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How did Day One impact the Bears and can they move up?

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The Bears positions of need are obvious: safety, offensive line and cornerback.

To that end, the Bears can't be wholly disappointed with how the first round went.

Nine defensive linemen went in the first round and six offensive linemen, four of which were tackles.

Remarkably, only seven quarterbacks, receivers and running backs went in the first round, so you can expect a run of those in the second.

Five cornerbacks were taken in the first but the only surprise may have been Patrick Robinson of Florida State, who, by several accounts, appears as if he were headed to Minnesota early in the second.

The point is, the Bears should have some reasonable options with their first choice. If they really have their eye on a particular player, the Bears have some flexibility to move up by packaging later picks. For instance, giving up their third- and fourth-round picks would get them to about the 29th pick in the second round.

Another interesting option might be to package the picks in the third, fifth and sixth round. That would get to the bottom of the second, where the Super Bowl teams (New Orleans and Indianapolis) might be willing to listen to offers.

The latter option may work so the Bears could -- in an ideal scenario, perhaps -- get a safety at the bottom of the second then get the best-available guard in the fourth. That would leave them with a seventh-rounder.

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I read your blog above a couple of times and it doesn't make sense. #1: A similar trade was made last year between Dallas and Buffalo. The 51st pick was traded for the 75th and 110th. #51 is NOT a late 2nd, but more of a mid second. #2: Your two scenarios are pretty much the same. The 29th pick in the second round is, by the mere fact there are 32 picks in each the first 2 rounds, the bottom of the second round. 29th or 31st/32nd, not much difference there. As I said yesterday, a creative GM {furthest thing from Angelo} can maybe package #75 this year, a 6th or 7th this year and a 4th next year to get it done. And I do agree with you that there is going to be a run on certain positions at the start of the 2nd round. The more picks that are made from positions that aren't of need to the Bear's make for better scenarios in the late 2nd round through their pick at #75.

No hard and fast rule, Gearheadboy.

Just based on long-standing trade charts.

The values depend on numerous factors, including desperation.

Reality is, Bears may have to get creative. I continue to believe Greg Olsen isn't going anywhere.

The most obvious position is linebacker.

Jamar Williams and Nick Roach both signed their tenders, so they can be traded away. The depth was helped when Pisa T. was re-signed to a one-year deal.

Great 1st round for Angelo in that he did not blow yet another 1st round draft pick. I predict similar success in Round 2.

As far as 3rd round through 7th (with Angelo's reasoning in parens), I predict:

3rd Round - DT (can never have too many good ones)
4th Round - RB (best available player)
5th Round - LB (can never have too many)
6th Round - DT (like I said, can never have too many)
7th Round - LB (like I said, can never have too many)

Post draft Angelo comments:

"We feel good with the safeties/linemen/cornerbacks we have now"

"You can never have too many good defensive tackles and linebackers"

"_________ was the best player on our board at the time we made the pick"

Post draft Lovie comments:

"Rex.....sorry, I mean Jay, is our quarterback"

Other than Briggs and Cutler, trade anyone else on the roster. We saw what this particular group of players is capable of and NOBODY is impressed ! Trade Olsen AND Hester if it buys a starting free safety. Or just fire Jerry and let Staley make the picks !

I have been thinking the same Sean, our 2 strong positions are TE/LB. I saw teams draft TE or trade other teams for TE, when we should have been offering Olsen to them, and they went elsewhere. So I am thinking LB is our trade bait as well. I would really hate to lose Roach, so I would rather Williams go but for that reason it will probably be Roach, Briggs isnt getting younger nor is URL/Pisa so to me, we should keep Roach at all costs (well most costs anyway)

If teams arent scared off by Briggs age, I would trade Briggs and keep Roach as he is our future LB stud. And for the same reason teams might be scared off by Briggs we should trade Briggs, we have too many needs and we have young LB that can play if given the chance.

To answer your question, I don't think the first round had much impact on the Bears. Regardless of who took them, and in what order, there were no players taken who figured to still be on the board at pick 75. Gone is gone.

As suggested, it could be a mild case of good news that so many good quarterbacks, RBs and wideouts remain. Those players take up slots from teams that would otherwise be competing for players in the positions the Bears seek.

However that cuts both ways. Wide receiver might not be a priority, but what should the Bears do if a player like Arrelious Benn was still there at 75? Not likely, but it could happen.

I don't like the idea of packaging picks, at least in rounds 3-5, to move up. If they were to put players like Jamar Williams or Roach in the mix OK, but not mid-round picks. There is not that much drop off in talent from picks 50-150. The odds of getting a good player in that range are better with multiple picks than moving up a little for "your" guy.

I would be more likely to trade the 3 for a couple 4s than to try to get up to the second round.

Sean, you need to correct the spelling of your name as it's stamped at the top of each blog. It's coming out "Jensenon":

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With 12 teams still needing DB help I expect a run at that position.

Sean Angelo has stated this year and last that he always looks to get three guys out of the draft who will contiribute. They only have five picks and he will not break that mold. He will also do what he does every year and look D-Line. Pass Rush, Pass Rush, Pass Rush. Even if the Bears do decide to go after safety taking a guy like Robert Johnosn with the 75th more than a reach.

What Value does Williams or Roach have? Williams is like Briggs a system LB and Roach was ok. Niether will play in 3-4 so kiss half the teams in the league goodbye. How many other teams want backup LB help when they have a second round pick to use instead in a very deep draft? The Bears re-signed Pisa for a reason, if Roahc or Williams are so good, why are they brining back an injury prone vet?

You have Olsen who could be of intrest to the Pats, but you will have to give a 3rd or a 4th. But the Pats do not seem intrested in him at all. Olsen was on block and their way not much in the way of teams sniffing around. Your only real value is Cutler, Briggs, Urlacher and Peppers. However, their is one thing they could do, Welker is going to miss the start of the season, and the Pats offense does not use much in the way of routs, its more of the run to this spot offense. They could trade a reciever, maybe Bennett. He would work in the slot for them and can play all three positions. Granted I ddon't know how the Bears would recover from the loss of his Bobby Wade type numbers that he Knox and Hester all shared last year. But I am sure they could find a way. He actually would fit in the slot for the Pats and he and 4th could get the Bears a second.

Shanny just shot down the Haynesworth rumor.

Did Denver go full-retard?

Not only they use a 1st-rounder on Tebow they use an early 2nd on Beadles??? Those are two guys who have 4th-5th round talent at best. Jerry Angelo is even scratching his head!

I cannt believe its finally here nnow will they blow r minds

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