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Kudos to ... Anonymous?

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All hail. The only noises Anonymous should hear are our knees followed by our palms hitting the floor. He correctly predicted the Bears would select Florida safety Major Wright with the 75th pick in the draft.

But how much love can you give somebody who can't come up with a more creative handle than Anonymous?

Seriously, Anonymous, nicely done. I'm giving you a golf-crowd clap while I type.

The same goes for our very own Mike Mulligan, who nailed it in his column in Friday's edition. "If Florida's Major Wright is there, he'll be the pick," Mulligan wrote.

Nick, by the way, deserves a slap on the back, as well. He doubled his chances by claiming the Bears would either take Wright or Georgia Tech's Morgan Burnett, who went to the Packers at No. 71.

If Wright turns out to be a major bust, feel free to blast these guys!

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ahhh....oh you can bet i wil neal!!! i wi ll blast BOTH OF THOSE LOOSRS! major wright wil turn out to be a major BUST!!!!! hhyu hyu hyu i ams so funny....i now taht ANGELO drafted him ans taht is why he BUST!

but you guysd now me old crap-tonm...just trying ot be posative...

ps i will bet my pink panties taht the besar get a lineman next. tee hee! is i t draFTy or is just me? :)

Don't forget about Mulligan in today's story.

And Wright was the first guy I mentioned in my analysis a few days ago! LOL

Mad love for the prediction. Please predict us wining. Then tell me why we didn't trade Clark to the Ravens get a pick in the 6th and switch to get Burnett?

You guys are sooooo stupid good, your the greatest bunch of morons I have ever been TOLD to post your moronic ---thoughts? alright we will call them `thoughts' for lack of a more rediculed name.

I figure since you posted my hame used by someone else, we will see just how fair you are to everyone.
But then...... we will know either way, wont we?

(note the use of periods)

Didn't Nick have the same picks. They both picked two guys but they picked the exact same two guys. Personally I think Nick gets it, you throw in a ballot with no name and it could be anyone. Nick at least put his name down.

Yep your right Crap-ton I didn't pick Wright. I am to good at making good picks to have choosen him. All my guys where off the board before that.

Seriously Sean? By the way you may want to ask Crap-ton why he wants to see me in Pink Panties. He has been asking for over a year now. Its a little disturbing.

By the way Neil I believe this is what you are looking for, and its just golf clap bud.

Sean the rumor about Haynesworth was on the nfl network. They reported it live. Shanahan also shot it down live in an interview on ESPN and NFL network. I don't know if their is a web link for it.

There is this.

And just for you sense you need a little recognition

Umm I just wanted to say I posted under anonymous. Ummm I want to thank everyone for all the support, it is an honor to have won this recognition. Ummm My family is excited for me and I am just happy to be here today to say thank you. Ummm I couldn't be happier, and will cheerish this "Kudos" for the rest of my lif. Umm I really believed it would happen and was willing to stand up for it. Ummm Thank you, thank you all so much it trully is a blessing to have "Kudos" this night.

Sorry to all, but I am 'Anonymous'. I forgot to enter my name in the first post so I refered to it in my second post. I'm going to press my luck in the next round by picking either Cory Wootton if the Bears go DL, or Mitch Petrus if the Bears go OL. I tried to post this last night but I think it didn't get through, I hope it doesn't show up twice!

Told you so.

Lets see if the Bears go after Geno Atkins or Ricky Sapp in the 4th or 5th. Owusu and Franks are still on the board as well. Could be a WR out their they want too.

Nice call Nick, your on fire, you may even get Petrus in the 5th or 6th. I thought Angel owould have stayed away fro mthe knee injury, and neck injury but what was I thinking? That had Angelo special all over it.

Atkins is now gone, I wonder who is going to backup Harris this year? Gilbert or Melton?

Bears still need corner depth, and a LG, line depth in general is a need.

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