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Technology is amazing.

Got NFL Network on NFL Mobile app of Verizon Droid, ESPN on my iPad and trying to get Fox Radio to listen to Jay Glazer on my iPod Touch.

* St. Louis Rams took Sam Bradford with the top pick. When possible, quarterback is the way to go, especially when you need as much as the Rams.

* LOL. Thought the fans were booing the Lions pick of Suh. But, Mayock saying they're "Suhing."

* Wow. What a hug McCoy just laid on Roger Goodell. As emotional as I've seen a player in a while.

Will be interesting to see who ends up being better: Suh or McCoy. They'll forever be linked.

* Somewhere, Donovan McNabb smiles. Trent Williams the pick of the Redskins.

Rich Eisen says picks 1-4 all from Big 12.

* Trent Williams on Oklahoma having three of the first four picks.

"It says a lot about our program."

Yeah, that last season was a huge disappointment.

* And they are cartwheelin' in Seattle. Okung falls to them, potentially replacing one of the best LTs of his era, Walter Jones.

* If Suh is going to be as good as advertised, the Bears definitely need to upgrade their interior line. Vikings have the Williams Wall, and there's been reports they might be going after Haynesworth, too!

* The Bills have a lot of needs. Very, very surprised that they took C.J. Spiller. Doesn't bode well for Marshawn Lynch, who was the 12th overall pick in 2007. But, they need playmakers, so maybe they're thinking two-headed monster.

* First major head-scratcher: Cal defensive tackle Tyson Alualu. Very surprising that they didn't trade down. Consider the Broncos got a fourth-round pick to leap-frog Miami Dolphins. Alualu was projected to go lower.

Jury will be out.

* Dolphins trade the 12th pick to San Diego, which was at No. 28. Chargers select Ryan Matthews, a running back from Fresno State.

* Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and now Tim Tebow. The latter obviously is a developmental player. But, the Broncos gave away several picks to the Ravens. Great move by Ravens.

* Tim Tebow the 25th overall pick of the Denver Broncos, who gave up quite a few picks to get him.

Tebow: "I want to thank coach McDaniels for believing in me, and I'll do everything I can to prove him right."

Based on his past, I'm sure Tebow will do everything possible to fulfill that promise...

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Yeah the pick of Tyson Alualu is definitely a reach. I had the guy as a 2nd-rounder. I don't know any mocks at all (off the top of my head) where he was even in the LATE first round.

With the additions of Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton is now a starter for life in Denver. My god I feel sorry Neckbeard. Between Tebow's incessant god talk and Quinn's gay bashing, that could drive a man to drink. Luckily Orton doesn't need to be driven very far.

Even better, with Jerry Angelo's BRILLIANT trade of the 2nd-round pick for Gaines Adams last year (as tragic as his death Adams was a BUST and not worth a 5th round pick), Tampa Bay will be selecting 10th tomorrow night.

Still on the board: USC FS Taylor Mays, Maryland OT Bruce Campbell and UCLA DT Brian Price. For those who still take up for Jerry Angelo you may want to ask yourself WHY.

Would you have taken the bet if someone told you the Jags would make a worse pick than the Raiders in the top 10? I sure wouldn't have, but that's what they did...

One thing that was a positive to me. There were fewer OL and DB prospects taken in round 1 than I thought, so there is a chance that some of them fall into the third. Lots of pass rushers, run stuffers, and running back prospects that will take up some attention in round 2. Also having Clausen, McCoy, and Pike still out there at QB will make some teams think a bit.

When Philly traded up to get Graham, I thought for sure it was Thomas they were going for. Dallas also should have taken a safety, so when they passed on them, it made it better for us.

Time for Jerry to go to work. I would start looking for ways to get into round 2. Both Urlacher and Briggs would be on the table, especially since Oakland is going to cut Kirk Morrison, who could be a solid MLB if we need to replace Urlacher. LB is our only strong position left to bargain with, and Briggs has a lot more value than Urlacher because of the contract and age.

There are lots of good players out there, and we can get a couple if we play our cards right.

Was wondering who was going to be the first (jerk) to bash Angelo for giving up #2 for Adams... (Here's my apology to you in parenthesis).

You sir win the gold star. Stick it on your forehead and have solice that you're the GM the Bears have dreamed of for years. Hence the reason why your GM-butt is posting commments on Sun-Times right now

Put your resume in to G. McCaskey now big boy. You're a real winner.

First off, I don't agree with the Bronco's drafting of Tebow. He could have been had with an early 2nd round pick. But there are a lot worse things a player can talk about than God. He is the antithesis of Jamarcus Russell. I will take a guy on my team that all he does is win and whatever you ask him to do, he does it.
I said the same thing below under the "with the 75th pick the Bear's select..." post. With the "reaches" that took place in the first round, there were some players that got pushed way down the board. When the day started I was just hoping that Morgan Burnett would be there at 75 tomorrow night. Good size and speed, but a little raw. But now, you could conceivably move up 20 spots tomorrow evening and get an Allen or even a Mays.
When the 2nd round kicks off, you will have 2 QB's, 1-2 TE's, 2-3 WR's, 2-3 OLB/DE's, and a handfull of OT's and OG's going off the board. If you get to the early 50's and either Allen, Mays, or the OT Brown from USC is there, I would try and package this year's 3rd, and either this year's 4th or hopefully next year's 4th for that pick. A similar trade was made last year with the 75th pick. 75 & 110 going to the Cowboys for #51 to the Bills. If you could use Urlacher to help you get into the 2nd round, fine, but not Briggs. I don't know about the rest of you, but when the first round ended I couldn't help but think about the 2nd rounder that would have looked so good to work with. Can everyone say..."Thanks Jerry."

Dear Heh,

When Angelo made his brilliant move I was all over him for it so just reiterating.

However I do have to admit. I was wondering what some whiny, basement-dwelling, one-time posting troll had to say about my post. When I saw you graced us with a response I was so excited I peed a little!

I mean that is some REAL contribution you brought to the table. Now go to Sean's next post about the players available had we not traded for Gaines Adams and tell him how you feel as well. We are all indebted to your timely and extremely valuable insight. I may not be the Bears GM, you have me on that one. But in the next few years when my son reaches 16 I'll make sure I hit you up so he can get that coveted day shift at McDonald's.

// Oh message board trolls, you guys KNOW you missed me!

Sean a little heads up next time on doing a draft blog.

What was the worst pick of the first round? AKA who gets this years Millen award? Please consider value of pick 1,2,3,4 etc, need, and positional value.

I gotta go with Alualu.

Buffalo drafting Spiller?
Jags take Alualu?
Broncos take Thomas?
Broncos take Tebow?
Raiders take McClain?
Chargers take Mathews?

Coach forget Mays, he can't cover and is a in the box SS in the nfl.

Seattle and Detroit are having a good night. Packers must be in heaven, Buluga is a perfect fit. Some really good players have fallen to really good teams and some really stupid teams remain stupid.

Angelo has already hinted that they probably won;t get a starter but would be happy if he could find 3 guys to dress on game day. He also hinted that Olsen may be a square peg in a round hole. If the Bears want a guy who can start at FS they should trade Olsen and their third to the Pats for a second. who need a TE and their number one choice is already gone. Then hope that Allen or Saffold are there. Campbell is off the board as soon as the second round starts. Bears are currently 43 picks away from a pick. Bears need a starter on the O-line more than anything else. Some people think FS but a FS is not going to protect Cutler on 7 step drops. Peppers should help the secondary some. Brown, Saffold, Asamoha, and Johnson are gone before round 3. Omiyale can't play RT, Carolina new this, thats why when Otah got hurt, Omiyale played LT and Gross moved to RT for the game, the line is more important than Safety and provides better value in later rounds not to mention Angelo has drafted a ton of mid round DB's and it hasn't worked yet.

Get in the second round and take a tackle or guard. Stay in the third and get a tackle or guard. Wait for roster cuts and go after a safety with experience.

Hey Heh, you do realize most Bears fans were all over Angelo for making that trade. Its not about the poor kids death its about making a bad trade. It was a bad trade before he passed. Their is a reason the Bucs dumped a top 10 pick in his prime and Buc fans where thrilled he was gone.


NO JOKE! The Jags reached big time. And Tebow? My god, it's like with Chicago outta the first round other GM's thought they had to dumb things down in his honor.

As a USC fan I'd love to see Chicago pull off some sort of trade to land Mays but I know that won't happen. I am hoping that the combination of a lot of safeties still out there and his bad 40 at his pro day will land LSU free safety Chad Jones in Chicago's lap at 75. And don't point to Craig Steltz, Jones is actually very good and freakishly athletic!

With that said, if Chicago CANNOT land a free safety I still think Josh Barrett from Denver would be a perfect fit in the cover 2 system. Barrett was forced into action his rookie season and did extremely well. Last year he struggled under the new defensive scheme and a switch to nickelback. Barrett is a prototype FS for the Cover 2 and has great ball-hawking skills. I was all but pleading Chicago take him 2 years ago and could have been had for a 7th-rounder. Send a 7th-rounder this year to Denver and be done with it!

Please if he's there at 75, please take Zane Beadles, he's going to be a good one.

Their are 12 teams out there that still need a DB. Corners got hit hard in the first round and I don't but the fact that people are saying that at least 10 corners remain that are starting calibur players and 5 safeties remain that are starting calibur. Not to mention people are saying they are all first year starting capable. 23 first year starters total from the DB position alone. Please, the draft is lucky if they get 25-30 starting calibur players in their first year total, let alone from just the DB's.

Coach, Carrol passed on Mays for a reason. May's is Manning only bigger. Zero instincts and ball hawking ability but fast and athletic. Mays should put on 10 pounds and switch to LB.

I see people are reaching for the names Brad Biggs tossed out last week with Beadles and Johnson. The Bears will probably take the best DB available unless the position has been totally picked. Either a corner or safety that fits zone coverage. I would be surprised if they didn't take a corner. Chris Cook is an ideal zone prospect who could move from Corner to safety so is Jerome Murphy. Burnett and Mays are Strong Safeties, or a LB in Mays case.

Beadles could fall to the 4th easily there are at least 5 O-Line prospects better than him still on the board. Saffold, Brown, Ducasse, Campbell, Asamoha. Beadles is a climber, he went from 6th round talent up to a third in two weeks. I hate climbers, teams fall in love with a guys workout rather than ability.


I missed Biggs article but I was wondering why everyone keeps bringing up Beadles. I do like Johnson because I think he will be around and has good value. Chicago needs a run blocking guard and Johnson also brings a lot of versatility for whoever will be coaching the team next season. Beadles is a LATE climber and I have him as a 4th-5th rounder. I like his versatility for a late-rounder but Johnson is a legit 3rd-rounder.

As for Mays, I have a higher opinion of him (obviously) and actually was surprised he didn't go in the late first round. With that said I am still hoping Jones falls to that 75th spot. Of course JA will trade back and give up next year's 2nd round pick to do it.

A couple weeks ago on here, I said had Jimmy Clausen gone to USC over Notre Dame, with USC's talent pool to his disposal, he'd be a top 5 pick. And I'm telling you, he would have. Now somebody is gonna get a steal at QB in the 2nd, man I hope it isn't Minnesota.

There were some silly moves on day one, especially Denver going with The 49ers did good, any time you can come away with some young, promising offensive line talent, you did good. The 49ers will be a much better running team if nothing else.

And I agree 150% with Sean, Chicago needs line help, especially inside. Not only does Minnesota have the Williams wall, and now Detroit has Ndamukong Suh, but look out for Green Bay's B.J Raji to become a monster in year two. I say go with Alabama guard Mike Johnson in the 3rd to add help inside, and then maybe somebody like Notre Dame's Eric Olsen 6-4 310lbs, a guard/center prospect who will add some push inside to Chicago's line, maybe not right away, but in a season or two, around the same time Ndamukong Suh will really start to come on, Olsen will be ready also. Chicago needs to work on their line inside, and drafting a couple players like Johnson and Olsen would go a long way for that cause GO BEARS!!

Well, I guess I was a jerk on October 19 when I said on air that Angelo was a moron for the Gaines Adams move. If anyone that posts on either newspaper site is still a fan of Angelo after all of his blunders, then you're either football challenged or a relative of his. And as these trades have come down over the past few weeks, you further realize just how bad Angelo got taken on that move. I know I am beating a dead horse here, but it would have been nice to be sitting there this evening with that #41 pick.
It makes you wonder just how good Angelo's information sources are. Not just player evaluations, but don't you think someone would have said, "Hey Jerry, there may be a lockout in 2011 and a rookie salary cap. The draft is going to be deeper due to the influx of Juniors coming out ahead of that happening. We might not want to make the trade." This isn't anything new. This has been talked about for the past year because the NFLPA and the owners are jockeying back and forth and no one is backing down.
Burnett is a FS and he would fit what Angelo is looking for if the Bears stay at 75 and Burnett is there. A body that could dress on Sunday. From all accounts he's got really good skills, just very raw. Mays has off the chart measurables, but may lack some football instincts. A 6'3" 223# safety in a division with 2 beast receivers at or over 6'4" would be nice. The fact that Carroll didn't take Mays with the 14th pick is not a shock. Coach or no coach, Mays wasn't rated higher than either Berry or Thomas and don't be surprised if Thomas isn't moved to corner. Mays in the mid 2nd round or lower is a great draft value. I do agree that the more pressing need might be the OL.

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