smith he had the best of both worlds with Martz running the passing game and Tice in charge of the run game. Now Tice was hired before Martz and I am not sure his style of coaching actually fits with Martz. Tice is known for developing good run blocking lines, Martz's offense is known for needing good pass blocking lines. Recently PFF rated the Jags offensive line as the 31st worst pass blocking line in the nfl. Tice has stated that he had been working with Andy Heck and helping him coach the offensive line. With the Vikings their were rumors that Tice focused to much on run blocking and not enough on pass blocking. Does this seem to be a smart mesh of coaching talent? Shouldn't Martz have had some say in who his line coach would be, and does it not seem like their styles may clash? Marinelli was suppose to be a big upgrade for the defensive line at least that is what the fans were told. The Bears use a Tampa 2 defense which Marinelli cut his teeth in and knows inside and out. Yet the defensive line was not very good last year and showed little if any improvement. Tice has never coached in this style of offense, he has never used these pass blocking schemes, yet Tice is being called upon to turn the Bears line around with little help. Is pairing Tice with Martz really fair to Tice and Martz, or should the fans expect a Paxon/Del Negro type incident by mid season?

After the draft do you think that the Bears will be signing and or trading for any other big-name players? And if so, who?

Not a question.

I predict that the Bears will trade future draft picks (2011 number 1 and 2)to pick up their safety and guard...and possibly other positions to do everything possible not to get fired at the end of this season.

However, the bears are no more than a 500 team that has to play 8 games against last season playoff teams and 3 games against 2008 division champs. All of them can beat the prevent defense that Lovie calls cover-2 and they have shown it the last 2 seasons...passing right down the middle and all of the way down the field for scores.

In addition, I still think that the offensive line proved nothing last year other than Orlando Pace can't play anymore. You can attribute this to Angelo's continuation of not being able to size up players. So what makes anybody think that they can draft players this year in any round that can help us immediately, not to say anything about the players he picked up in free agency this year that look good on paper but will still be an unknown until we see how they play with this team. Add to this a Martz offense that has to teach our starting 3rd string line up of wide outs (there is no number 1 and 2 wide outs on this team) and have them ready for the season on September 1st....and you got yourself a catastrophe in the works. Our wide outs had a hard time last year knowing where to be will a less potent offense. Cutler will be crushed. He won't have the time needed to play the Martz offense because he won't have the protection needed to throw the long passes. Expect more interceptions than last year....this won't be Cutler's fault.

And finally...will the bears have the friendly confines of soldiers field this year....or will the boo birds come out the whole year and give Lovie an ear full? With the schedule at hand, the bears are going to have a tough time playing 500 in the first half of the season. We will have a better chance at prediction once the schedule comes out this week....but if they play the hardest part of their schedule in the first half of the season, they will get booed out of Chicago. I don't blame the fans. Phillips, angelo, Lovie, marinelli, and babbage should have been fired last season.
Let's hope they don't do much damage before they get fired this year.

So the question is...why don't you call it like it is? ...a reality check...instead of getting fan's hopes up where there is no hope.

How does the depth chart at SS and FS look like? Is Afalava better than Payne? What are the chances of Steltz making the team? What is the role for Bullocks? Would really apreciate the answer as I can't figure this one out. Last season it was hard to evaluate the safety spots as everyone played rather poor. The Bears want to draft a FS, but how will that influence the dchart?

Due to the need of a safety on the Bears roster, shouldn't the Bears be working on extending Daniel Manning? I'm scared that some team out there will give up a 3rd round pick for this guys, who is probably the best return guy in the league on kickoffs.

Also, if I remember correctly, wasn't it Henry Melton who was playing like a beast in the last preseason game of last year. There was one defensive lineman that seemed to be everywhere in that game (really high motor which the Bears need). Was this Melton? If so, I think he will surprise people next year. We need more high motor guys on defense.

I have 5 questions.

1. Will Aromashodu really be given a shot as the number 1 receiver? Or are they going to again annoint Hester that even though we all know he will thrive in the slot like Wes Welker.

2. Will the Garret "Light as a Feather" Wolfe finally be sent packing? He will not beat out Forte, Taylor or Bell and his only supporter Turner who couldn't get him on the field is gone.

3. Will Rashied Davis also finally be gone? I would rather see the young Iglesias get a chance than have Davis on the team only for special teams.

4. How many rotations of FS and SS do you think will play this year? If going by the past it will be at least 6. Are they ever going to address this problem.

5. With so many teams in need of a kick returner will the team to trade Daniel Manning to get some value for a player who just can't find a spot on D? We already have Knox and Hester so why not try and get some value for Manning who is a good returner?


I believe that the bears are going to move a player or two on draft day to obtain an early pick which could be used on a OT or S. It doesn't seem to make sense for Lovie to wine and dine a player such as Nate Allen unless something were in the works.

What are your thoughts on the Bears packaging Olsen and a 2011 third round pick for a late first rounder this year, such as the Patriots pick? Also, I would think that Nick Roach would have some sort of trade value. With the recent signing of Pisa, it woudln't seem to make sense to keep Hunter, Roach & Williams as backups when there are more pressing needs for starters elsewhere on the team?

I gotta agree with Val. Let's take a look at 2010:


Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (W)
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (L)
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears (L)
Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears (L)
Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears (W)
Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears (W)
New England Patriots at Chicago Bears (L)
New York Jets at Chicago Bears (L)


Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (W)
Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (L)
Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (L)
Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (L)
Chicago Bears at New York Giants (L)
Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers (W)
Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills (W)
Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins (W)

Looks like 7-9 again to me, if everything goes ok. I predicted 5-11 last year and the last two wins of the season ruined that prediction. The McCaskey's will probably give Angelo and Lovie each a 10 year extension after this season. going to change until those two are gone.....

I don't think we need to give up our 1st next year, but I bet we have to give up Olsen or Clark AND a second next year to get into round 2 to get the safety. I think we can get a pretty solid guard in 3, but we aren't getting our starting safety in the 4th or later, so that means getting into round 2. If we are forced to wait until round 3 for the safety, we get a guy like Major Wright instead of a starter. We can still get a decent guard in round 4, but not as good as if we go in 3. From there, we will take a CB, and a few more OL (a C and a RT likely, and maybe one more G).

Jerry isn't crazy enough to lose his first round pick for 3 years in a row (I say without a lot of confidence). Hopefully Ted Phillips would not allow him to mortgage a future he may not be a part of in an effort to go from a sub .500 team to a barely .500 team...Realistically, this team cannot win the Super Bowl this year, mostly because they have not proven they can stay healthy at key positions to maintain success. Our success or failure is hanging on 2 players on defense: Urlacher and Harris. What are the odds of them being on top of their game for a full season? We haven't seen it since 2005. On offense, we are counting on Kreutz, Garza, and a couple of developing youngsters to protect Cutler for 16 games in a risky offense when it comes to QBs taking hits. What are the odds that both of these things work out perfectly? Pretty slim.

I have given the Bears draft a lot of thought and though I do not get a check, I believe that could draft better than Jerry Angelo. Which for most of us Bears fans seems like it would be easy to do, honestly it would not be, except in the early rounds. If Major Wright FS Florida is there at 75 the Bears have to take him, as fast as he has been rising I am not sure he will be there. If John Jerry OT Mississippi they should take him, he could step in right away at ORT. There are a number of other OL prospects they could choose here, depending on the health of Tommie Harris they could go DT with Geno Atkins from Georga at CB Dominique Franks from Oklamhoma would be a nice fit. At 109 they have to get someone that also can play right away. Mike Johnson OG Alabama, Zane Beadles OG Utah could play on the OL. Kevin Thomas CB USC would be hard to pass up, there are also any number of CB to FS conversations they could grab as well as a few DE prospects. At 141 the Bears need value George Johnson DE Rutgers would fit, but I really like Robert Johnson FS Utah, the Bears have had him in for a work out. He had a better short shuttle time and 3 cone drill time than any saftey at the combine, he also had 13 picks in his 3 years as a starter. He may be there at 186 but I would not want to risk it. At 186 the future has to be the thought and there are many players who could start in the future. Scott Long WR Louisville,Levi Horn OT Montana, Sam Young OT Notre Dame, Rahim Alem DE LSU, Hall Davis DE La-Lafayette, A.J. Jefferson CB Fresno ST. Nolan Carroll CB Maryland would all be good picks. There is an intersting small school prospect Adain Tracy OLB from William & Mary who maybe able to be developed to fit into Brian Urlacher's spot after a little time on the practice sqaud. At 218 they also can get good future palyers Will Baker OT Virginia who the Bears, have alreay worked out, as well as his team mate DT Nate Collins, OG Charlie Tanner OG Texas, A.J Edds OLB Iowa who has great size, speed and instincts. Deji Karim RB Southern Illinois who has power and speed reminds me a lot of Maurice Jones-Drew could still be there. This is a very deep draft especialy on defense and if the Bears are smart they do not need to trade up.

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