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Confirmed: Gabriel is out as purge continues

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Sources have confirmed that the Bears will not renew the contract of college scouting Greg Gabriel, paving the way for general manager Jerry Angelo to hire ex-Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell, which could happen by the end of the week.

The move was just the latest in a tumultuous offseason long purge at Halas Hall that has created a negative environment in which "everybody is looking out for themselves," according to the source. Tensions were running so high that senior director of football administration Cliff Stein and scout Jeff Shiver had several heated exchanges relating the team's pursuit of rookie free agents Saturday night, which a separate source downplayed as being a heat-of-the-moment altercation resulting from long hours.

Angelo might not be done making changes, either. Several of the team's college scouts have expiring contracts and others could be let go in order to hire replacements that are more to Ruskell's liking.

Gabriel, whose contract expires next month, coordinated the team's scouting department for the last eight drafts and helped develop the team's draft plan, although Angelo has final say. Before that, he was director of player development for the New York Giants

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I wonder if this just means Ruskell gets to bring in his own guys, or are they overhauling the entire scouting organization? Some orgs have very few scouts, but like the Bears, have struggled to identify great talent in recent years. So this might be a sign of more sophisticated scouting processes, and increased staff to do the pro and college scouting, under the direction of Angelo and Ruskell.

gabriel deserves a lot of credit for the good picks we have made in the last several years, but Angelo was a scout at one time, and probably trusted his own opinion and assessment more than he did anyone else in the scouting organization.

We'll see whether this means Angelo is retiring, or if he is going to give Ruskell a year or two to get the lay of the land before he takes over.

Good, Gabriel was lousy. Or maybe he is just taking the heat for choices Angelo and Lovie mad, either way another cog bites the dust. I wonder why they kept him around for the draft? Probably some kinda contract move.

It's impossible for the average fan to know the inner workings of an NFL team. Angelo may have the final say, but who has the juice?

For example the Bears web site says that Tice went down and worked out the Webb kid at his old high school. Does that mean they don't trust the scout? Or did the scout say, "hey you gotta see this kid, we can steal him in the seventh." So they send Tice to check it out before they pull the trigger? Last year they ran this tale about standing around during the fifth and Lovie making the call on Johnny Knox. Where did Angelo figure into that? I thought they had that all decided ahead of time?

All I know is the Bears historically have not done as good as they need to do in the draft. Although it has been a little better in the last couple of drafts, it's broke. If they are cleaning house, it's a good sign they are not satisfied. Does this make it better? We won't know until we see some results.

Its like the NFL version of Goldman and Sachs... "We did nothing wrong here"... Ummm ..hey JA? Sooner or later you are going to run out of cronies to fire... then its gonzo my idiot friend. Bottom line.. looking at this.. from the most senior people in the white tower down to Lovie.. this team is a joke. To allow this is rediculous. From canning Ron Rivera to allowing the horrific trades of Jones and Harris to allowing JA to let the OL come apart year after year... then the kicker of all kickers.. You fire your draft guys.. AFTER THE DRAFT!?!?!?? Have no doubt those guys knew what was coming.. Wow.. JA you are a piece of work. Ruskell is just another layer of defense for when this drunken oil tanker hits the rocks again. The dark cloud of the McCaskey family hit after the super bowl. When Michael held that trophy.. you could see the hate in Ditka's eyes. Since then... Michael and his family have totally mishandled this team. It was obvious they knew nothing about football when they allowed Wilbur Marshall to sign with the Redskins prior to the '88 season. They couldnt gut the fact that they needed to pay Wilbur some more money... Idiots.. Now they throw cash at everything whether it makes sense or not. .. Clueless owners..clueless GM.. and the dumbest coach in the NFL... way to go Virginia!!!

You guys see the part where they say that his contract was expiring next month? That's not being fired. It's not being renewed. A lot of draft guys around the league have expiring contracts. 8 years is a long time in the organization. Was is there a good time for a change?

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