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Lions --- not Bears --- land guard Sims

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So much for Rob Sims landing in Chicago.

The Lions acquired the Seahawks guard Monday. The Lions and Bears appeared to be the two most-logical suitors for the 26-year-old, who recently signed a restricted free-agent tender with Seattle.

ESPN's Adam Schefter, who first reported the trade, later reported that Detroit sent a fifth-round pick to the Seahawks for Sims.

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Brilliant. As soon as we heard the Lions were interested, we should have put together the offer sheet and gone right to Sims' agent. Take the team out of the equation. a 4th rounder for a starting guard still entering his prime? Sounds like a no-brainer.

What's up with Dez Clark skipping today's workouts? Anything to it, or just typical offseason stuff?

Too bad, I was hoping that Sims could be brought to the Bears. Now the LOG position is still a major concern, not good.

Maybe Dez Clarke is the next player to be cut by the Bears and not get anything for him like Alex Brown.

Who is available to be picked up at LOG in the league, anyone with any thoughts please give your thoughts.

Alex Brown for Sims didnt go down. Alex Brown for a 4th round didnt go down, at that point getting Sims was outta the Bears reach. Angelo didnt want to give up a pick and not have one to replace it.

The Bears cant make all the moves in 2 years but what they have done in the 2 offseasons is something you dont see with 31 other teams to bid against.

Would be nice to trade and get all the top names on the market but really its not realistic.

I can't believe we couldnt beat a 5th! Thats crazy. What? They wouldnt take Brown so we walked?

The Three Stooges have Out Thunk themselves Again! Maybe when this next set of Jerrry A's. draft picks prove that Lovie can't coach them up!! And we go 0and 6 in our own division. Then Maybe, Just Maybe?? Our owners will see the Light,and bring in a New G.M. and Head Coach that will Know what to do with a Top 5 Pick in Next Years Draft!!! Prove me Wrong J.A. and Lovie, From a Very Disgruntled, Long Time Bears Fan.

Actually Timmer believe it or not Lovie and Jerry have been here for more than 2 years. Is that how long you have been a fan? As for no other teams doing what the Bears have done. Oh I beg to differ, The vikings Brought in Allen and Favre, Washington got McNabb and Haynesworth, and they both did for less money and draft picks than the Bears. Yes lots of teams have signed free agents, the Raiders traded for Seymore, brought in Sapp, got Moss, in fact the Raiders and Skins have been doing what the Bears are doing now for years. How did it work out for them? Back in the day the Buc's built their offense voa free agency. By the way the moves you refered to last year got the Bears 2 more losses. Many teams have tried to buy their way out of sucking. Doesn't usually work though.

You bring in a QB but give him Turner, a horrible line and no weapons. Brilliant. This year he gets a new coach and a career backup RB, but they are taking away his favorite weapon and he has to learn a totally new offense again. Sweet!

Oh but we got Peppers who wants to play RDE, but Lovie wants him at LDE. Good thing he isn't temperamental. Plus look at all the help he has, Harris is in major decline, but this year he is healthy for sure, this time they mean it. Even though the minor exploritory surgery on his knee last year found nothing, well nothing other then the fact that Tommie doesn't feel like he did a few years ago and can't figure out why his knee is bothering him. Good thing he is a natural leader and not some sort of head case. Then you have Anderson who couldn't come close to beating out the guy they just cut but is being handed the job because Lovie likes him. This always works out so well for Lovie. Thank god they got rid of the solid consistant leader of the line from the last 8 years. Wouldn't want Peppers having any real help, this way he can feel even more under the gun.

But hey Hester is a number 1 or a slot reciever, and Olsen is an H-Back or is it an inline blocker? I forget which message is being spewed this week

But hey we got rid of Brown and thats whats important, cause why give him a shot to compete for one of the end spots when you can just hand the job to a guy who has proven to not be his equal. Oh know they would have had to give him 5 mil, or would they? I believe he would have recieved a bonus and thats it. Unless he made the team. You can always cut a guy in camp after all. But don't give him a shot, poor little Anderson is to delicate to compete with a real football player. His delicate Psyche is to scared to handle the comp.

Got to love the way Angelo handeled the Brown situation.

Oh and Timmer your so right why give up a draft pick for a player, when you can just draft a player. Lets face it when it comes to finding O-Linmen in the draft their are none better than old Angie and man does he hit on those late round picks. Look at all the stars he has drafted. Nobody can pick them like the old Velvet Smaug. And don't forget while you are clealy a new fan to football, Angelo and Lovie have been here far longer than 2 years. Will just keep are deal going from the last year. You let me know when the make the playoffs ok.

Guys let Detroit have Sims, the Bears probably would have tried him at Tackle, defensive tackle that is.

Just keep thinking...this is the last year we will have to put up with the THREE STOOGES, because if they think we're ready for a run at the NFC North crown...they may be actually MORE stupid than we think !!!

from what I gather from some seahawks fans on another bear blog he wont be missed!! not that good and they were happy to see him go!! so glad the bears sat on it and let the lions have him!!

I'll cancel my NFL Sunday ticket this year and wait for the inevitable FIRING of the MORONS who are currently impersonating a professional general manager and head coach of the Chicago Bears. Last year J.A. + L.S. signed Jay Cutler, but left him hanging with NO #1 reciever and basically a SEIVE of an O-line. This year , they sign J.Peppers, a FAT TE and an OLD back-up RB and tell us "we like our team". Haven't we heard this before ? Are we supposed to trust Jerry to use draft picks WISELY ? C'MON MAN !

I sort of agree with Creighton on this one. As I have stated many times, no one and I mean no one has been a bigger JA detractor than me. But I do give him credit when credit is deserved. The Cutler trade was a good move and here's where I differ. In my opinion, the price for McNabb is relatively higher than Cutler. {Taking in all the factors..I.E. Age, the strenth of last year's draft (very weak) vs. this year's draft, in whick a high 2nd round pick is = to a low 1st. plus you throw in a conditional pick next year for a beat up, above average 33 year old QB}. The Bears got a young, maturing, athletic, QB and a potential Pro-Bowl return man in Knox who can be a very good slot receiver if used that way. Other than trading McNabb to a divisional foe, I think the Eagles got the better end of the deal. Not only do they have a big, strong armed, young QB, but Philly now has 4 picks in the top 70 and can move in a variety of different ways. Don't be surprised to see them move up in the first if Dez Bryant starts to slip. D. Jackson is a smaller receiver as is J. Maclin and a 6'4" beast like Bryant would fit in nicely.
As for the Sims non move. It is typical Bears under square peg/round hole JA. You have a chance to get a quality (not pro-bowler, but decent), young, athletic, offensive lineman and you balk at a 4th round pick. Why? so you can draft another Melton? With the draft "value" of the lower round picks, you could have done a 5th this year and a conditional 6th or 7th next year. A creative GM would have gotten it done. And that way, you would have had 3-4 solid, young offensive linemen to gel together. Williams, Sims, Beekman, and maybe Omiyale or Louis.
Once again, no problem with cutting Brown (and Tommy Harris for that matter) as long as the money is used to improve the team. I am not so sure about Anderson, but I believe that Izzy could step in, play the run as well as Brown, and give you the 5.5-6.5 sacks a year..but without the "gator chomp."
As I have stated before, You can find a "starter ready" interior lineman in the 3rd or 4th round...if your name is Belichick, or Polian. Not sure JA can do it. I would bring in Hamlin in for a look. He's better than any FS currently on the roster. if you did that, then you could use the 3rd to draft a guard.

achilles, I agree that you would be hard-pressed to find a fan who is missing him. All I've heard is that he wasn't very good or nothing to write home about. I just don't get the deflated enthusiasm about a linemen who was traded for a 5th round pick to the Lions. Let's see how that play out. I don't remember people being bummed out when the Vikes traded for Allen. Was it because we already had Alex Brown and Wale? People are just taking pot shots just to take pot shots.

Sorry Creighton didnt think I was going to bring out the best in ya. I enjoyed your post made me Chuckle:)

No people are not actually taking pot shots, we don't know what really is the situation, but Sims is by far much better than what we have, that is the reason we are so mad, we have NO LOG, Nada, None, Sims would have been a big upgrade. Now we are left not knowing what the future of our Line holds, if we do not get an upgrade, we are looking at the same situation as last year, as our line is the key to our offense - not Cutler/Taylor/Olsen/ or even Marshall if we got him. And we don't see an upgrade, what we see is a 4th could have brought an immediate upgrade but it didn't getrdone for some reason. If we wait till the draft, do we really believe that Jerry will get an immediate upgrade on the Oline? I seriously doubt it. And that is what gearheadboy is saying as well.....Jerry does not have a great drafting history to say the least, So yes, Losing Sims was a big deal, The middle of our Oline is at stake.

Lions just getting stronger.
Lions own the 2nd overall pick in the draft and will pick up a bluechip offensive tackle to go along with this trade.
The lions also own a high 2nd and high 3rd round pick. In all, they have 3 picks before the bears pick their first.
The lowly lions stayed with the bears all the way thru the 3rd quarter in the last game last season...and that was with their backup QB. Expect the Lions will split the season with the bears by winning one of the two games with them.
Add to this...
The bears play 8 games against last seasons playoff contenders and 3 games against 2008 division champs. Futhermore, with Washington picking up McNabb, that game will not be a given either.
Bears will be lucky to win 5 games next season...assurance to trade places with the lions as the worst team in football. Goodbye Lovie, angelo, phillips, and the rest of the ex head coaches....and don't let the door hit you.

Randy, I'm checking around and the majority of Seahawks fans are downing him and saying no-loss on their part. There are other teams who need linemen who also didn't bite on that trade. Everyone is saying scheme this/scheme that. Why give away the goods if he's a solid player? Guys are talking like the season is starting tomorrow and that the roster is a done deal. This team has everyone up the management ladder who knows that it's a put-up or shut-up year. Maybe all those former head coaches on offense are certain that what they already have is better than what he is. Sometimes it isn't just a change of scenery but a change in scheme that brings out the best in players. Ron turner did not act like a guy who was close to being fired. He didn't do anything annovative. He acted like he actually was going to be around in 2010. I don't think that anyone here now is certain they are going to be here in 2011 without winning. No one seemed desperate enough to deal for Sims. You have to give them the beenfit of the doubt for that. If they really felt he was going to beat anyone out they would've given up a 4th, I think. Jerry could've slept in on the 2nd day of the draft too.

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