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The hunt for undrafted gems begins

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Just because the Bears have made their final selection in the 2010 NFL Draft doesn't mean they are done acquiring talent.

Several sources said team scouts have been more vigilant than ever when it comes to blanketing the country in search of potential rookie free agents. They also said the team has gone to great lengths to ensure nobody knows which players they covet to prevent other teams from snatching them up.

The added emphasis on signing undrafted players is likely related to the Bears surrendering first and second-round picks for Jay Cutler and the late Gaines Adams.

In many ways, the real work begins when the draft ends. That's when front-office personnel will start making frantic calls, trying to convince potential free agents and their representatives to sign with them instead of another team.

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There should be a lot of guys at the rookie minicamp. Especially OL. When you figure that Kreutz, Garza, and LG are all questions, and it's not like Omiyale and Wiliams are locks for the Pro Bowl, there are a lot of opportunities for a young player to work with a guy like Tice and make the roster.

Outside of the Moore pick, I like the value the Bears got out of this draft. I still don't like that the OL was not addressed until round 7, but I can't argue with the Wootton or LeFevour selections as far as value for the draft slot.

Well, I'll assume free agents will be focused on the offensive line. They better be. Personally, I would have taken OL with the 3rd round pick. The Bears needed both guards and safeties. But, elite, starting-caliber safeties are gone by the end of round 1 (maybe 2), whereas starting caliber guards who stick around for years can be found in rounds 3 and 4. That being said, the whining and gnashing of teeth has been covered pretty well by other people, so I'm going to focus on the positives.

Wright - Fills a big need and the chances of him being worse than what they have are slim, and the chances of him being a significant upgrade are pretty good.

Wootton - The more I thought about this pick the more I liked it. I wish the Bears had kept Brown, but they didn't. So now all they have opposite Peppers is unproven Izzy, unproductive Anderson, and unknown Gilbert and Melton. Lovie likes to anoint his starters and no one else sees the field barring injury. So Izzy will get most of the reps, but given the opportunity this kid could be a starter.

Moore - Why not. Tillman's old and injury prone and they really have nobody else who is that impressive.

LeFevour - The is the only one that really bothers me. The best I can say is that at least Angelo is not thinking like a one and done GM and desperately reaching to fill a need. The next regime might be really happy with him.

Webb - Finally a lineman. Saw playing time at Texas as a true freshman, so he must have some skills. Tice must like who he has on the roster and hopefully he can bring this kid up to speed.

Ciron Black, Tony Washington, and Dace Richardson should be brought in. Richardson when healthy is a stud.

Donovan Warren, Brandon Lang and Lindsey Witten.

Suggest you look at Barry Church Safety U of Toledo

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