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What the Bears can expect from the 75th pick

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Jerry Angelo told reporters Wednesday that he was hoping to come away from one of the deeper drafts in memory not with three starters but with three players who will dress and contribute on game days.

His lowered expectations got me thinking about what kind of player the Bears will get with the 75th overall pick, which is where Angelo is slated to make his first choice on Friday night. I looked at the 75th player taken in each of the past 10 drafts and found a not-unexpected mix of key contributors, part-time performers and players who made little or no impact.

Angelo needs to hope he gets Jason Spitz or Max Starks rather than Eric Downing, Derek Ross or Seth Wand.

Here's what I found out.

In 2009, tackle Robert Brewster of Ball State was taken at No. 75 by the Cowboys only to miss his rookie season after tearing a pectoral muscle lifting weights last July.

The 49ers drafted Reggie Smith out of Oklahoma in '08. The defensive back has since become a role player with no role.

Illinois State receiver Laurent Robinson was the Falcons pick in the third round of the '07 draft. He has made nine starts and had 13 catches for 167 yards last season.

The Packers received real value when they landed guard Jason Spitz, who was an anchor on their interior line before injuring his back last season. He has made 45 starts.

Eric Green was a free-agent bust for the Dolphins and is now out of the league. Drafted by the Cardinals out of Virginia Tech in '05, the DB made 33 starts for Arizona.

Max Starks has made 61 career starts and helped anchor the line for two of the Steelers Super Bowl winners after being their pick at No 75 out of Florida in '04.

Seth Wand had less success. The former NW Missouri State standout was drafted by the Texans and made 18 career starts but only appeared in one game for the Raiders last season.

Ohio State's Derek Ross made nine starts for the Cowboys during his rookie year in 2001. The cornerback never started after that and is now out of the league.

Defensive tackle Eric Downing from Syracuse made 13 starts for the Chiefs after being drafted in '01 but hasn't played since '04.

Finally, quarterback Chris Redman was the 75th player chosen in the 2000 draft. He has started 12 games and remains a backup in Atlanta.

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Considering that Starks and Spitz are the best of the bunch, that is not a ringing endorsement for that draft slot.

We can only hope that there is either a player like Jerome Murphy, a guard like Beedles, or the kid from Indiana PA (not going to butcher his name by trying to spell it). If we have to wait that long only to have Jerry take a DL, I don't think I'll stop swearing until after the end of the day Saturday.


Maybe angelo should trade all of his picks for 2011 picks since he won't make a splash this year. Of course, he won't make a splash next year because he will be out of the league....trying to find a peewee league that would have him for nothing.

I am going to predict that the Bears take Robert Johnson, Safety from Utah at #75. He has the ability to come in and be a starter for us this season, and a lot of the safeties going before him in are strong safeties playing in the box. I think that after Berry and Allen he is the best of the pure free safety types. Also Johnson has solid character, loves the game and has excellent speed and ball skills! Here's to hoping he's there for us at #75.

Or he might get someone like Richard Dent in the 8th round. OOOP's too bad there is not an 8th round anymore. Looks like the Bears are going to be grasping at straws, maybe not they may strike gold.

Someone wins the lotto every year maybe Angelo will get lucky, certainly he has more luck than skill.

he's going to draft all defensive line men and special teams players. thats all the the tampa bay buccaneers i mean st louis bears need to win

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