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Wright sells himself

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Bears third-round pick Major Wright visited with Mully and Hanley on The Score this morning.

His mindset on talking to teams was simple.

"I basically just went in there and just told them about Major Wright, my childhood, me growing up, me playing for St. Thomas (a well-known private school in Ft. Lauderdale), me playing for University of Florida," Wright said.

He talked about his leadership potential and addressed his character.

"I've never been arrested," he said. "I don't drink, I don't smoke, so you know I look at that as a figure too."

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I still say he is a SS. In fact he wasn't even the best FS at Florida. He lost his job at the end of last season when Will Hill took it away from him as a true Sophmore 6'1 205. Had he gone back to Florida this year he would not have been the starter, thats why he came out. He has great athletic ability but is a liability in pass coverage. He is the typical Bears safety.

He is a good character guy, athletic, good football IQ, but he is not a FS in this league. Maybe Hoke can coach him up but he does play stiff. He belongs at SS, along with all the other Bears safeties.

Lovie and Company just don't get it.

I am with you on this one. Since he is such a solid leader and smarts guy, why not put him at SS, and let him QB the secondary and position Manning or whoever is at FS? Having Mike Brown back there made Manning a better player than he has shown since then.

Still think they should have gone Walton or Johnson on the OL, or maybe Ghee at CB if they wanted a DB. Robert Johnson would have been there in 4, as would Owusu Ansah, and both are much better suited to free safety. Maybe this Quentin Scott can surprise, but there is a pretty good reason he wasn't drafted...

Just heard the wright interview on 670 and he was very candid. He said he didn't even know the Bears were intrested in him. Which says a little about the pick.

But what I found real intresting is the what he said about the Colts who "were very intrested in him." Looking at the Colts, the Colts are set at FS with Bethea a young Pro Bowl player but where they have a problem is SS depth, with the often injured Bob Sanders who has played just 8 games in two years and missed most of 4 out of 6 seasons with injury. I think this says a lot about what another Tampa 2 defense thought of him, and where they may see him as a player. Granted this is just me speculating, but it does make sense.

I do kinda of agree with Joe and Creighton, but is it possible that Corey Graham is going to be in the mix at free again? seeing as they now also have a couple of options at nickel ....any thoughts?

"I've never been arrested," he said. "I don't drink, I don't smoke, so you know I look at that as a figure too."

I like him already!

Joe and Creighton:

I may be wrong and I respect your overall knowledge about the Bears but I truly believe that Major Wright will be what the Bears need at free safety.

He will bang heads, he seems to be a team leader type, he is not super fast but is fast enough at 4.44 to 4.48 for a Free Safety, seems heady and really reminds me of Mike Brown. I would say put Manning either at nickel or in the box at Strong Safety and let the Major line um up and lets play ball.

We will see, you both may be right but I hope Wright is right for the Bears at Free Safety.

He played mostly cover-1 at Florida, so not sure why everyone thinks he's only a SS. Does that mean he doesn't need to work on his backpedal and technique? Absolutely not. Its said he's got the range, speed, ball-skills, and toughness to play FS. One site even said he had "loose" hips, which contradicts his one noted weakeness. Let's see what he can do with a little coaching.

Creighton- do you read and post at WCG?

I have full confidence Lovie and Crew will put the new draft class in positions that they're NOT best suited for then toggle them through other positions as well, thereby completely slowing their professional development in this league until they are then picked up by another team, where they will perform better than they ever did in Chicago. Makes me wonder how good Urlacher and Briggs could've been if they played elsewhere.

Propheteer, I know he played cover 1 and I am not saying he can't be a FS. I have posted a lot about Wright. Just watching some internet stuff on him and reading the scouting reports and looking at the type of defense he played at Florida I see him as a better SS than FS. I think Bill Polian say it that way too. I have no problem with his character or anything like that. But playing in college and playing in the NFL are 2 different things. To be honest I think Wright may think he is SS too.

I am all for letting him get coached up, however I think all the Safety positions should be up for grabs. Manning did nothing to lock down a job, he is faster with better range than Wright yet he can't play FS. Truth is Wright may deliver a lot of big hits but he is weak in coverage, he cheated over a lot to the corners at Florida so he wouldn't be on an island. At florida he didn't play man he played a zone while everyone else played man, his job was to simply react to the play as it unfolded in front of him. He basically was a Rover, he was great at picking up the run but against the pass he got there late a lot but Florida Corners and pressure helped cover that up. He played in an ultra aggressive defense with a great ability to blitz. QB's never had much of a chance to take advantage of the single deep safety because of this, however when they began too, he found himself replaced.

Lovie plays bend don't break and even with Peppers their is not going to be a ton of pressure sense the Bears are really bad at blitzing. In the cover two the safety has to read the QB and make a choice, he doesn't get to play rover. The problem I see with cover 2 is that Wright will not play the run as much, thats not what Cover two safeties do, they play the run only when the team can't stop the run, the rest of the time they are defending the deep pass so they better be good at defending the pass.

Wright is a tweener SS/FS and tweeners are good in cover 2, but it better the right kind of tweener. Wright has more SS in him than FS, so in cover 2 he is a SS. A cover 2 FS is usually excellent against the pass but can play the run in a pinch.

So its not that I don;t think Wright can play in the NFL, but on a coaching staff with a history mis-casting players I think they are making a mistake and playing him at FS. Basically they are making it harder for him.

By the way I don't know what WCG is so I am going ot say no. But I do have some people who pretend to be me who may post at this site, place, thing.

Dahli how dare you challenge my opinion. Do not make me exile the dahlillama. Seriously, I don't have a problem with Wright, but Mike Brown was a SS. They moved him to free because he kept getting hurt in the box and he was OK at FS, but he was always a much better SS. Also I know we all like to say stuff like in the box, but the Bears don't actually do that a lot with the SS. Its not a big part over cover 2, which plays 7 in the box. Unlike cover 1 which plays 8 in the box and at Florida guess who had a great rep as the in the box safety? You got it, his name was Major Wright. The only time the safety should be in the box in coer 2 is if the front 7 can't stop the run, or you want to blitz him. Which is usually how Brown got hurt.

So I hope you can see why I think of him as more of a SS. Not that he can't play FS like Brown did, its just he will probably be better at the other position.

mike brown was a stud at free safety which is what he played when tony parrish was still with the bears....also major wright will be the best FS prospect we have drafted since mike brown payne, steltz, afalava...are all SS and no one was trying to deny that yes we played all of them at FS but no one said they were FS manning has all the speed and skills to play FS hes just stupid he doesnt have the football IQ to play FS plain and simple everything that has been said about wright is that hes got great football IQ he doesnt have what all our other safetys lack in speed and hes a leader on the field some have said he was the tebow on the defense also will hill the sophmore fs is a top recruit and they have a 3 safety rotation which major started 12 games last year and many top college football people said you could tell when major wasnt in there getting the defense lined up and im not saying hes our answer at FS but hes the best available at the time to come in and play and be an impact player right away...i like the draft hopfully all the picks turn up being on the team and contribute in some way this year....go bears!

Creighton, the bears have 8 men in the box all the time, because any team that's determined to run can do so against our front 7. I'm not sure what team you've been watching.

I didn't watch Florida much the last few years and I definitely think Wright was #4 on their list of 4. There's not a huge difference as far as pass coverage goes between ss and fs in our scheme. When we're actually playing cover 2 each safety has half the field. I'm guessing he's a big upgrade over what we have. Like most have said, Manning is really the only guy with fs physical traits, but he's so lacking in instincts and football IQ both of which are really central to playing the position well (ie Mike Brown). If he's as advertised in those areas I think it's a good pick - he has enough speed.

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