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Olsen breaks silence; has no issues

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Greg Olsen broke his silence on his personal Twitter account.
"So far I have a great feeling about my role this year," he wrote. "I have no desire to play anywhere but in Chicago. That was purely media speculation."

He added he would put his pass blocking against any other tight end.

"Those reports have been blown out of proportion," he wrote.

Olsen said Brandon Manumaleuna a was a great addition, noting how well he complemented Antonio Gates.

As for his goals: "Win division and make deep playoff run to SB. finish in top 5 in catches
and TDs."

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Olsen should do well this year. He can be used multible ways and if he does improve on his blocking maybe he can see all 3 downs this year. Time will tell.Lets all hope he can be a weapon to open up other sides of the field.

as much as he said that if the patriots want him for a second rounder " he gone".. i like olsen but the bears have manaleuga and other dire needs to fill.. they have clark and davis to back up.. so why have that many tight ends?

Olsen is right he wasn't drafted to block. But as a reciever he is average at best. The one thing that impresses is me about Olsen is that he can take a hit, the guy got leveled time and again last season and got back up almost every time. His biggest problem seems ot stem from the fact hat not only does Olsen not see himself as a 6'5 255 pound TE, he doesn't even see himself as a big reciever. He plays the game like Knox, when he should be playing like Marshall. He doesn't like the back shoulder throw, he hates contact, he can be knocked off his rout by a big corner or safety, he struggles against the jam, he doesn't go up for the jump ball. He likes to be hit in stride while flashing in the open field, and then he wants to use his speed. Someone needs to slap the fact into his head that he is 6'5 255 not 5'10 180. He should be blowing up tacklers in the secondary not being blownup by them. His YAC, %CT, REC compared to times thrown at, and YDS are all bad for what he actually is. DB's can't wait to get a shot at Olsen and they should be terrified. I really think he wishes he was knox.

That said Martz will not let personel dictate his offense, if Olsen can't pass block on third dow,a catagory he ranked 60th out of 60 then forget seeing him at TE on third down. Martz will use his speedy recievers all of whom are faster than Olsen and make quicker cuts than him. He will not have a big role in the offense unless he can block. His recieving skills are average, and his blocking is horrid. Why would Martz pull out Knox, DA or Hester in favor of Olsen when all 3 are faster and play just as big as he does? Olsen does not play up to his size, he plays down to the DB's.

If Olsen is so happy he probably shouldn't have had his agent look for a trade and probably shouldn't have gone in for a meeting with managment the moment Martz was hired. Excuse me but that doesn't scream happy. I do think he want's to stay a Bear, but that doesn't change the fact that his role in the offense will see a significant change and his numbers will drop. Angelo and Lovie can say they want him used as much or more than last season, but Martz will do what works best for his offense, he is not about to change his entire offense to make 1 Average TE happy just to justify his draft position. Martz wants to make himself and his offense look good, I think he could care less about anything other than making his offense click and winning games. You think he will mess that up cause Olsen was first round pick? Lets see if he is thrown at 105 times this year. Olsen is the new H-Back and if he struggles blocking there, he may not even be that.

Still you have to wonder if Martz will make concessions to Cutler since he is a big fan and a BFF of Olsen. He may have to make nice with Cutler and keep his bud around so they will have a smooth transition with the offense this year. I can see him being around one more year.

Well, considering the bears couldn't get more than a 5th round pick for him that should've told him and his agent how valuable he is. This is it...get comfortable. He went into college as a receiver so the fact that they converted him speaks volumes because if he was a great receiver then he would've stayed one. The "U" didn't convert alot of receivers so apparently they knew something. They have a long list of great receivers out of their college so it makes one wonder why they did it.

I have been on record and will say it again. If the Bear's trade Greg Olsen, it will be a huge mistake. It's funny how people will go to extremes on here to make their case in keeping a defensive end that for 8 seasons was very average, but people can't wait to get Olsen out the door. One of the problems with Olsen is that you have had an offensive coaching staff, in the past, that fell in love with his combine performance 3 years ago and went out of their way to try and showcase that in the offense. All you ever heard from any Bear's pundits was his "WR type" speed and how the Bear's were going to split him out wide and so on. What they should have been doing is letting him run the same routes as a Dallas Clark, Antonio Gates, Witten, or a Gonzalez. Have him line up next to the tackle, chip to the right or left then drag the opposite way across the field in between the linebackers and the safeties. Don't match up his 4.51 speed against a DB who can run with him step for step. Let a linebacker 2-3 steps slower than him try to catch him from behind as he makes the turn upfield. Of course when you constantly run seam and fly routes safeties are going to have many more opportunities to take shots at you. The other problem with Olsen {and this has been a problem with the Lovie Smith staff as a whole for the most part} is that there hasn't been any accountability for him or anyone on the offense for that matter. Ron Turner didn't hold anyone accountable. Look at Cutler last year. Who was going to pull him aside, look him in the eyes, and say, "Jay, you can't make those decisions that put us in a position to not come away with points...PERIOD!" Pep hamilton? If you want, on occasion, to move Olsen in motion and have him go out wide after the defense is set, fine. But don't come out of the huddle in a 2 WR set, and immediately line him split to one side. 103 throws seems like quite a bit, but there were 7 others who had more attempts thrown their way. And of all the tight ends, only two, Sheffler and Lewis from JAX, were throw to in deeper routes more than Olsen. All 3 were over 26%.
What I would hate is for the Bear's to trade Olsen to say the Patriots and within 2 years him be catching 80+ passes a year. And in return we get a mid second round pick that ends up being an above average safety.
As for Martz, if he is so set in his ways that he can't learn to work with a physical talent like Olsen, then he will bounce from team to network to team for the next 5-7 years and then find himself doing NFL Network, and radio interviews. I bet the 49ers are glad they didn't trade Vernon Davis a couple of years ago when Martz was there. It will be very interesting to see what happens if this team doesn't make the playoffs. I think we all know that 2 of the 3 stooges will be gone, but I mean in the respect of the next coach. Cowher maybe. I think the level of player accountability will be much higher if a coach with his resume and persona comes in here.


Wrong again! Olsen is horrid, an average pass catcher for a tight end who cannot block, which makes him useless. The only reason it might be a bad move to trade him is that no one is willing to give more than a 5th round pick for him, though I'd take that. And once again, you're wrong about Alex Brown, he's an above average player, but I won't go into that again.

I do agree with you about the lack of accountability on this team, but it starts with ownership. Lovie Smith is just a symptom, though he's certainly a problem, too. Martz is probably a better guy to have than Turner for fixing that problem on offense, but I also fear that Martz's style of offense is likely to get Cutler killed and not at all likely to be successful with this group of players. I don't like Martz's offense, but he's shown that it can work given the right players and playing conditions (don't think it would ever work in Chicago with its inclement weather). The Bears have neither.

Look Olsen's biggest problem is Olsen. He could be Witten if he wanted to work hard at it, he has that athletic ability, but he doesn't work at it. He needed to get in weight room and get stronger. He didn't do it, he needs to improve his blockign big time but has gone on record saying he doesn't like doing it and you can tell he does not work hard at it because that is what blocking is its hard work not skill. You get out of it what you put into it. Blocking is not rocket science. Finally you have yards after catch and not liking contact. Breaking through contact is nothing more than attitude when you are 50-60 pounds bigger than a guy. But Olsen doesn't do that in fact at times you will see him quit his rout and throw his hands up after someone has given him a nudge and look for the flag. Just blow the guy up he is half your size. As for yards after catch, the problem is Olsen does not know how to deliver a hit. He doesn't want to slow down or make a cut he wants to run as fast as he can in a strait line. He also tries to lower his shoulders under a tackler. He is 6'5, your not going to get your shoulder under a 5'11 safety. When he does that at speed he is playing into the hands of the DB. He over extends his body and is off balance, most of the time he is on his way down before contact is made cause he is leaning to far. All he needs to do is slow down a little dip his shoulder into the safety's head and punch him with his bicep to shrug him off. That way you absorb the hit, stand up the DB and shrug him off. My god I saw Cutler do this 3-4 times last year and he is the damn QB. How in gods name does a TE not know how to do this? I even saw Knox do it and he is as pure a speed player as you will see. Olsen has got by on his speed his entire career and never bothered to learn anything else. He is his own worst problem, he doesn't like to work hard and to be honest I don't want him around Cutler, he is crutch.

No, Wrigley, Again, I don't have it wrong. Olsen is not Horrid. As i said before, he caught 60 passes and he was used wrong. It scares me to think how good he could be if used properly as I described above. I went and looked up the combine results of Him Shockey, and Winslow Jr. All 3 were considered very athletic coming out of college, but of the 3, Olsen was the most athletic. Faster, better vertical jump, and the bench press was fairly equal amongst all 3. And even looking up Whitten's combine/pro day results, Olsen was more athletic coming out of school. When I saw him last year at Bourbonais, the kid was ripped, and I do know a thing or two about weight training. I agree with Creighton on one account. He needs to be more dedicated to the weight room throughout the year, not just in the off season. That "ripped" look in August, gets to be emaciated by late Dec. if you don't keep it up. And as I said before, let the receiving corps start demanding the double teams from the safeties and let Olsen run curls, delay's, and drags being covered by a slower linebacker and see what happens. It doesn't matter a person's size if they're running straight down the field and a 40 pound lighter safety has time to line himself up and take a shot, he's going to get the better end of that deal all the time. Look at the Pitt. game. Olsen goes right down the sideline and Carter just lined him up and torpedoed him. ANY tight end in that position would have gotten levelled.
As for his blocking or lack thereof, go back to the second GB game in Chicago. Matt Forte running it in from 1 or 2 yards out and on a replay they show the "down the goal line" angle. Olsen took his guy and drove him 4 yards into the end zone. Yeah, I had to DVR it and scroll back. Why doesn't he do that all the time? Once again, I think it goes back to accountability. Let's see what happens with Martz.
And get off the Alex Brown thing. I have already put that to rest. He was average at best. He wasn't the Darelle Revis of defensive linemen with respect to running against him. Opposing coaches didn't say, "let's not run on AB side of the line because he's so dominant against the run.
Let's hope they work out the safety situation before draft day.

Olsen does this doesnt do that. Well alot of tight ends have gotten by on speed and size. Im not gonna drop any names but I can recall some pro bowl tight ends doing one thing and that is catch the ball.

As far as his yards after the catch well thats a little obscured. Watching all 16 games in Turner offense Olsen allmost never had blocker in front of him or on the side of him. I would rather see a guy go down on first contact then to get slowed down and bum rushed by 2/3 defenders wanting to strip the ball and take him down. So it the less of both evils there Creighton. Football now is way way different then in the 80 where muscle dominated the game. Throwback football is fun to watch but is somewhat lost with all the speed and size now. Everything evolves as does the game of Football.

How the heck is Olsen an "average pass-catcher" when he was tops in dropped passes this past season. Yes that's right, over 100 targets with only 2 drops! Wrigley Field Bear- you obviously don't know what you're talking about when you say you'd be happy with a 5th rounder in return for Olsen. Are you high? Seriously, the Bears wouldn't part ways with him for less than high second, cause that's what he's worth.

This is my last post on this subject.

1. See Creighton's post above, it pretty much says it all about Olsen. I've seen Olsen literally run away from players he should have been blocking. (Running away as in going out for a pass when the guy opposite him rushed the QB.)

2. For all you Olsen apologists, please explain the value of any tight end who cannot block. Hint: if you think there is value to this, you don't know football, and I couldn't care less how much you played, coached, watched, or read. Good receivers block well, that's a no-brainer for a tight end.

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