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The weekly call for questions

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It comes with a twist this week.

I will likely select several non-draft-related questions for a couple of reasons. First of all, I've run out of things to say about what the Bears might do with the 75th overall pick.

Secondly, because the Q&A is posted on-line on Friday afternoon and remains up all weekend, too much of a focus on the draft could make for a stale read come Sunday.

With that in mind, fire away ...

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Looking at the defensive backfield, what does the depth chart look like in the offseason workouts?

At corner, we know Tillman and Bowman will be the starters going into camp, but what does it look like behind them? Who is playing Tillman's spot while he rehabs, and who is the nickel back? Is DJ Moore even in the mix, or is he going to struggle to make the team this year?

As far as safety goes, Manning, Bullocks, Steltz, Afalava, and Payne all have started games for us recently, so who is getting the early nod at the starting spots? We heard it would be Manning and Steltz, but if nothing else, Lovie changes his mind on safeties like he is changing his underwear.

whats the chances the bears still try and add a veteran safety to the table even if they do draft one and if they do what will happen to manning, steltz and avala( spelling).. if they indeed go done this route

It seems like Albert Haynesworth is not happy with being a nose tackle in Washington with their switch to a 3-4. He's already been paid most of his guaranteed money, so he wouldn't seem overpriced anymore. Any chance the Bears make a play for him? Any guess as to what that would take?

How many double downs from KFC has Marcus Harrison had this off season?

The Jets rumors has them contemplating releasing or trading Alan Faneca if they draft a guard. Would the Bears be the first team lined up for Faneca if he gets released?

George McCaskey taking over after 2010 so Michael does not have to fire Jerry and Lovie? What if any changes should we expect in the team's approach? Will George get a position on the more influential NFL committees that Michael did not have?

How many wins do you think the bears will get this season and do you think they will make the playoffs?

Why was George choosen over his brother Brian as the new CEO and will anything really change as long as Virginia has final say?

Who will be the starting strong side linebacker: Roach or Tinoisamoa?

How will the TE situation work out? Will the Bears keep 4? I really can't see them trading Olsen.

I would give up our 3rd 4th 5th 6th and 7th round picks to Washington for Albert Haynesworth, Laron Landry and a OG prospect in a trade. Then we could move on from all the free agency and draft stuff and get ready to start smashing teams in the mouth.What do you think?
I would include Greg Olsen only if I had to.

I tried this question earlier and apparently it got lost in cyber space.

Chris Williams played horrible at right tackle but started I believe the last 3 games at left tackle and played average (which was a huge upgrade). Frank Omiyale played terrible at guard but apparently played well enough in two starts at left tackle in 2008 with the Panthers to get a nice free agent contract with the Bears. Since they have very similar resumes and left tackle is so important, shouldn't Williams and Omiyale be competing for the starting job instead of just giving the job to Williams? I know the Bears like to protect their draft picks but Angelo and Smith's jobs are on the line (not to mention Cutler's health) so shouldn't the draft pick have to earn the job?

Is there any doubt the Bears draft a FS/CB and G with their first two picks? Please say no to an unknown DE prospect that will end red-shirting their first year.

What are the chances of last year's "no-shows" of Inglesias, Gilbert, Melton, Moore, Turenne and Louis making to Sundays this year? - let alone becoming impact players...

Was the purpose of signing Eric Peterman and Richard Angelo just to bring more bodies into camp at the WR and TE positions respectively or did Mike Martz see something in them and have a say in these transactions?

Will Jerry & Co. sell the future for now knowing they will be gone if no playoffs?

Mike Ditka vs. the entire Pittsburgh Steelers (with or without Big Ben)? My opinion: Ditka wins either way. Without big Ben, Ditka would win in a shutout (30-0). With Big Ben, Ditka still wins (24-23). It's close only because Ditka runs out of the back of his own endzone for sympathy to end the game with a safety. What do you think?

What does Al Afalava need to do to improve his stake? I thought he made the his share of rookie safety mistakes, but he made plenty of good plays as well. Your thoughts?

What do you think the Bears record must be in 2010 for Lovie Smith to keep his job? He seems like a good guy...honesty, integrity, a players coach etc...I just don't think much of his game day decisions or his ability to evaluate talent. I've also grown tired of is sleepy press conferences and interviews, telling us nothing of interest. I'm ready for a change.

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