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Is Bulger an option for the Bears?

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The short answer is absolutely.

Bears coach Lovie Smith made clear at the NFL owners meeting last month that he'd be open to adding a veteran quarterback to the roster, along with Jay Cutler and Caleb Hanie.

After being released by the St. Louis Rams, Marc Bulger is looking for a new NFL home. And appealing as it is for him to reunite with Mike Martz, Bulger's first priority is to land somewhere he could get some playing time, even a chance to start.

That obviously wouldn't happen in Chicago.

The Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers could be the more attractive options, according to a league source.

Bulger could compete with Matt Leinart in Arizona to replace Kurt Warner. And Pittsburgh would be appealing because it's home for Bulger, and the Steelers are enduring drama with Ben Roethlisberger.

As for the Rams, they are obviously looking to move on.

By releasing him Monday, the Rams shed $8.5 million in salary and paving the way to use their No. 1 overall pick on Sam Bradford. The Rams also signed veteran A.J. Feeley last month. In a statement released by the team, St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo wished Bulger well in the future.

Monday also happened to be Bulger's 33rd birthday.


Bulger has seen his yards-per-average attempt fall in each of the past six seasons while his completion rate has fallen in five straight, which may have something to do with the Rams inability to protect him.

But his experience playing under Martz would make him a natural fit if he can't find a team that gives him a better chance to compete for a chance to actually take a snap or two.

"It wouldn't be a bad thing if we end up with a veteran," Smith said at the NFL owners meeting on March 24, "and that has nothing to do with Caleb Hanie.

"We think Caleb is a heck of a football player. But, when you do go with two quarterbacks, it is a little scary each week. You never know."

Sometimes a veteran backup can serve as a sounding board for a player such as Cutler.

"Probably more so than any other position, you can have even an older veteran around," he said, "because unless there's an injury, it's not like he's going to be physically beat up every day."

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Rather than Bulger, trade a 4th round pick to the Washington Redskins for Jason Campbell --- Then you get a capable 2nd stringer and a possible QB of the future if Cutler continues to be a head case

Can we get Archuletta too? You can't have enough former Rams or Bucs on your team. What's Trent Greene doing right now, I have to have more Rams.

We need more Pace too, Lovie needs himself some more Pace. By the way, my name is Lovie Creighton Smith. Yes, the Lovie Creighton Smith. And I gotta tell you: fellas.. I have got what appears to be a dynamite former Rams roster.

I need to really explore the old rams roster and find out who is floating around out there. I mean, really.. explore the roster. I'm telling you, fellas -- you're gonna want those Rams.

Now some of you may find me intimidating. But don't forget I put my pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of you. The only difference is, once my pants are on I make solid gold Championships.

I gotta have more Rams!

Someone find me Kevin Carter, I got to have Fletcher too, and for gods sake can someone? Anyone? Find Winstrom?

Think I'm done yet? Well guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more former Rams!

I'm Lovie Creighton Smith, baby! And I gotta have more cowbell, baby! I mean former Rams players, baby!

it would be great since he knows the system but if its true he wants a chance to start then the chi may not be the best place for him..I realy have hope for cutler but think they do need a standbye and hanie just doesnt have my vote of confidence as of yet.. like the campbell idea but think he wants a place to start as well..
lets hope hanie is worth the wait if cutler goes down..

I can see Bulger as an option, but with the cash flow issues we have as well as the need to get a free safety, I think we can pass on a guy who obviously still thinks he has a chance to start in the league.....

Lovie Creighton Smith (LOL) we'll have Joe "Jerry Angelo" Felicelli telling us the entire BEARS draft two weeks before the draft..........

I want what some of you guys are smoking Ari GOLD.......Go BEARS

thanks for the input lovie creighton smith but you're also forgetting current or former bucs too. you should change the team name to city of tampa bay / st loius bears

If David Carr is considered damaged goods, then what would we call Bulger? Horse meat? He has been pounded so badly over the last 4-5 years that he may not even know who he is any more. So yes, he knows the system, but so does JT O'Sullivan, and we shouldn't bring him in either.

If Bulger is ok with never seeing the field, then it might make sense, but that kind of money (at least $2M per for a veteran of his experience and reputation) is tough to swallow for a backup.

I don't know why I have to get dragged into this....Besides, I would never be able to predict the Bears draft, as Angelo follows no convention of earthly wisdom when making his picks. While Al Davis goes for physical freaks who can't play football, Jerry just settles for "can't play football." It's hard to find those guys on scouting sites....

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