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Williams latest to sign tender

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Restricted free-agent Jamar Williams signed his one-year tender with the Bears on Wednesday. Terms were not disclosed.

Anybody else feel a little sorry for the fifth-year linebacker who seems to play well when he gets on the field, which happens only rarely? Williams had 19 tackles against St. Louis in a rare start late last season but will be relegated to special-teams duty once again unless Lance Briggs gets injured. That was the third most tackles by a Bears player in a game since 1995, by the way.

Not that Williams doesn't make an impact on special teams. He does. The former fourth-round pick had 10 tackles for the Bears last season.

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It stinks that Williams didn't get his shot, but it was because Angelo botched the Briggs deal which would have opened up a spot for Williams in the starting lineup.

The players who have not signed their tenders are kidding themselves if they think they are going to do better. The Bears can reduce the offer after June 15th for any reason they want, and there are no other teams that can enter the mix because they are not under contract. The only chance they have of gaining leverage is to get into the fold, and win their jobs.

I am starting to think that Roach and Williams are going to be trade bait for mid round picks (4th and 5th rounders) as we go through the draft. If we don't trade Olsen, which appears less likely after Scheffler's price was so low, then our only commodity of strength is the LB position. Shaw is solid enough to be Pisa's backup in my opinion on the strong side. The SLB only plays 45% of the time anyway, and he is a thumper, which we don't have anywhere outside of Briggs. Hillenmeyer can back up SLB and MLB, and we can give Malast a shot to be the backup Will. The Giants are moving to a variation of the Cover 2, and will need some LBs with experience, and the Colts need someone to play alongside Brackett. Williams and Roach have some value there to teams in that scheme, and either one would be a decent fit in a base 4-3, and have special teams value.

Still holding out hope that Jerry can pull something off tonight and get a guy like Earl Thomas is kind of like holding out hope that I will win Powerball, but I think he will try and do something tomorrow to get into the mid to late second round and try and get Allen or Murphy from S. Florida, or maybe he shoots for the G early, and the CB/safety in 3. Bring on the draft!

Jamar Williams has come to play every time he's gotten a chance. Williams 19 tackle performance this season vs the Rams was probably the best day by a Bear linebacker since Urlacher's 25 tackle game a couple seasons back vs the Cards in the "we know who they are, but let them off the hook" game. You gotta wonder what Williams could do if given an entire season at the will linebacker position? The guys a nice fit at the position, kudos to Angelo for keeping him around for depth.

As far as the strong side job, I say go with Nick Roach, he's earned the job over the last couple seasons. Over the final 10 games this year he put up 41 tackles, 6 TFL, 1 sack, and 3 forced fumbles. Pisa can put the hurt on a player, but does the team no good on IR, which is where he's ended up 3 out of the 4 previous seasons. Go with Roach.

Draft wise I'd like to see the Bear land a guard in the 3rd, my favorite is Alabama's Mike Johnson. The 6-5 310lb guard was a major reason Mark Ingram won the Heisman. Johnson opened up holes on a line that had 3 new starters. The all-american senior is very durable, (which is key for a lineman) having set an Alabama record with 54 games played. Johnson had 41 consecutive starts, 24 at left guard, the position Chicago needs to fill on their line the most. Scouts like Johnson because he is a cerebral blocker who adjusts quickly and plays with a high motor. I say take Johnson in the 3rd to fill the need at guard, and then take safety Robert Johnson of Utah in the 4th to fill the free safety need. The draft as always will prove to be interesting.

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