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Should/would Bears trade entire draft?

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Jerry Angelo said earlier this week he doesn't expect to find a starter when he begins making his picks in rounds three through seven later tonight.

That opinion, coupled with reports that several teams are making impact veterans available via trade, including the Raiders, who have let it be known that everybody on their roster is available, makes me wonder if it would be worth it for the the Bears' general manager to trade his entire draft for a sure-fire starter.

The Bears have so many young, untested players left over from last year's draft that need to be developed that it might make sense to trade their third-through-seventh-round picks for someone who could be a solid starter at corner or safety for the next couple seasons.

Just a thought. I can't say I've completely thought this through. For the right player, however, it might well be worth it.

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They should take the best DB, Linemen available. As for who they will take I will wait till the second round ends.

They should trade up for the best safety they can get! That, to me, is the biggest weakness on this team. OL can come in later rounds or FA.

I agree, but linemen would only include Olinemen. We have selected too many Dlinemen already, its time they manned up or got the f out of dodge. No more excuses from our Dline at all! Harrison was what? a 3rd? Thats way too high for him not to produce this year. Same with Harris, its time these guys played or shut up.
Every pick - DB/OL Not thats alot of picks :P
Has to hit that ol barnwall eventually with enough bs thrown at it..
But what gets me is how many fans are crying over Cutler, we have had so many years w/o a QB and they cry cause we have one with the potential? Dont get that. I mean its not like Angelo would have selected ProBowlers with those picks anyway. At least this way we have a shot to have a ProBowl QB.
I dislike Jerry as GM, But I would gladly take Jerry over some of the commenters that are against the 2-3 things he finally got right. lolol
Crying cause we dont have a first when Cutler is our first and actually Knox is our second. Not bad when you look at it that way. And Peppers/Taylor are our 1/2 as well. Not too shabby at all.

Last year No.1 - Cutler
This year Number 1 - Peppers
Both Probowlers - something Im not sure Jerry dould possibly draft on his own

The Big Johnson! Bama! Bama! Alabama!

I am with Creighton on this one. You don't trade what you can't afford to give up. You trade a LB for a later pick, or you move Olsen for a mid rounder. But outside of that, this draft is shaping up to be a decent one for what we are looking for. Jerome Murphy or Burnett may be there at 75 the way things are shaking out. Or, Asamoah is dropping, and none of the centers are moving yet.

We can still get some good players in this draft. No need to panic yet.

Well It should be: Campbell or Jerry.

Johnson belongs in a zone.

But it is going to be: Owusu, or Griffin

Myron Lewis is gone and thats a target I had for the Bears. Can't believe someone stold a Vandy guy from Angelo. As you can see on the thread right before this one. 7th guy I had in the Bears range, and now all of them are gone. Its getting pretty slim out there. Looking more and more like Robert Johnson in the 4th I hope not the third.

They could try to trade down, none of the DB's left has the value.

Oh no Packers just jumped. It's a DB, it has to be a DB, and goodbye Burnett.

Well forget Jerry he is gone, Jags are on the clock and this could be Campbell.

Jones is out there as well.

Not a lot of value for the Bears outside of Campbell and Griffin. Trade?

Well forget Jerry he is gone, Jags are on the clock and this could be Campbell.

Brit is knock out and the pick is? Wright. That fits, Angelo has missed Florida players. Its a reach pick. Not thrilled.

Awesome! I mean really great job Chicago! Way to go and get a FS! I mean we've needed one for years but you grabbed Major Wright who is a 4th rounder and rated well below LSU's Chad Jones (who went in the next pick). Awesome job of scouting as always Angelo!

From draftscouts: "Wright is a good football player that wins with toughness, instincts and technique but may lack the pure athleticism to break into a starting roll at the next level."

With their first pick in the 2010 draft the Chicago Bears select Craig Steltz!

Well forget Jerry he is gone, Jags are on the clock and this could be Campbell. Nope.

Brit is knock out and the pick is? Wright. That fits, Angelo has missed Florida players. Its a reach pick. Not thrilled.

He's not great in coverage but good against the run. Good athlete does not have great instincts. Is it me or is their a pattern with Safety picks by the Bears?

We don't have to get a safety. If a good one is there, great. But Angelo has reached too far, too often to fill what were perceived as "needs", only to come up empty. Take the best players on the board when you draft. Remember, they can bring in as many undrafted FA's as they can sign. If necessary, bring in a bunch and winnow through them to plug any holes.

Needs change in a hurry in the NFL. Guys come out of nowhere to contribute, and starters get hurt or fade before you know it. There are still lots of good players left. Draft them, not the guys you think will fill the current need.

major wrong was ranked as the 181st overall prospect on the site I checked. awesome.

I have to believe Angelo is deliberately setting the bar low in case he shoots blanks again. At the very least he needs Wright or somebody to push Steltz and Bullocks hard for the starting job.

What Angelo is really hoping is that the reason that this year's draft is waiting in the wings, is that LAST year's draft picks will have now turned into solid players holding down starting jobs.

That way he can tell the McCaskeys, "See, now it's working."

One thing that has me thinking is that there will probably be another free agency hot period before camp. There have been a lot of O-line players and secondary players picked in the first two rounds. NFL teams often don't want to pay both the higher priced vet and the bonus baby rookie. It's similar to the deal with Alex Brown and Peppers. There could be some quality vets with a couple years tread left on the tire that hit the market in the next few weeks.

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