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Tinoisamoa re-signs with Bears

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The Bears re-signed linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa to a one-year deal, the club announced today.

Tinoisamoa opened the season as the starting strongside linebacker, but he suffered a knee injury in the season opener at Green Bay.

He returned in Week 6, against the Atlanta Falcons, but he suffered another knee injury that sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

He finished the year with five tackles and one forced fumble.

A former second-round pick of the St. Louis Rams, Tinoisamoa is athletic and versatile but durability has been a concern.

Tinoisamoa turns 29 in July, and he obviously wanted a one-year deal in hopes to cashing in next off-season.

But, he'll have his work cut out for him to start alongside Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs; Nick Roach played pretty well in his absence, and he'll start training camp atop the depth chart at strongside linebacker.

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Url has had health concerns as well, and has not played well last 2 years. So this is great news! Pisa looked awsome the little time he played last year, sure he might get hurt, but Url might too. This really strengthens our LB and Pisa will be resigned next year as well, as Url is getting older. I have more faith in Pisa than Url. I thought Roach played a little MLB last year, he looks like he is the real deal, but a little inexperienced at MLB, Just saying...if Url gets hurt again, we still have all the pieces now.

Randy I think you should Have a little more faith in Urlacher. How many games has he missed in his career VS. PIsa? Son't get me wrong Pisa a Great, but Urlacher is no Nancy. Give him some credit. GO Bears!!!!!!!

Roach was awful at MLB last year, good at strong side. I LOVE that they are bringing Tinoisamoa back and I think he will be the starter. Last year proved you can never have too much depth.

Good. It means they already have good competition at linebacker going into the draft.

Maybe this, along with picking up Shaw last year, means that the Bears can skip a year of drafting a mid to late round linebacker.

They have done reasonably well with those picks, but this year they have too many other needs and too few picks. This year they need to draft multiple players for the secondary and maybe O-line and not throw a pick at linebacker. Resigning Pisa leaves them little excuse to do that.

really glad!! im a big fan of pisas.. just hope he can stay healthy!!
hes got some game in him, fast and an excellent tackler..

Pisa probably figured he owed the Bear another year of service because last year was a washout due to his knee injuries. I'm sure the Bear offered him a fair contract that gives him an opportunity to cash in as long as he stays healthy (incentives,incentives).

I was thinking that as I wrote Drew, I just remember Url being weak at the beginning of the year last year, (probably due to his neck inj.) - It's true he has had a year to weight lift good, and I would love to have Url at full strength...but that seems to be a story forlots of our former ProBowlers...they are taking a long time to mend,
Olin/Harris/Url probably a few others as well.
So to me - I cant put too much into a player that says he is ready to go full steam ahead when I have heard that with all 3 players for 2 years now.
But heck yeah, that would be great, just aint seen it yet.

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