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Loss of Gaines in spotlight again

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The passing of Gaines Adams in January was obviously a tragic loss for the Bears.

The club -- particularly defensive line coach Rod Marinelli -- had high hopes for Adams, the fourth overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.

The Bears believed that the athletic Adams just needed some refining, which is why they shipped their second-round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But the Bears never got a chance to see if Adams could fulfill their expectations. Instead, they lost a valuable draft pick -- one that could have helped them address a glaring need at safety.

The Bears would have picked 10th in the second round, a solid enough position to land one of the more highly-respected safeties in this draft class.

Earl Thomas and Eric Berry were taken early. But, no other safeties were selected after, and players like Taylor Mays (USC), Nathaniel Allen (South Florida), Morgan Burnett (Georgia Tech) and Chad Jones (LSU) are still available. With that pick, if the Bears coveted one of them, they could have packaged another pick to move up and get him.

But the Bears instead will have to wait until the 12th pick in the third round, where they can still get a quality player, albeit with far more questions.

Among the players who could be available: Major Wright of Florida, T.J. Ward of Oregon, Reshad Jones of Georgia, Kam Chancellor of Virginia Tech and Robert Johnson of Utah.

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The steadfast stupidity of Jerry Angelo. What's frightening is that, while Lovie may have a "playoffs or else" mandate, I've seen nothing conclusive to suggest that extends to Jerry as well, who's under contract through 2013. The McCaskeys wouldn't eat Lovie's contract with two years left, but they're going to eat Jerry's with three years left? I'll believe it when I see it.


You are wrong. Lovie doesn't have a mandate. He's the same ole stone face lovie that everyone loves so much. You know...the one that the sportscasters don't like to interview because he has nothing to say even though he speaks for a long time.
As for Angelo...please don't worry. After the owners gave angelo a last ditch chance to save his hide by allowing him to spend $120 Million of 3 players, they are going to be so nice at year end. In fact, that ploy might have been the reason for Mike McCash-key to step down and be replaced by his younger brother.
Either way...they have a very difficult schedule ahead of them. Don't think they are going to do any better than 5 and 11 and that is assuming that they beat the lions twice...which I don't think is going to happen.
These bozos that are running this club are history.
Most important game of the season is the first one. Lets see if the lowly lions can handle the bears in chicago.
As for Sean Jensen and this article....
Marinelli couldn't coach himself out of a paper bag...and the bears..ever since angelo has been here have made so many stupid mistakes, that it has finally come down to not enough talent on this club to save his job. Of course...the inability of Lovie and staff to develop players also has something to do with it. Just how many coaches does lovie have to fire before he starts blaming himself? The current count of coach firings by lovie is 28 in 6 years.

Come on Sean...>Loss of "Gaines?" That is terrible...Solid article though

I think the Bears are looking for Murphy or the kid from Indiana PA if they take a DB. Otherwise, I think they will go G and take Johnson in the 5th or 6th round and keep their fingers crossed...They may still take Johnson there, but not before they get Beadles...

If Jim Finks was running the Bears draft, I would have faith in his ability to find a nugget of gold -- maybe several -- in the later rounds. Angelo? Not hardly. History is not kind to his judgment on talent. And, no one there seems attuned to the obvious: the Bears need an overhaul from top to bottom. This is not a young team -- which just needs some key players.

They mortgaged the future to get Cutler, but what good is "Mr. Interception" if he has no line to protect him and the Defense stinks? This where the Bears miss all those draft picks they sacrificed. They would have been better off drafting for the secondary and the lines last year, keeping Kyle Orton, and drafting Clauson or Colt McCoy this year in the Second Round for the future.

I also agree with the critical eye cast on Lovie. I lost all faith when he replaced the best Defensive Coordinator in years(Ron Reviera) with Babich. This is on top of Ron Turner running the offense. There is no hope until we get a new team at the helm that thinks winning is more important than agreeing with Lovie.

Who trades a second round draft pick from a draft that is loaded, for a guy who is a known first round bust, in the middle of the season when the draft pick has the least amount of value? Who does that?

Joe you mean Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, yeah he is talented but is totally raw, he won't help much this year. Murphy is ideal but is probably the best corner on the board, along with Cook and Franks. Watch the name Myron Lewis where the Bears are concerned if they go after Beadles in the 3rd.

If one of the safeties slips, like maybe Morgan Burnett of Georgia tech especially, Chicago will go safety, if not, I see them going guard. With Frank Omiyale being moved to right tackle (a position he should have been at last season), theres a hole at left guard. Chicago has Josh Beekman, but obviously don't like him for the position. And the club has some youngsters already in house who they say they like. One is 2nd year player Lance Louis, who lined up with the 2nd team at left guard last pre-season. Louis is an intriguing prospect because of his athleticism and mean streak. I've heard Angelo mention Louis and another 2nd year lineman, John Asiata, as young lineman who will get a chance to compete this summer. But Angelo has also said he likes his current personnel at safety, and we all know that to be a lie.

In the end it will come down to best player available at either safety or guard in the third, Chicago's first pick tonight. I say they go guard first in Mike Johnson of Alabama (my favorite) or Zane Beadles of Utah. And then they'll take a safety in the 4th in the 6-2 203lb Robert Johnson also of Utah, a player the team likes. I hope they come out of tonight with a guard like Johnson, either way its going to be interesting as always GO BEARS!!


I agree with you on Mike Johnson, I like him at that 75th spot IF Chad Jones is off the board. I have Beadles rated much further back so I think Chicago could wait until the 4th round if they want Beadles.


The same GM who traded back down with his first pick (2nd round) in the draft last season. You know when he gave up draft position and - by the value chart - flushed away the equivalent of a mid 4th-round pick. Usually when teams move up they at least pay equal price or add a sweetener ... but not when you deal with JA and the Bears!

I see the BEARS getting a player of need at 75 because of the depth of the draft...I'd like to see Major Wright drop to us he is a big game player and would come into the league with a lot to prove, just what the BEARS need a player whose hungry. Kevin A. I would be happy with the guy from Tech also, and I agree a o-lineman at guard is another option. My choice would be to get him in the 4th round (Asamough-Illini) there to bring in to complete with Lance Louis who will get a long look in camp....

Guys let's let Gaines Adams rest in peace....he was player who never really showed us if he could play in Chicago, he did some solid things when he got on the field and if he would have turned out been a great move by Angelo....some guys just have a cloud hanging over them all the time, it looks like Angelo is one of them.....

always a touchy topic to discuss for obvious reasons. but you could conclude that had adams not passed, the bears may have not pursued peppers.

i feel conflicted even typing that and potentially opening the discussion, but it is valid.

I see the Bears eventually going with Robert Johnson if they do not package their picks and move up for a higher rated safety. Johnson's a guy the watched closely and had in for a workout.

Wow, with multitude of pesimistic (jerks) posting comments here you'd think we went 0-16 last year. GO BEARS!

while you have every right to say that. I have every right to say as well....,
That the trade for Adams was stupid bad, He was a high first pick that never had the numbers/game to show that he was worth a high second. That was a huge gamble on Jerry's part and when we saw Adams play last year he certainly did not look like he was playing very good at all. Supposedly Rod and a different D scheme (not much though) would be the difference maker in Adams worth a high second, but Rod really did not improve the players he worked with last year, and Adams did not look like he was workable in the games he played. Now for sure anyone can speculate that Rod could turn the young mans game around, but if we go by past history:
Rod did not improve our Dline
Adams did not look good in the games he played
Then a reasonable speculation by me would be that Jerry really, totally threw away our very high No. 2 pick, And what? did Jerry not feel he could get a better DE with that same 2 pick? or did Jerry NOT know that Peppers was a Free Agent the following year and he could use that 2 for a more pressing need? DE was a need, but it should have been obvious that DE could wait and we had to have a Oline G and protect our franchise QB.
And....with the way Jerry pursued Peppers, how did he fool himself into not knowing he coulda done that anyway with the several high profile DE that were FA this year, that were tons better than Gaines Adams? Jerry shoots his own foot when it comes to building a NFL Team.

Now then,
I really like Peppers/Taylor/Cutler - Smart moves all around by Jerry. But then look at the really stupid bad moves, and you have to wonder where Jerry gets his draft free agent information decisions.

It's anyones guess if we go Safety or OG in the 3rd. But I like Johnson as well at OG. Our Number One priority has got to be to protect our Franchise QB. Whether you feel he is Franchise material or not, it is what it is, and Jay Cutler is Da Bears QB. We spent way too many picks/time/effort/New Coaches to have him injured cause we went Safety (a great need to be sure) instead of G.

Please remind me again how many Safeties Jerry has drafted/signed and we still are looking for a Safety? Does over 20 sound anywhere close? Guys?
Please Jerry, sign a proven Veteran Safety and stop wasting our picks on a position you know nothing about.

Listening to NFL Network, They were all over the Niners picking up 2 Olinemen - They mentioned how the Jets did that a couple years ago and now have the best Oline in the NFL, Sanchez for sure benefited from that. Now look at the Olinemen we drafted in many years...most in late rounds that didnt amount to squat. (Look at our Oline roster) full of older players and Free Agents. Williams was a first. I am greatly impressed by a Franchise that understands how important the Oline is, as the QB is the face of the Franchise, Where are the Colts w/o MNanning? or the Saints w/o Brees?
Number one job is:
Protect the Franchise.

Sean I gotta agree with Joe. It's a worthy storyline, but that was a really tacky headline.

As far as trading a 2 for Adams, this is a really weird year. When did it come out, and how did I miss the memo? The one that says existing players are devalued by at least 3 rounds this year?

A couple years ago KC gave a second rounder for Matt Cassel, and before that the Texans gave the same for Schaub. As far as I'm concerned neither could carry McNabb's jock, but now he's only worth a fifth? Last year Jerry Jones gives what, two first rounders for Roy Williams? This year Santonio Holmes (yeah I know, but still) is worth a fifth? The Bears trade two ones, Orton, and then some for Cutler. Now Big Ben gets caught with his pants around his ankles, is on the blocks for just one top ten, and there are no takers?

It's hard for me to be critical of a move that was made last year under the old rules. At the time I thought Angelo trading a two for Adams might work out. Maybe a little high, but a three would have been defendable. The guy had been in the league just long enough for some of the twenty-something stupid to wear off. Now I wonder if they could have gotten Peyton Manning for that?

I play with numbers all day long, but this stuff boggles my mind.

Kevin where have you been? Anyway yeah all this talk of Robert Johnson in the 3rd are such a reach. He doesn't have close to third round value, at least not the top of the third round, they should have no problem grabing him in the 4th, maybe even 5th. It depends what happens in the second, I suspect a run at the Safety position is on its way, but their is still a lot of line talent as well. A lot of people want a guard but I wouldn't count out RT either. If a high profile end drops like Griffen, I don't think Angelo could help himself as well.

The problem with taking a lineman in the 3rd round is? Angelo is doing the drafting. Safety and the line have not been good to Angelo. Actually he has not been good to them.

Second round is about to start, lets hope the DB's don't get taken, second tier O-Line players will get nabbed up as well.

Word is Titans are about to trade a third round pick for Haynesworth. If he goes for a third I am gonna be sick. To bad we can't afford him.

I feel bad for Adams friends and family. I hope that with time they can heal. What a tragic loss.

Go bears!

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