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McCaskey brothers give Phillips vote of confidence

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Bears chairman Michael McCaskey announced Wednesday that he will retire after the 2010 season and be replaced by younger brother George.

Michael McCaskey, who has been actively involved in running the franchise since his grandfather George Halas died in 1983, said that while he and his mother Virginia remain in good health, it makes sense to have a succession plan in place.

George McCaskey, meanwhile, has headed up the Bears ticket operation since 1991 and was named to the team's board of directors in 2004.

"The No. 1 job duty is to serve as the owner's representative in league matters," George McCaskey said. "As I said, the day-to-day operation of the club is [team president] Ted Phillips' responsibility."

Mike McCaskey also gave Phillips a vote of confidence.

"We're very proud of the staff at Halas Hall," he said. "We've got wonderfully knowledgeable, competent people devoted to their jobs and nice people on top of that. That will continue, I'm sure, under George. We're also very proud to have Ted Phillips as our CEO and president. He stays on in charge of all of the day-to-day operations of the club."

So, what does it all mean, exactly? That's what people inside and outside the organization were struggling to understand in the wake of the announcement. Both McCaskey brothers sounded as if it would be business as usual.

"The chairman of the board is responsible for the board, who has the ultimate legal responsibility for the franchise," Michael said. "And the way we've structured it, the chairman is also responsible for being the singular person who represents the Bears at the league level."

George emphasized that he's not a personnel man and would leave football decisions to the football operations department.

"I'm proud to be a season-ticket holder myself since 1981," he said. "It's a privilege dealing firsthand with our season-ticket holders, who are the foundation of our franchise. It's a privilege to see the passion that they display on a regular basis, and that work has given me a good foundation for the work that is to come."

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It should have been Brian. Not that it matters as long as Virginia still has final say on everything.

Brian would have also been a very good choice, but as far as competency goes, George is extremely sharp and professional. He will do great in representing the Bears on the league level.

Its a giant circle of mutual back slappers ... "we're all very happy with each other"

One idiot out, another moron in.

The McCaskey family (well the grandchildren anyway) never understood that the Chicago Bears has always been Papa Bears' team, even after his death. They continue to run the team as such and piss fans off doing it, me especially. Hell, Michael had to be demoted by his own mommy, because he...well you all remember the '90's and a coach named Dave McGinnis!!!

I will never forget or forgive Michael for the way he and the rest of those McCaskey's treated "Da Coach" just because they (especially Michael McCaskey) were all jealous of Ditka’s popularity. Michael had a strong hand in tearing the team apart in the late 1980's just so he could see the team fail, and with it, Coach Ditka. To me, I will always believe the Bears need to be sold and the McCaskeys need to be fired. To this day, I have no respect for the McCaskey family and wish I could buy the Bears so they could be ran the way Papa Bear would want it.

The day I have feared for many years is the day when Mrs. HALAS (87 years old) passes away. If you Bear fans think the Bears are in trouble now, just wait until the McCaskeys are in full control. Ted Phillips will be fired and the Bears will become the NFL's version of the Kansas City Royals.

Sorry Papa Bear, god speed

Good grief, Ted is still considered to be proficient.

Well, that about seals it. Jay said just about everything I feel about these as*h*les. After more than 40 years, I'm feeling very unenthusiastic about this team. I used to live for the Bears during football season, but those days are becoming a distant memory. I probably can't stop ever being a Bear fan, but I certainly won't have the old passion for the team as long as the McJerks own it. Proud to have Ted Phillips as team president? An accountant who is totally incompetent to run a football team? That says it all.

We'll see how "proud" of Ted and the staff at Halas Hall this guy is after the season is over! No playoffs should equal new staff.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Another McCaskey brother to hold down the status quo. We can only hope that this change at the top permeates throughout the organization. Bears fans can't even get excited about the draft , as the pinhead running the show gutted this years draft. I still believe Cutler can be a franchise QB,but what the hell was Angelo thinking when he gave up this years second round pick ? No disrespect to the memory of Gaines Adams, but I doubt he would be the "difference maker" this team so desparately needs.With the Lions getting Suh in the draft, the Bears are in trouble of becoming #4 in a 4 horse race ! The upside, this will be the end of the Angelo-Smith era.

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