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Mayock thinks Bears got "excellent value" in Wootton

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NFL Network's Mike Mayock is one of the most respected draft analysts, and he provided tremendous insight heading into the draft.

On Thursday, Mayock nailed six of the top 10 picks, and he also had the Cincinnati Bengals taking tight end Jermaine Gresham 21st overall.

Unfortunately, he lost his voice late Saturday, and he couldn't be on the NFL Network set Sunday. Instead, he posted his insight on

Anyways, Mayock told me in an e-mail (naturally), that the Bears were fortunate to get defensive end Corey Wootton in the fourth round.

"He had excellent value in fourth round," Mayock wrote. "First- or second-round tape in '08. Very average in '09.

"If healthy and regains burst, could be good starter," Mayock wrote.

The Bears medical staff believes Wootton's knee is structurally sound.

"He passed everything, and we gave him a very good grade," general manager Jerry Angelo said Saturday. "Sometimes you'll give a player a passing grade - there's a concern, a yellow flag or a red flag - he had no flags in terms of his medical concerns with us.

"He's healed; he needs to continue to get stronger, particularly in his quad area," Angelo said. "He's 15 months out. We think that these next couple of months, he's going to get a lot stronger. Hopefully, he goes to camp at 100 percent."

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Are you really giving the last 3 paragraphs credence here? Come on. "The Bears medical staff believes Wootton's knee is structurally sound." "Hopefully he goes to camp at 100%." Is this the same medical staff that couldn't detect a herniated disk in Williams' back? Once again, I understand he was drafted in the 4th round, I get that part. But when you have a team with so many glaring holes and with such limited draft picks not to mention the fact that your GM has the most horrid drafting record in the NFL, you're not afforded the luxury of drafting players that happen to slip in the draft. Mark my words, the Bear's are going to regret the fact that they once again turned a blind eye to the OL.
And these posts from people who say, "you can never have too many good QB's." Or this one that I read yesterday. "We can always use him as trade bait." HAHAHA...Who's going to mentor LeFevour? That isn't Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid, Mike Shannahan, or Mariucci on the sideline. This kid has about as much chance of being molded into a quality NFL QB here in Chicago as Keanu Reeves does of winning an oscar. The more likely scenario is Martz' system gets Cutler carted off the field, Hanie takes over and then the Bear's are scouring the waiver wire for a washed up or under achieving veteran to be Hanie's back up. Another stellar draft by Jerry Angelo.

Gearheadboy, you just contradicted yourself in the same sentence with:

"But when you have a team with so many glaring holes and with such limited draft picks not to mention the fact that your GM has the most horrid drafting record in the NFL, you're not afforded the luxury of drafting players that happen to slip in the draft."

If a GM has a horrid drafting record, you WANT to get good value for your picks. You don't want to trust him to reach for a player that isn't as good or doesn't have as much value just because it fills a need. You need to get as many valuable assets as possible.

Think about this, for every bad player Angelo has taken in the past, that player was usually taken TOO SOON and was not a value pick.

Mark Bradley, Airese Currie, Danieal Manning, Dan Bazuin, Garrett Wolfe, Michael Okwo... these guys were not value picks. These were picks that Angelo used to try to fill needs and he picked them too early in most cases.

Get the most bang for your buck, period. Worry about filling holes later.

Sorry.... at this stage.. value does nothing. JA's continual garbage drafts and his flat ingnoring the OL has left this team in shambles. Nobody likes to draft for need, but we needed more then ONE damn OL in this draft. You had Alex Brown and released just to draft a DE with a knee injury. Brown was solid.. this Wooten kid is a coin flip with one bad knee. The OL has been on the slide since 2007. The interior play of the guards and centers has been a fiasco. Shoulda grabbed one G and one C at least. Plus..we just singed Jennings at CB. Hes a veteran. The CB spot has plenty of people to look at, but JA wastes a pick on a CB with a very poor workout/school habits. The OL has nothing... outside of Chris Williams, the rest of the line needs major work. This draft is JA in a bottle. It shows everything that is wrong with him. He has no clue how to build a team. He inherited Brown and Urlacher in their primes.. Plus this team cannot develop players at all. Bet you Danieal Manning leaves and becomes a pro bowl SS for someone else. Manning has all the tools to be a great box safety. He can hit and has great size and speed. Hes just not a FS. And when JA stumbles onto good players.. (T. Jones and C. Harris) he trades them for nothing.. Good gawd.. I thought JA would break out of his mold..nope. Nothing is gonna change until JA and Lovie leave. Hate the packers but they have a solid GM and coach. Lions are up and coming.. Vikes.. still good. and then theres the Bears... and we will go from there!!!!

This might have been the best value pick Jerry has ever made.

His knee looks to be fine, and they thought he could run in the 4.7-4.75 range when full healthy. He will never be a speed demon, but he has the length, size, and overall athleticism to be a solid left end.

But on the other side of the equation, many of us are in agreement with gearheadboy in that we should have drafted one free safety, and the rest of the draft on offensive line. Granted, looking at the board when Wootton was taken, there were not many OL taken in the 4th after that point. Hawley, Jason Fox, and Jacques McClendon were the only ones. But to come out of the draft and UDFA with only 1 guard/center prospect is a little scary. We are heavy at RT with Shaffer, Omiyale, and Marten, so we could have skipped Webb and taken Reggie Stephens, or Eric Cook in the 7th, and risked him slipping through the end of the round, which is possible, since no other tackles were taken.

Value is great, and I think Jerry did his best job of drafting value overall (except for the Moore pick). But what we had were concrete needs, and Major Wright is the only one of our picks that may have filled it, and I even have my doubts on him as far as free safety.


Why is this so hard for people to understand. Wooton was miles above any offensive lineman that was available.

We will be a much better team with Wooton and a Free Agent Offensive Lineman or 2.

Then next year we will spend a high draft pick, or maybe even 2 on offensive line.

Go Bears!

Fact is Wooton is a bit of a need, nobody knows how Izzy is going ot be as a starter, or if Anderson will finally improve.

But nobody knows if Wootton is a great value pick yet. His knee was totally rebuilt, and that scares teams for a reason. I heard him talk today and 15 months after the injury he is still trying to get his strength back and his weight up. He lost a lot of mass in his legs.

That said coach Fitz is running a really good program and he was a star in that program in 2008. M ybiggest concern is he came back to soon and did he do something to his knee when he did that.

He is also a tweener, he fits 2 gap and 5 tech more than a 1 gap rusher. Far better against the run than rushing. If he comes back to almost full strength, and he his good and healthy they could have a solid LDE who can stop the run and move inside on third downs to rush. But thats a big if. He is boom or bust player because of that injury. If healthy its a great pick, if he never really comes all the way back and has future problems with the knee its a bad pick. In fact if he is healthy he is far and away the best pick for the Bears.

You might need to re-read my post. I didn't contradict anything. And if you have read any of my posts with regard to this draft, I have been consistent in my thoughts. It's your reply that doesn't make sense. Once again, I ask you. What "value" does the QB pick bring the Bears when/if Cutler is on his backside with his arm bent behind him due to the ineptness of their offensive line? The answer is NONE. What "bang" does a QB have that will never see the field? If Angelo would stop acting like Jerry Krause Jr. {Thinking he's smarter than everyone else and can find gems no one else can.} he might make a decent pick once in a while. And as far as the Mark Bradley, Wolfe, Bazuin, etc., complaint, I was on that years ago. I understand that LeFevour had a higher overall grade, but his value in relation to what the team needed is very low. Based on your logic, then the Bear's even screwed up with the LeFevour pick since there were 2 players with even higher grades than him that "slipped" down that far. Jonathan Dwyer, RB out of GT, and Anthony McCoy, TE/USC. Why didn't Angelo take either of those guys if you want to "get the most bang for your buck." I think Mr. Creigton said it best when he pointed out the relationship between the Bear's and a member of the CM coaching staff as the main reason for the LeFevour pick.
I don't have a problem with the Wright pick. But it's going to be very interesting to see how the next 2-3 years play out with regard to Morgan Burnett {Packers traded up past the Bear's to get him.} and Major Wright. Burnett is more the FS with 14 INT's and nearly 250 tackles in 3 years. Major Wright is under 6', but plays more like a SS. The great Angelo was out foxed by a team in his division.
The most "bang for your buck" for the Bear's would have been maybe Olsen from ND {could have plugged this guy in at OG and then move him to C when Olin is cut/retires.} or Gettis, WR/Baylor. Nice size/speed ratio that needs to be a tad bit more assertive with his hands. As one scout said about Gettis, "he doesn't yet know how good he could be." And the real "kicker" to the whole scenario will be to see if the 5th round pick or the 7th round pick make the team or are cut in preseason. You know the Bear's are not going to cut LeFevour unless he totally sucks. But if the Bear's cut one or both of the other picks and you could have either used those picks to move up a handful of slots to get a player you coveted more, or drafted higher rated players than what was on "your board" then, again, Angelo will not have understood what the draft is all about.
And can we stop with "we're so happy Major Wright" slipped down to us." They would have said that about ANY player they drafted. In my opinion the Bear's got beat out on 2 players in this draft that were very easily attainable that would have made this draft {based on needs} a success. Yes, in the 4th round Wootten "slipped" to them with a 7.9 grade. But, as a scouting staff you have to have "ears" on the ground and know to a certain extent what other teams are planning. An incredible OT prospect went off the board 3 picks ahead of the Bears in round 4. Bruce Campbell, another guy with a 1st/2nd round grade {7.8} that slipped to round 4. What would it have taken to move up 4 slots and taken him knowing how desperate you are for OL help? Now that would have been a true "value" pick based on his grade and how desperate the Bears are for OL help. And then the Packers moving up to take a 7.6 rated Safety leaving you with a much lower rated one.
In 2 years "Day Dream LaFevour" won't be on this team and neither will Lovie and Angelo and the Bear's will still be light years away from another Super Bowl run. And at the end of the day, that is the saddest part.


"the fact that your GM has the most horrid drafting record in the NFL".

Granted Angelo has not achieved the sucess that he did when first arrived (Briggs, Vasher, Harris, Hester, etc. all went to the Pro Bowl), look at the receiving potential he has assembled. This could turn into something really special with Martz at the helm. People like you better be careful what you wish for. Angelo may not be one of the top GM's in the league, but we could be much worse off. I won't be surprised if one or two of our receivers end up in the Pro Bowl within a year or two.

One of the things alot of people need to stop doing is the 4 sec commercial to analysis. Think

1. The G available in the draft even in the 3rd round were hot garbage. This draft was top heavy in G with zero talent in the later rounds. So draft a G to say I drafted a G? wow that is like saying I got married to prove I can get married.

2. Drafting a player with higher talent even if he is not a need is better than drafting a player with less talent with a greater need because you need talent! The Chicago Bears are not sooo loaded with talent at any position except linebacker where they can draft only based on need. 7-9 record.

3. For those who are in love with coverage FS it seems as if you have forgotten football is a physical game. You win a lose on physicality. All of your players even coverage players have to be physical, fearless and durable. You draft football players not coverage guys. The evaluation has to include all of these traits. He grades higher in all catagories then every other safety. Only Major Wright's coverage is a bit lower and guess what, you can coach him to become better in coverage. You can't coach toughness. Major Wright is a football player who is physical. Chicago now has a very physical FS who I believe is better in coverage than what there is now. Now if you want to move over a cb that is fine but you lose the physicality. For those who think Tillman moving to FS is a great idea, remember AllPro HOF Rod Woodson said it took him time to adjust to the S position. So would you rather move over an old cb who has had surgery on his shoulders and is injured right now or draft someone else?

4. Last but not least there are some people who belive in doubt. They throw doubt around on every player on the bears. Here is an idea, no one is a perfect football player win no one has to be.

When the Bears win....I hope a lot of people have the guts to say...I was wrong. Oh and on other boards no one picks apart their team as much as all of you. What did the Chicago Bear bus splash water on you?

Happy Jay Cutler Day

Actually, one of our receivers did make the Pro-Bowl, albeit as a returner. Still, Johnny Knox did get to line-up as a WR during the game.

Overall, it looks like a bad draft, save for Dan LeFevour. Not picking an OL in round 3 or 4 (although that young man could really pan out for us) in inexcusable.

In its simplest form, having to draft for the same positions (DBs and DLs) year after year after year, represents a real problem. Couple that with neglecting the OL and we're stuck between 7-9 and 9-7 for a few more years!

Correction . . . the young man I referred to in my last post is J'Marcus Webb the OT from West Texaa A&M

Gearheadboy and Joe-

Why are you two even bears fans? You two constantly post negativity. Go root for someone else then. You two write these 9 paragraph posts about strategy and talent evaluation, unless you are NFL coaches or GM's your opinion is dribble! Now either support your team or jump ship, we need way less Bears fans like you constantly complaining before you even give these guys time to show what they can do.


Briggs is the only real pro bowler, Knox was an alternate, Hester a KR, and SLHEIS all the guys you name outside of Briggs have been disappointing the last three years.

Hester is putting up Bobby Wade numbers as a number 1 reciever and has lost his touch at returning, Vasher is gone and played little the last three years, Harris was a good pick but the extension was a mistake.

Still if that is all you can list after 3 years that is pretty horrid drafting. Weak side LB is one of the easiest positions to fill in the Tampa two and the player generally has bloated stats. Vasher had two good years but his play fell off when teams figured out they could run him over.

Angelo finds a lot of mediocre players, that Bears fans often over value. Look at Berrian a lot of people thought the Bears should have kept him but he is now the number 3 reciever on the Vikings and has even been benched.

To be fare to Angelo it is not just him, Lovie has a lot of say in the draft sense 06 and player development hs been a joke do to a combination of poor talent and bad coaching.

If the Bears were doing a good job at drafting and developing they would not have needed to trade for Cutler or Sign Peppers, or Trade for Adams, or re-draft the free safety position every year, or constantly look for an end. They are still looking for help at corner, didn't he draft Moore last year to be a nickle, and Manning to nickle, now another Moore to play nickle, or Gahram at nickle, not to mention the colt they just signed. How many guys do they need to play freeking nickle? Is it that hard for him to find a nickle in the draft?

Not to mention his blatent refusal to work on the O-Line in the draft the last 5 years, 7th and 6th rounds picks but how many second round guards or centers has he brought in, or third rounders? He has drafted a ton of D-Line and DB's in those rounds that have not worked out, but ignored the huge need on his line.

By his own words Angelo has stated he has not been getting it done. So who are you arguing aginst. Are you trying to convince Angelo that he is wrong about himself? Angelo also says every year he looks for 3 guys

2002 9 picks
Rosy Williams
Alex Brown (His only hit in that draft)
Peterson (Special Teams)

2003 12 Picks (This was his best draft)
Tillman (The Alex Brown of DB's)
Briggs (His best draft pick sense he has been here)

2004 8 picks
Harris (Nice pick but a train wreck ater the extension)
Tank Johnson

Personally with this draft I don't see getting the core of your draft and having first--third round picks only contirbute for a couple year before they fall apart as being good. How many of those guys have helped the team the last three years?

2005 6 picks
Chris Harris (the best pick in the class abd Angelo dumped him)
I know Orton has his fans but he really is not very good, even McDaniels is trying to replace him now. Nobody from this class is on the team.

2006 7 picks
Hester (Hester the star of this class, a couple good years and now a mediocre reciever) I don't blmae Hester.
J Williams (Now behind Roach on the depth chart)??????
Anderson(One hit wonder)

2007 9 picks The disaster class
Olsen (has yet to have that breakout year)
Beekman (Coaches don't like him)

The diaster class (Oline was a Major need this year)You have guys on the team but their not very good. Olsen is an ok pass catching TE, but thats about it. Getting a ok pass catching TE who has lots of limitations in blocking and yards after catch with your first round pick is not good. Olsen should have been a second or third rounder and got drafted because of his 40 time, thats what Al Davis does.

The verdict is still out on the 08 and 09 classes, thats only fare to the players. But so far their have been problems qith the 08 Class. But at least they drafted a OT in the first, granted he had a bad back and missed a whole season because of it already, at least they did draft a guy for the line. Thats 4 guys in 8 years from the 4th round up for the O-Line. Not a single team in the NFL has ignored the O-Line that much in the draft. Only 2 guys are on the roster and only one starter who was ranked as a bottom 10 tackle last year. That is horrid drafting.

How many quality blue chip starters has he drafted that are on the roster?

Briggs, and Tillman. Knox, Forte, Williams and Olsen still have a chance.

As a person I think Jerry Angelo is a heck of a nice guy, as GM I think he has been bad.

I mostly agree with nailgun21 about those two.They do seem to wax verbose, saying very little in lots and lots of words. Still,we are a country with free speech, which means we can verbally show how little we know whenever we feel like it. I do not know about Maycopck, but a couple of the free agent signings seem excellent to me. Watch Horn and Scott this year. I'll bet both make an impact and will stick around for the following year as well.

Mayock rocks. Mel Kiper Jr. couldn't carry his jock.

Help them out Coach. This particular post may have set the new BS record.


Couldn't have put it better myself - appreciated the data from all of JA's drafts.

How many times could he have gone up a spot or two and grabbed an OL? I think of the year they picked Olsen, just before them the Ravens picked an OG from Auburn (can't remember his name) but the guy is now a Pro Bowl-type OG. Why not swap picks and trade a 4th round pick for the other team's 5th? Then again, he might've messed up the pick and grabbed another, not-as-talented player.

Jerry and Lovie, as guys I like and respect them. But - even including the benefit due the '05 & '06 seasons - as heads of this "Or-gan-I-zay-shun" (since '07 on ...) this has been ALMOST as disappointing as the Wanny/Jauron era.

pretty happy with the way they drafted except the QB kind of a head scratcher on that one.. guess they dont have much faith in hanie and yet hes never even played a full game.. think it would have made Much better sense to get a veteran to back up cutler.. hes tough but if he goes down its not going to fare well..
wonder what mayock thinks of that pick

"The Bears medical staff believes Wootton's knee is structurally sound."

Wasn't this the same medical staff that looked at Adams and Chris Williams (pre-draft) and found them both to be relatively healthy?

I think I'd rather be on an airplane flown by Stevie Wonder than have the bears med-staff give me a physical.

Also, we heard this "steal of the draft" stuff with Marcus Harrison who was supposed to be a 1st round talent that slid because of a knee injury and his love for doing drugs. How has Harrison fared so far? That being said, let's just wait and see Wooten play before we crown him as anything.

Mike Mayock is my favorite draft analysts, he was big on Jay Cutler when he came out back 2006 also.

As far as Wooton goes, he's a hit or miss type pick. If healthy he's gonna prove to be a steal. Despite the injuries Wooton did sit a school record with 49 career starts at Northwestern, and in the Big-10, thats saying something. I like the numbers he put up in 2008, 16 TFL and 10 sacks, thats impressive. This year he had 6 TFL with 4 sacks, which isn't bad for a guy who wasn't 100%. As a 4th rounder I agree he was a nice pick. Reminds me of the Zack Bowman pick back in 2008, as far as if he stays healthy he'll be a pretty good player for the Bears. I think he'll make a nice left end for the Bears by using his long arms and 6-6 frame to blow by right tackles, he'll be one to watch GO BEARS!!


As i have said before, ANY time you want to put your fan pedigree up against mine, feel free to do so. you sound like a Steelers fan. Ever met one of those? No matter how you set up a conversation, they can't come to criticize their organization. Unless, of course, a person is traded or cut, then they weren't worth anything. That's not being a fan. Spouting the company line is not being a fan. I can't speak for Joe, but have read his posts, but for me, I do give Angelo credit for good moves. I think the Cutler trade was a good move. The Broncos have yet to capitalize on any of the 3 picks the Bear's sent them, whereas, I do think Cutler will be better this year. And let's not forget that, yes, he did throw 26 INT's, but he also threw 27 TD's as well. If nothing else, there will be a much higher level of accountability this year than in the past. Plus I think Knox will be a decent receiver and hopefully a consistent return guy. I also went on air and complimented Angelo on the 3 free agent signings this year. {which he probably wouldn't have had to do, if he knew how to draft, but I digress and we wouldn't want you to get your g-string in a wad.} Part of being a fan is blasting your management when they deserve it. If you have an attitude like yours then why would they ever change? You will just suck up to them no matter what.
Again, for the 5th time I will ask. How is a draft pick a value pick when it does nothing to bring value to the team? I am going to make a mental note this fall and watch for your posts and when this O-line continues to struggle see what you say then.
Creighton, nice breakdown of the drafts. And I agree about Tillman. He's a slightly above average cover corner, good against the run, has a penchant for knocking the ball out, but I think a tad bit over priced. Berrian was a nice draft pick who could have been franchised the year he left since it was a very weak draft for WR. And then the next year, Angelo could have let him go. But he doesn't think that far in advance. And you know I am a big Olsen fan. It will be interesting to see what happens this year. Oh, by the way..the minute Gresham was drafted by the Bengals, Mel Kiper's first words were, "great athelete, will catch the ball, but his blocking is suspect." As I said before, blocking is "want to" and accountability. What I hope is that a fire has been lit under him.
I love the Bears. My kids are named after 2 of them. haven't missed a game since 76. Not one. And nothing would make me happier than 19-0 and a Super Bowl. But as long as Jerry Angelo, Lovie and his staff are in place, it's not going to happen. I am sure he's a great father, friend, husband, etc., but he's not NFL GM material. And once again, I won't speak for anyone else on here, but I do know that plenty of people that post on here were commenting as the draft was going on and making suggestions. It wasn't after the fact, but as the picks came in.
I once said the following about Jerry Krause: "Charles Oakley and Scottie Pippen were the best thing that ever happened to him as a GM, but also the worst." Why? because Jerry got the nickname 'The Sleuth.' And sometimes instead of taking the obvious choice on the board {Johnny Dawkins over Brad Sellers, Michael Finley over Jason Caffey} he would be stubborn and try and prove that he was still 'The Sleuth.' Jerry Angelo never had an "Oakley or Pippen", but still acts like he knows more than the so called experts. That and the whispering in his ear from people like Lovie or Marinelli {Loved Gaines Adams} has severely affected his drafts for the better part of a decade and put the Bears behind the 8 ball with respect to not only their divison, but the conference as well. If that makes me a bad fan in your eyes, then so be it.

"If healthy and regains burst, could be good starter," Mayock wrote.
Getting really tired of hearing comments like this, especially since the 2006 season when Harris and M. Brown got hurt. Seems like this theme is completely spiraling out of control.

Last night my car got broken into, then had a hell of long freaking day at work (with issues & fires to put out); getting home after dark a friend's ex-wife phones and pours it out to me for over an hour. Finally as I've just read all these posts... things lighten up a bit. Jesus, I needed this. You guys should be getting paid. -LH

South L.A. Chicago Fan, I thought I was the only one who wanted Ben Grubbs in the 2007 draft. When the 49ers traded back into the 1st round and took that tackle from Central Michigan Joe Stanley?, I knew Ben wasn't going to be around for the Bears. My reaction was, there you Bears fans, you got a guy who can catch so be happy now, but I was pissed. I wanted so badly to move up and get Grubbs. How badly could we use Grubbs now. I also was sooooo happy that Mr. Angelo pulled off the impossible and drafted Chris Williams. Some of you might insult the medical staff because of the back issue Williams had, but that was the right pick. If we didn't have Chris Williams, (btw, who is my favorite Bear) how much worse would our line be?! Williams is the real deal and his progress was awesome last year. He is a real left tackle and will remain so for years to come. I was about the only Bears fan who stuck next to Mr. Angelo when Williams was out. I will always support that pick. Some of you here who understand football, and appreciate the O-line, you truly are intelligent people. Football games are won and lost in the trenches, NOT at the WR position!

As far as Wooten goes, if he was the best player on the board at the time, than the Bears made the right decision. Yes, I wanted a guard and tackle, but why draft guards and tackles that are major projects and have little upside when another player is sitting there with lots of upside. If Wooten can get back to his 2008 self, we have a great DE. BTW, Creighton was right, Wooten was a bit of a need anyways, because I don't believe Anderson can be an every down player. The Bears need another end so I think it might pan out down the road. You always have to be improving the D-line in the system the Bears run.

I'll say this again, I want Tommie Harris traded. He is worthless and can't play. I would be offering Harris for an O-lineman or a pick in next year’s draft. Why can't management and the coaches see that Tommie has too bad of an attitude and just doesn't care?!

Regardless of what everyone thinks, at least Mr. Angelo didn't trade three picks for Tim Tebow! hehe

If they make the playoffs, then Lovie and Angelo stay. That means 10-6 at the least.

Starter positions up for grabs...

2 on the O-line: Kreutz, Williams, and Garza are the mainstays.
FB? Who will it be? McKie is gone
TE? Manumaleuna (I am sure I butchered his name). Olson is probably a backup
2 WR: Iglesius, Davis, Knox, Bennett, and Hester. I say go with Knox and Bennett, and let Hester return fulltime. He got more TD's anyways.
So...6/11 starting positions are up for grabs. And (VOMIT), the QB ain't one of them.

1 DL: Harris, Harrison, and Peppers are the mainstays.
None at LB
3 Secondary: Tillman is the only sure starter. Bowman probably wins a spot. The safeties is anyone's guess.
4/11 starting positions up for grabs.

That is a total of 10/22 starting positions up for grabs.

They need to hit on at least 7 of them to have a chance at 10-6.

Lovie was able to do it in 05 and 06 building his team, but he has been dreadful at it since then.

Go BEars!


Get it out of your head. The Bears will not make it to the playoffs. They have 13 games against better teams than they are. In addition, these 13 teams got better in the last draft...because most of them had 3 draft picks before the bears picked their first.
In addition, the Bears will be lucky if they can beat the improving lions both times. Five and 11 is the best they will do.
Lets talk defense. Do you really think that the Bear's cover-2 will stop good teams..especially the 13 good teams they have to play this year? They will pass right down the middle against the bears all day long. The bears defense will continue to spend a long time on the field to ensure that they are tired out in the 4th...where the opposing team comes in for the kill. They have been doing this to the bears for 3 years as lovie scratches his head on how to fix the only defense he knows...the cover-2. Even Tampa, the creators of this defensive scheme has left it. Can't lovie get a hint?
On offense....there is no way Martz is going to transition the Bears offense to his style of offense by september 1st. It's never been done. There are NO number 1 and 2 wideouts on this club to help speed up this transition. There is no guarantee that the offensive line will protect Cutler or allow a running game.
The best thing that can happen for the bears this year is that the bozos at the top get fired and we finally get some good football minds to run this team.

Creighton, I'm with you on Angelo, nice guy but less than skilled GM. I actually would have graded him higher until I read your post, when it's laid out that way (nice work btw) you can really see how bad he has done. And drafting a qb this year is just nuts for my money, we bet the farm on Jay, are going only as fasr as he can lead us,Angelo should be focused on helping him.

Gearhead,to me you're right about fans criticizing teams, heck part of the fun is the "what ifs". Still, I don't get why you drag Jerry Krause in as an example of poor management, all he did was build teams around MJ for Six championships. Check out Mj's track record as gm or Kobe's 4 and likely done, it's not easy. Maybe keep in mind that it wasn't just players, JK built the coaching staff also,which Phil took to LA in it's entirety. He was far from perfect and had some misses but Oak and Pip were far from the only homers he hit as gm.

Apologies for being off topic guys, just sticking up for a whipping boy.

The players the Bears picked up in rounds 3, 4, & 5 were all good picks. The best thing about a loaded draft, as this one was, is that you're going to get better players lower in the draft. Each one of those first 3 players ranked out higher than where they picked by at least 20 spots.

It all "fell apart" in rounds 6 & 7 however.

The Bears did not need to draft a quarterback. They needed offensive line help. Yes, they finally addressed that need in the 7th round, but he's a huge reach and may never even make the practice squad. However, Mike Tice is a great offensive line coach, so one never knows. I just doubt he'll make it.

Getting back to that 6th round pick of Dan LeFevour, it's a wasted pick. It has nothing to do with the player, who will probably turn out to be a very good back-up. The Bears desperately needed OL help. Period. And they passed on a fairly good player in Eric Olsen. A player who can play either G or C. So instead of taking what the team needs most of all, they reach and draft a position that is not a need.

Overall, the Bears did ok. Major Wright and Corey Wootton will probably end up being starters, Wright may actually start with game 1. Josh Moore has the tools, but he's weak on tackling. THAT can be taught though. LeFevour is the third QB with no hope of moving up on this team. And J'Marcus Webb is a physical specimen, but is extremely raw. Webb is a crap shoot. I would love to be proven wrong with him, but as I said he probably won't make it.

It's tough to really find gems without a 1st or 2nd round pick. The Bears benefitted from a very deep and loaded draft though. If they sign a couple of veteran free agents to fill the major needs, the team will do well. For now, I'll be positive.

Now that we've heard the doom and gloom forecast from 'Val', I'm a little more optimistic than that. While I don't think anyone can defend Angelo's draft record(Even a blind squirrel can find an occasional nut), I think we have enough talent to compete. We should be better defensively with Peppers and healthy Urlacher,Tinasoimoan and Tommie Harris. Offensively, there is no question that Cutler has to reduce the INTs and Forte has to shake the Sophomore slump. The receiving corps is promising with Aromashodu, Knox, Hester, Bennett, etc. We have enough talent at WR to be productive. Remember Cutler threw for 3,666 yards in a down year. The O-line is my biggest concern and I hope that Mike Tice can get enough production from that group to keep the offense going. We have more than enough talent to make the playoffs and I'm hopeful that we will.

The Cutler trade was expensive and the Gaines Adams tragedy further weakened this draft. Its hard to draft well when you don't have the picks, but its especially hard when you're 'hit' ratio is so poor (see Creightons summary). Angelo needs twice the picks of other GM and even then is only half as effective. He should be let go just on the basis of his draft record.

I do believe they made good decisions this year w/ Wright (3) and Wotton (4) and Peppers (FA) - the cover 2 requires a good pass rush and I think, they finally acknowledge that T. Harris's is unwilling or unable to return to his prior form.

Rounds 5-7. At first I though these were all a waste, but then I realized that Cutler will probably be running for his life all season and having a disposable QB might not be a bad idea.

With any luck, this season will bring about a poor record and change at the top; e.g. Jerry and Lovie. It's not that I'm not a fan, its just hard to see J & A leading us to a superbowl championship. If this team does have a surprisingly good record, God help us, as they may renew these guys for several more years

This team didn't need D linemen so Wootton would not see the field this year anyway. They are going to play Izzy and Anderson sharing one end and Peppers at the other one with Harris and Adams at tackle and Harrsion also in the rotation. They absolutely have to work in Melton and Gilbert to find out what they have with these guys so there's just no room. That's already 8 guys and they probably only want to dress 7 on game day. Look for Wootton to spend a year on IR after camp.

From the 4th round on you are just hoping for depth and special teams help. It's tough to grab an immediate starter on the O-line so you really do have to take the best available guys that may contribute even if it's going to be down the road.

On the other hand, these guys don't know how to count when it comes to the offensive line. There are 5 positions there (arguably 7 when you include long snappers and extra tackles for goal line). You play 5 guys there and 1 at QB. So how can you ever go a year without drafting at least one guy-- the better teams always take at least 2. Let me ask you this: If QB was 5 positions instead of 1, how many would they draft every year? Well, without an O-line you have no QB. Like I said, these guys don't know how to count to 5.

A very wise man once said that brevity was the soul of wit. It seems too few bloggers on this site ever heard that. Conciseness should be the goal of those stating opinions here.

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