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Ruskell on the radar

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo didn't wait long to clean house.

Just two days after the draft concluded, Angelo has informed college scouting director Greg Gabriel that his contract will not be renewed. Also, the door has been opened to potentially hire longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers colleague Tim Ruskell, according to a source.

The timetable is unclear but it's likely to happen quickly.

Ruskell resigned from his post as the president of football operations for the Seattle Seahawks in early December.

Bears area scout Chris Ballard could be in line for a promotion.

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The Tampa Bay Bears roll on...

Wasn't Ruskell, you know, reeeally bad at his old job? Other than being Jerry's buddy, why would they want him?

Wait..... I thought it was the St. Louis Bears.....Oh well, either or....

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