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Bears not among top pursuers of Faneca

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The odds of the Bears signing free agent guard Alan Faneca seem increasingly remote.

While Jerry Angelo has had conversations with Faneca's representative, he has not been among the GMs that have expressed the most interest, according to a knowledgeable source.

Fanaca, 33, was released by the Jets on Saturday after the team drafted UMass offensive lineman Vladimir Ducasse.

The Bears signed veteran tackle Orlando Pace last offseason hoping he had a year or two left. He didn't, which was obvious early in the exhibition season. Faneca's play has also declined, but not the extent that Pace's did. The nine-time Pro Bowler remains a solid player, and will help whichever team picks him up.

Unless something changes, it won't be the Bears.

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Any possible interest in Justin Smiley once he's released by the Dolphins? He might be a better player at this point than Faneca.

Anybody know what going on with the kid Arron Sears who just got cut from the BUCS?? I know Faneca is a priority, and would love to get him, but the bidding war might price him out of the market for us. the Sears kid got in some off-field issues and did not play last season, but can't find out why, he young, and could be plugged in at LG for us. Also what is going on with Chester Pitts? I understand he's on the street right now as well?

I know the Bear need quality players at gaurd but Fancea is not the kinda help the Bears need.

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