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Just another quiet week at Halas Hall, right?

There have been a lot of changes, both to the roster and to the front office. I suspect you care more about the former than latter. But, fire your questions to me, and I'll answer some of them by Friday.


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The Beasr suddenly have a log jam in the defensive backfield. Do you see any trade value in possibly Bullocks, Payne, Steltz, ect... or do you see some of these players making it to camp, only to be released during roster cuts ?

Why does everyone just think its a givin that the Bears are going to end up in 3rd place again this season? They added lots of talent and are clearly going to be better. Minnesota hasnt done anything to improve much and Farve is another yr older. Packers havent made any key additons I can think of. I think they'll be every bit as good as those 2 if not better

What do you think will happen with the DT/NT positions? Will Adams be the starting tackle opposite Harris, or is it going to be Harrison or perhaps will Lovie move Gilbert to tackle? Or will the Bears pick up one of the FA's availabe, like John Henderson, who can really play the run? Hovan seems like a poor choice considering he doesn't play the run well.

Will the Bears try and get some value and trade Manning to a team in need of a kickoff return guy? He has tried both safety positions and nickel to litte success. Rather than release him, why not try and get a late round pick for him than nothing at all.

Also, very happy with getting Harris back. Angelo must have read all of us complaining about the


Is there a more dysfunctional front office that garners more disrespect from the national sports writers and local sports writers than the Bears?

Are the Bears going to find a veteran guard or are the satisfied with Louis, Beekman and Asiasta? And Webb was a tackle in college does his talent line up as a tackle or a guard in the NFL?

Why pick Dan Lefevour in the draft after investing all that money in Jay Cutler, especially with problems at guard and Olin Kreutz getting another year older? Is Cutler not who that thought he was?

With McKie gone, who is projected to be the starting fullback between Eddie Williams and Will Ta'ufo'ou? I don't know much about either. Is it an open competition? Is there something one is better at than the other?

Please explain what Al Afalava did so poorly that he isn't considered a viable option for safety this season. He seemed to do a pretty good job for a 6th round pick starting in his rookie season, yet he never gets mentioned regarding the bear's safeties, it's like he's been forgotten. I just don't see what he did so poorly last season, sure there is room for improvement, but not bad for a late round rookie.

Did the Bears invite "Juice" Williams for a tryout at mini-camp or did another team give him an invite to their camp?

What are the chances that Louis will start at guard this year? I know he is very athletic being that he played a good bit of tightend in college, but how far along is he in this development at the guard position?

With Williams traded, will Tim Shaw - the Beast - get a chance to prove he deserves regular playing time in LB rotation?

Looks like good ole Halas hall is losing it with all of the infighting going on. Is it possible for Goodell to fine the Bears for being such a dysfunctional group that could have turned Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and many other superstars into average football players.

The real question is what does Ruskell bring to the Bears? What has he done in his past, who are some of the name players he has acquired or lost and what is his trademark with the teams with which he has been associated?

After witnessing Ron Turner's feeble and unimaginative attempts at the NFLs latest offensive rage, do you suspect we will see a Martz-inspired wildcat package using the different talent combinations at the skill positions and if so, any thoughts to what we may expect? Could the drafting of LeFevour have been more than just to groom a back-up or QB of the future?

I heard that Corey Wooton was a high school All-American at offensive tackle. Is there any chance the Bears convert him to offense?

Do you see some similarities in how the Bears handled their weakness at wide receiver last year and how they are addressing the secondary this year?

Any thoughts about Lance Louis as a blocking TE? He is basically the same size as Manumaleuna, and was a TE in college, so he has the foundation in route running, albeit limited. Seems like a very Martz thing to do, as TEs have never been featured players in his offense.

Along that line, what is going to happen with Clark, Olsen, and Davis? None of the three are especially adept at blocking, even though they were our best receiving options over the last 2 years. Just interested in seeing where they have lined up in the OTAs so far.

How come guys like K. Payne, C. Graham, C. Harris, etc. get Lovie's eye but then keep falling out of favor? What is he trying to teach them that starts out so promising but then disappoints him so much?

Are the Bears good now?

With the Bears still needing line help have they express interest in getting Flozell Adams or any other big lineman in to help protect Cutler? I know they don't want to get burned like they did last year with Pace.

This power struggle at Halas Hall is a grave concern for the upcoming season.

Very hard to put a good team out, if we can't resolve the issues at Halas Hall

hey i think jolietpat is on to something. why do most of the secondary guys who perform at arguably an above-average level get dooked on the next year by the coaching staff? bowman better watch out this year he is next on the list.

Sean: Just a comment after reading your answers. My question was about the Bears being dysfunctional. I am not the jerk who questioned your writing skills and didn't have the balls to include an email address. I like your work.
Dave M

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