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Peppers: We can be 'best' defense in league

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Julius Peppers appeared on the "Mully and Hanley Show" on WSCR (670-AM) this morning and said the Bears defense can be dominant.

"I think we can be very good," Peppers said. "We can be the best unit in the league. Last year wasn't as good because they had injuries. Anytime you have injuries on a team that's going to kill you ---- especially [when they sideline] your best players. So, I see potential. Like I said, they already have players in place here. I'm just another piece. Hopefully, I can bring to the table what I have been bringing to the table my whole career and we can be as dominant as they were in the past."

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Thats good Peppers, you have yet to play with a single player on defense, you have yet to workout in a camp and you have not taken a single snap in a game, but now your the best. But hey at least you added some extra pressure for yourself. Cause with everyones job on the line and you being the highest paid player in the league expectations were not high enough. Now you are sticking the number 1 defense title on your shoulder. Thats smart, that way if it doesn't happen you won't be pressing or anything.

Why can't a player just come out and say we are going to work our a$$es off to try and be a better team? Why do they have to put extra pressure on their backs. I never here the best players fro mthe top defenses saying things like this. You know why? Cause they already know it and don't have try and convince themselves or anyone else. I'll I ever here from the Bears is "just wait this year for sure, back to 2006 form". I wish this team would really get out of living in the past. Get past all the big talk and just do it on the field for once and not just against teams like detroit or the Rams.

I can see Peppers point. There is players on the defence that have proven that they can play. Nobody knows but maybe the locker room will be rejuvinated by the moves the Bears made. Briggs, Urlacher, Peppers, Tillman and Tommie Harris are the core of this otherwise young group. They need to be healthy and play at a high level for them to be considered a #1 D. If those player cant step it up and make the palyers around them better..... could lead to the same old Lovie 2 get passed on all day long kinda games.

Creighton: "I wish this team would really get out of living in the past"
Sometime the best person to listen to is yourself!

Creighton:"I'll I ever here from the Bears is "just wait this year for sure, back to 2006 form"."

I will I ever here from the Bears is... Really I am truley confused and dazed from reading your post.

Creighton, read before speaking. I normally find you entertaining, but where in the column above did you read that Peppers said the Bears WILL be the best. I see that the column indicates that he thinks the Bears can be the best, not that they ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST.

I wish impatient fans would quit reading into a column and talking smack and just enjoying an entertaining offseason.

Theoretically the Bears D has the talent to be #1 in defense but there is certainly a lot that could go wrong for the team to not make the top 10 in the league.

The questions marks are:

Tommie Harris (physical and mental) concerns. He can dominate or be stupid like punching a football player in the helmut and getting ejected or getting suspended for action detrimental to the team. A loose cannon that should be traded after this year, particularly if he does well in 2010 because at least then the Bears may get something for him beside a balogna sandwich.

The other defensive end (opposite Peppers). Will there be pressure on the QB and or the ability to stop the run from both Idonije and Anderson? If they get 7-10 sacks, the D will look good because they do have enough run support in the linebacking group, to cover up any weakness in that area.

Linebackers (only one concern) Injuries, otherwise this group will excel with Briggs, Urlacher, Pisa and Roach and others.

Corners (coverage on third down) can the Bears improve the pathetic third down percentage from last year. With tighter coverage and better pass rush, yes they can. Bowman and Tillman, we will see. Who is the nickel guy, only their hairdresser knows for sure, certainly not Lovie, he doesn't know? Will it be Manning, Graham, Creighton who knows?

Free Safety and Strong Safety, Whew!! Strong Safety will be OK since all of the current Bears safeties can't spell FREE Safety and are all suited better as Strong Safeties. The one major question to be fixed before the season. If the Bears find someone that is capable, not even great but decent, the Bears D will be fine.

I say the Bears will be a top 10 defense, maybe top 5 but not number 1. But if they play like a number 1 in the playoffs, all bets are off and then the Bears could legitimately win the Superbowl. It is amazing what a #1 defense can accomplish with pressure and huge turnovers. GO BEARS!!!

P.S. I hope the IQ tooth fairy makes plenty of visits to the three stooges this year. You know who the three stooges are, don't you.

wow i see BUST writen all over taht looser Peepers. mrak my words julus Peepers will FAIL sense angelo got him.

oh ans timmer/gus/brando/packerbacker/brad biggs/jay cutler/richerd simmons/my mommy/missy elliot....anytime anywere boys. just like teh rock says just BRING IT!

but you guys now me old crtap-ton just trying to be posative...

ps if the bears really wanted to wins...they would bring in MENDENHALL BABY WOOHHH!!1!

Yeah, and I "can" be rich, sailing around the tropics on my million dollar yacht. That's about how much chance the Bears have of being the No. 1 defense. But hey Creighton, who cares what they say? All that's important is what they do. For example, reporters complain that Lovie Smith won't answer any questions, but that's totally irrelevant to whether the Bears win. I couldn't care less whether Smith or any of the players ever talked to the press. I just want them to win games.

Walk the Walk
Talk The Talk

Gus you miss the point of my post, and yes Peppers did say w ecan be number 1, so he must think they can be number 1. Thats what I responded to. My point is the guy has never even been on the field with these guys, he doesn't know if they can be number 1. How could you? With all the issues on this defense and the fact that he has never played with them and he hasn't even seem how the Bears are going to use him or will use him. He is just talking out his a$$. Which is why I basically said just shutup and do it. He doesn't need the pressure and niether does the team.

Wrigley figured out what I was talking about. Its all about what you do not what you say.

Actually Timmer I would say you live in the past. You always talk about Lovie and 2006. You have said he is a great coach because of what he did in 2006. I think he should be fired for everything he has done sense, because I want the Bears to have a good future. You can learn from the past you just don't want to live in it. By the way have you finished looking up all my old posts from 2-3 years ago? Cause thats not living in the past at all. By the way, Harris is not a core player, and niether is Pisa, he has played like 3 snaps for the Bears, how does that make him a core player? Not to mention he is a Sam LB which means he looses a third of his downs to the nickle package. By the way Izzy isn't young in terms of football and he is expected to start. Same for Adams. So basically your young team is Bowman, and whoever they can find to play safety.

Julius Peppers does make a couple good points, one being injuries, which was a big reason Chicago's defense wasn't exactly up to par last season. You knock Urlacher out for the year along with a Tommie Harris who wasn't 100%, and thats two of the teams top players on defense not being able to contribute.

But this year could be different with Urlacher back, Peppers coming off the edge, and a healthy Tommie Harris inside. Oh yeah, don't forget 4 time pro-bowler Lance Briggs. Thats four marquee names right there that would help any defense. Four pro-bowl type players.

I also can't wait to see the combo of Tommie Harris along with Julius Peppers up front. Harris got better as the year went on, he ended the year with 14 tackles for loss from his under tackle position, but 10 came at the end of the season between weeks 10-17. This defense does have the potential to be something special.

Creighton, I understood your point, I appreciate the passion, I just dont like when words get taken out of context.

I eat, sleep and breath Chicago Bears over here in California and this blog is pretty much all I can get as far as news on the team. And I will admit I've probably posted some BS myself. I guess I just want to see the F'ing schedule already, figure out what game is gonna inspire me to spend my kids college fund on to go watch this year.

Marshall to the Dolphins!! what a load - and to think we coulda had em except Jerry gave away our 2nd for a DE that was an underachiever. Bonehead move Jerry, but he was cheaper than Marshall right?
Jerry has made some great moves - Peppers/Tait/Brown/Taylor
and some really stupid moves - Adams/Harris/Jones/Ced

What did you expect him to say? It better be a given they're going to work their butts off. The question from Mully was: "How good can this team and defense be?" I want him to say the best. THEN I want him and the rest of them to go out and do it. This defense is going to be better. If Urlacher has been able to lift and get his upper body strength back to where it was, he should have a great year. He's going to have the freshest 32 year old legs in the league. And let's face it; the way Lovie has used Brian in the past few years, he hasn't had as much line of scrimage contact as more "normal" used middle linebackers. Lovie loves to drop him into the deep zone. And we didn't get to see Pisa as well due to an injury in game 1.
I really do hope that Peppers is motivated by playing in the same division as Allen and now Vandenbosch. Will they be the number 1 defense. No. And it's got more to do with scheme than players.
As for the Marshall thing. It's typical Bear's. And yes, Randy, the Gaines Adams was another Angelo bonehead move. If everyone of us did our jobs the way he does his, our respective companies would come to a halt due to mismanagement. Could you imagine if they had wrapped up the guard from the Seahawks for say our 4th this year and Marshall for the 1st next year and say a 3rd or 4th? You would go into a draft with no 1st or 2nd round pick and through your draft "management" you would have secured 2 positions of need and gotten younger in the process. That would have been sheer genius. The Bronco's are going to get #44 this year and you got to think that the Dolphins will be as good or better next year so the pick will be lower than that. Then you could use the 3rd round pick this year to take the best available FS on the board. Jerry hasn't figured out that the draft is used to make your team better. Not to show the football world that "you know talent." If using draft picks to make trades is part of making your team better, then it was a successful draft. Jerry hasn't quite figured that out. {Along with the evaluating of talent thing.}
And yes, I would buy into the "Marshall doesn't fit into the scheme" argument if this was a new coaching regime. But these guys are 1 and done unless they pull a 12-4 or 11-5 out of their rears and make it 1 round or better in the playoffs.

Everyone lives in the past to a certain degree. People who say that Cowher will be a great coach are living in the past because he hasn't coached in almost three years and how can you say he still has "It" if his former team won a Super bowl without him. I can see why Peppers would say that they could be a great defense. No one sit around and say that they will be lousy. I've never seen it. Even when Ditka coached his last Bear team to a 6-10 record he was thinking it would get better. Some guys just want to take pot shots and down their own team. I never see optimism even when they do something that warrants it. I respect what the guy did in the league so far and it's easy to think they would be better than to think they will be worse. I see Olsen being here in 2010. I see Lovie here in 2011 even with a 9-7 record. We are going into a lock out unless the players concede somethings that they may not want to. Fans sometimes don't get things. There is no salary cap and fans expected teams to go hog wild and basically they have remained timid about signing a slew of players at these big contracts that the fans expected. The Marshall situation is another example. The Bears knew that he would want a big contract and they weren't willing to give him what he got from Miami. Plenty of teams didn't who have a worse WR situation than us. The Bears gave Cutler the biggest money they are going to give anyone on offense just like Peppers is the highest on defense. No one else will come close. That's just the reality of that situation. What good is a stud WR if he doesn't have a great QB to get him the ball. Marshall made great numbers with Orton but it didn't generate anything special since they missed the playoffs as well. If you aren't getting that extra game at home in the playoffs most owners can care less after that. They aren't going to make anyone extra millions if they aren't getting anything for it.


Of course no one can predict the future and it's not a sure thing that Cowher would be a good head coach again. But based on their past histories, that's far more likely than Lovie Smith ever bringing a championship to Chicago. You can certainly make educated guesses about what will happen based on the past, and Cowher's record is far better than Smith's. Furthermore, the Bears have never hired a head coach who was a head coach before, which means there is nothing on which to base a prediction that their head coach hires will be good. (I did feel very strongly that Ditka would bring a championship, because he was coaching under Landry. That combined with his attitude were very good signs.) If the Bears look for a head coach after this season, Cowher would clearly be the best choice. He might not work out either, but who else could the Bears hire who they could reasonably expect to be successful based on his past history?

I've also made that observation about them never hiring a former head coach. I have yet to compare records of Cowher and smith up to this point in their careers and really I'm don't know if it is worth it. Cowher came from an organization that is head and shoulders better than the Bears from ownership on down. I think Cowher was a product of an overall better organization and reaped rewards from it. Ditka did have a lot going for him coming from Dallas and once he had to adjust to the lack of talent the higher-ups were bringing in he suffered for it. He forgot everything he learned from Landry and became somewhat a cartoon character. The team didn't bring him in better talent and his record almost said that he forgot how to coach when that isn't true. His G. M. just didn't get him anymore playmakers. They went backwards after Jim Finks left. The organization hasn't changed one bit. The talent pool is a lot more shallower than people want to admit. I can always count on people to say that players aren't developed when their talent wasn't much to hang your hat on. Look at the misses we've had at the 1st and 2nd rounds and there is a certain amount of blame that should be placed on the person who drafted them to begin with. If you look at who was brought in by Angelo and who was already here who helped to get to the Super bowl you will see that the playmakers were already here. The role players came on board after Angelo but nothing to hang your hat on, again. And since the Super bowl it's gotten worse. No good back ups and nothing to show for first round talent. Can you blame Ditka for the players he got after 88? He may have been the coach but the players were nothing compared with what he had to work with three years before that. i can really care less if a 5th round pick was dropped and played better for his next team. It's the first round picks who messed up your back up plan who damaged your team, to me. Benson for example ate up a salary that could've gone towards O linemen or a veteran WR. Since his money took that ability to pay someone else it killed the team. And then parting with a servicable RB to make way for his butt just killed Grossman and his confidence.

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