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We open up the Bears mail bag

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Per your request, we're planning to do a regular mail bag in which Neil and I answer questions from readers.

Here's the first installment, which posted earlier today.,bears-mailbag-question-answers-040110.article

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"This question is for Jensen. While you where covering the Vikings, did you ever get any insight from players or coaches on the Bears strengths and weaknesses? Did any player worry them, did one guy give another guy trouble?

How did they like to attack and defend the Bears, anything like that.


I did it. I finally did it. Hahahaha In you face Brando. Sean published MY question on a actual suntimes article. Thousands if not millins will read it. Wow I am the greatest and all of Chicago nows nows it.

Awww whats wrong Brando are you gonna cry? It l;ooks like Creighton wins again.

"Hey now your a rock star get the show on get maid. Hey noew your an all star get the game on get paid."

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