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TSN: Bulger plus Bears equals headache

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TSN offers one reason why the Bears shouldn't NOT pursue Marc Bulger. Interesting reading. Here's the link:

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Neil I saw the article and once again Florio proves that he has no busness writing about footyball. Cutler benched? Hello this is the frnachise qb Chicago has been missing for a hole century. No way will he get benched. They will have to wheel Cutler out in a stretcher before the 2nd string takes the feild with the offense. And here's another thing. The Bears should NOT sign Bulger for thes raesons Floorio stated they shouldnt sign him becuase he sucks ansd has only been getting worse. Check him out sense 06

GS QBR comp att rat yds /game /pas td int
2006-07 St. Louis 16 92.9 370 588 62.9 4301 268.8 7.3 24 8
2007-08 St. Louis 12 70.3 221 378 58.5 2392 199.3 6.3 11 15 2008-09 St. Louis 15 71.4 251 440 57.0 2720 181.3 6.2 11 13 2009-10 St. Louis 9 70.7 140 247 56.7 1469 163.2 5.9 5 6

Wow 11 tuchdowns in to season straight. Hahaha were talkng some Orton skill right there. Yeah I bet Cutler is shaking in his cleats that this guy will come in and take his job hahaha. than again Lovie will probably love this guy.

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I'm not sure Bulger would really want to come to Chicago. Everyone knows Cutler is the starter here so Bulger would not be competing for a starting job, which is probably what he really wants. If the Bears could get Bulger cheap, it might be a good pick up, and not just in case Cutler gets hurt. When things break down for the Bears offense and they get behind, Cutler tends to try too hard and makes terrible decisions. If Cutler starts having one of those stretches, you could legitimately say to Cutler, "Settle down or we're bringing in Bulger for a series or two." I don't think the Bears have that option with Hanie, even though he may develop into a good back up qb. Bulger would not be a threat for Cutler's starting job, but having him on the sideline may change Cutler's focus from trying to be a miracle man when things go bad to learning how manage the game and his emotions.

By the way, before the food fight begins, the first post is not the real Creighton.

If that was/wasn't the real creighton we shouldn't have to wonder if it is. Sad. I say stick with Hanie. He is probably confident enough to play but may lose his confidence if he has to look over his shoulder or wonder why another guy was brought in. If your starting QB has been in the league this long then the back up should be about Hanie's speed. Anyone else would get in the way. It's not like Bulger has much potential. He would be in "I'm trying to be the starter" mode and mess up the complexity of this team. If there was someone better then I would say go for it. But signing a guy just because he's a veteran just to have a veteran is not a good thing.

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