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Manning's agent "confident" resolution will come by June

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Safety Danieal Manning hasn't been among the players to participate in the voluntary workouts at Halas Hall.

But his decision to report Monday morning was a surprise to many, including his agent.

Manning was unhappy with the $1.176 million, original-round tender the Bears offered him, which saved the club about $500,000. Had a team signed him away, the Bears would have received a third-round pick.

But that window has passed.

While he's still not signing his tender, Manning called agent Russel Hicks a few days ago and told him he wanted to head to Halas Hall.

"It was his decision. He just said, 'I'm in Chicago, over the weekend.' He said he was going in," Hicks said. "I was like, 'All right.'

Manning will sign a waiver that protects him, in case he gets injured while working out.

"We're still trying to see what type of contract is best for Danieal and best for the Bears," Hicks said. "We want to go in one direction, they want to go in one direction.

We'll just have to meet in the middle."

The Bears now have exclusive negotiating rights with Manning until June. The club could trade him for anything, but Manning would have to sign his tender first.

Hicks, though, expressed confidence that something will be worked out with the Bears.

"Unless they trade, he's going to be with the Bears next season," Hicks said. "I think we'll get something done.

"I'm confident we'll get something before then (June)."

More than anything, Hicks said, Manning just wanted to be around his teammates.

"He misses those guys," Hicks said.

Manning has been a versatile player for the Bears since being selected in the second-round of the 2006 NFL Draft, starting 40 games.

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It's Draft Week so i say let's talk Draft! I feel a lot like last year in that Rounds 2 thru 4 look particularly strong there should be value with both of our picks. I am particularly fond of a couple of players that fortunately fit our needs:
Mike Johnson G Alabama and
Darrell Stuckey S Kansas

The former has anchored a great line for years and the latter i saw a few times most recently vs. Missouri where he made double digit tackles AND he has 4.4 speed. Love em both.

Hahaha Manning wants a new contract? For what? Returning a kickoff for ascore two years ago? Hahaha. The sad thing is he will probablly get his money sense both Angelo and Lovie and are scared that all that "potential" and "athleteicsim" will get away. Never mind that he has zero football instincts and gets burned on the play fakes so badly

Bearboy we dont have a 2nd rounder remember? Angelo gave it away for a superstar defensive end. Johnson is a mauler and a good run blocker but thats it. He would be lost in MArtzs offense and what the bears need is a good pass protection guy to keep Cutler safe. Johnson is not that guy. As forStuckey he has great intangibels but he's not a baller. I don't think he can play at the next level. He reminds me of you guess it D Manning.

Does it really matter what we as the fans want the Bears to do? I am not particularly fond of drafts since 2006 so even if we all predict a stud, the Bears will draft someone out of some small Amish school somewhere.

Seriously, aside from players that fell to the Bears, Harris and Olsen quickly come to mind, what has Angello done? Harris is a Bear cause all the other teams thought he was too banged up. Hmmm. Maybe they were right. Olsen is a Bear cause nobody else in the first round wanted him (remember that year when Olsen was supposed to go 15th overall, then kept falling and falling...) So, the Bears can hang their hat on drafting... That's right, nobody comes to mind, nobody of significance. SAD.

All I know is O.J.Atogwe will be a Chicago Bear on June 2.

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