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'With the 75th pick, the Chicago Bears select ...'

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Bill Holland is a regular reader and contributor who recently posted a comment about how he believes the Bears will take Utah safety Robert Johnson with the 75th pick.

Do you have a better idea?

Here's the deal: Post what you think the Bears will do with their third-round pick on Friday night and I will re-post the answers in a later blog entry.

If somebody correctly predicts the Bears selection, they can expect major kudos.

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The Bears will trade down with their 75th pick.

You should clarify if entries need to be in before the start of the first round? They should trade up and get an impact safety. But what they will do is draft as follows:

Will Do:

Rnd 3: DE/DT

Rnd 4: Safety

Rnd 5: Guard

Rnd 6: OT

Should Do:

Trade up to 2nd round: FS

Rnd 4: OG

Rnd 5: OT

On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!

Janosz: He is Holland! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

I would like to see you pathetic ants try and out guess my prediction. The problem is, it's no prediction! I KNOW who my Bears will choose because I am best friends with Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo and I talk to them all the time. So good luck you frail insects.

Let's say it all together now: "Yes, Mr. Holland. You are my infallible overlord Mr. Holland." Good.

Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back.

THE #1 Bears fan, Bill

The Bears select either FS Major Wright, Florida or FS Morgan Burnett from Ga. Tech, whichever is not snapped up near the top of the third round by Cleveland.

Two guys that should be around when the Bears pick are my best bets ...

1) LSU FS Chad Jones - A freakish athlete who can play the position and brings a load. Jones has fallen because of his 4.57 40 time at his pro day. He plays much faster.

2) Alabama OG Mike Johnson - Johnson is a STRONG run blocker and can play both guards position as well as tackle. On a team whose o-line needs help just about everywhere, Johnson would be a welcome addition.

After watching round one I still like Burnett or Wright for the Bears...but I really hope they find some way to steal the top pick in round 2 from the Rams and draft Taylor Mays from USC. He would look great roaming centerfield for the Bears.

What do the Bears have to do to trade up and get Taylor Mays???


There definitely were a few reaches in round one. The OLB/DE Graham going way early and some DB's that were slated to go 2nd round went late first. That Along with Tebow taking up an early slot pushed more players down towards the Bear's. There are 2-3 second round QB's still on the board that will go. If at say pick 45-50, Taylor Mays or Nate Allen are still on the board, the Bear's should package their 3rd and a later pick; either this year's 4th or next year's 4th and go after them. A similar trade was made last year between the Bills and the Cowboys. #75 and #110 went for #51. if you could get away with doing it and trading next year's 4th along with this year's 3rd, they should do it. And take Allen or Mays. That way, you could still conceivably get Beadles with the 4th round pick.
When the second round kicks off, there is going to be 2 qb's, 1-2 TE's, 2-3 WR's, and 2-3 OLB's go off the board very fast. It is a very likely scenario that a good OL and or FS prospect could be there in the mid to late 50's.

they trade a linbacker (and a pick 4th or 5th if its a high pick)to get into the 2nd round for a safety

I would love to see the Bears get Taylor Mays in the 2nd round, by trading Greg Olsen and a sixth round pick. Then with their 3rd pick they take CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. With pick 4 they take Guard John Jerry out of Mississippi. On pick 5 they take another Guard, Zane Beadles out of Utah (or Marshall Newhouse ).

With the 75th pick the Chicago Bears select Zane Beadles.

I've been against trading Greg Olson for awhile now...

however...if we can get a 2nd round pick from the Patriots (or Broncos) and aquire a FS, such as Nate Allen or Taylor Mays. I say go for it!!!!

Go Bears!!

If they had any brains they would pick a new general manager

trade it to the Buccaneers or Brobcos for 1 of the 2 picks they have in the second round, 42 or 46. The Bears will also give up a third or fourth round pick from 2011, with the second round pick the can choose Saftey Nate Allen (So.Fla) / Morgan Burnett (GT)

Bears will select either Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, but if he's gone it will be Zane Beadles.

Predicting what Angelo is going to do with this draft pick is useless. He could pick anyone from the 6th string DT from USC to a 4-year starter at a D3 school. So, my best guess is he picks S Kam Chancellor from Va Tech. Then he'll throw in a G, DT, CB, WR, and another lineman.

The Bears will trade for a early middle 2nd round draft pick and get Illinois Wide Reciever Arrelious (Regus) Benn.

You know guys you may want to wait till the second round is actually over so you know who is on the board.

Sense Robert Johnson started this thread here is a little video of him in action.

3rd round- Pat Angerer: Urlacher is becoming more and more fragile, ultra productive college player that knows how to play and lets be serious, Angelo always drafts a LB
4th round- Major Wright: If hes available, can't pass on him
5th round- John Jerry: Have to solidify the line
6th round- Amari Spievey: Again, if he's here the Bears will grab him. Believe he had a private workout for the club too

Where's my kudos?

Nice pick Colin you almost had it. All your other picks where gone and you should have waited. 3rd not 4th, yes Angelo reached don't be surprised.

Nick you have to pick one, but you like the winner winner chicked dinner. Congrads, you have won another year of poor safety play by the Bears. As the Bears have drafted a guy who is realy a SS in the NFL.

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