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Hayes's take on 2010 draft

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There isn't a time in my lifetime when I wouldn't have applauded the Bears drafting Dan LeFevour --- until now. The reason is obvious: Jay Cutler. I'm not sure general manager Jerry Angelo made the wisest decision when he made the Central Michigan quarterback his choice in the sixth round, and it has nothing to do with LeFevour's ability.

The Major Wright pick makes sense because he has the potential to become what the Bears so desperately need --- a playmaking free safety. Scouts have called him small and wondered about his athleticism, but scouts pick apart everybody. Wright is a hard-hitting safety in the classic Chicago style who excelled in elite high school and college programs.

"He's one of those collision guys," said Florida assistant defensive coordinator/safeties coach Chuck Heater. "He likes big collisions and that's his mark as a player, being really disruptive. He's had some signature hits, one in almost every game he played for us."

I spent the day learning everything I could about Harris for a feature that will run in Sunday's editions. He's an impressive guy. I don't think he'll have any trouble adjusting to life in the NFL. Cris Carter doesn't think so, either. The former Vikings receiver was an assistant coach when Wright played at St. Thomas Aquinas High-Fort Lauderdale and remains a close family friend.

"I've been around a lot of different kids at a lot of different levels and Major Wright is a special kid," he told me.

Corey Wootton was another solid choice, a value pick with upside. The Northwestern defensive end would've likely been a first-rounder if not for a serious knee injury that limited his effectiveness last season. The knee is healed now, and with Rod Marinelli's help, Wootton has a chance to become everything everybody thought he could be.

It was what the Bears did in rounds five and six that I didn't completely understand.

Kansas State cornerback Joshua Moore performed two reps at 225 pounds at the combine. Really? Sorry, but that's not a red flag, that a flashing red siren. I don't know much about Moore, but that doesn't bode well for his commitment to the weight room.

Then the Bears drafted LeFevour, and things got weird.

I watched the Benet Academy-Lisle product at the Senior Bowl and liked what I saw. He's not always pretty, but darned if he doesn't move his team down the field. He reminds me of Rich Gannon that way. But given the Bears need for players at other positions, this seems like a reckless pick at a time when the team has so much invested in Cutler.

The Bears could use a veteran quarterback, sure, someone to backup Cutler if he gets hurt, but a rookie when youngster Caleb Hanie is already on the roster? Cutler will be 27 next season, which means he should still be playing when LeFevour is eligible to become a free agent. This doesn't seem like a time for Jerry Angelo to hedge his bets.

Again, at any point in the past 40 years I would compliment the Bears for taking a quarterback they feel they can develop. I'm just not sure what the point is now, and I worry about the message it might send to Cutler. Does this mean the Bears lack confidence in Cutler after his interception-prone first season in Chicago? Is he no longer the long-term solution?

Maybe Mike Martz saw something in this kid, something that made him think he could be molded into a top-notch quarterback. I trust Martz, but still ...

The Bears took West Texas A&M tackle J'Marcus Webb in the seventh round. Now that's more like it. At 6-foot-8, 328 pounds, Webb could compete at left guard, where the Bears need someone to compete with Josh Beekman, someone who can add some toughness up front, someone who can help block Detroit's Ndamukong Suh and the Vikings' imposing interior line.

Overall, I give the Bears a 'B-minus' after factoring Cutler into the mix, which is about the best they could expect without a first- and second-round pick. Cutler has to be included in the evaluation because the Bears used this year's first-round draft choice to acquire him. To often, such trades are overlooked when evaluating a draft.

Post-draft grades are useless, of course, and Angelo's recent draft history makes fans want to examine the Bears picks through splayed fingers, so I'll withhold further judgement while scratching my head and wondering whether the Bears could've found a player at position of need rather than drafting LeFevour.

By the way, check out Sunday's Sun-Times for colleague Sean Jensen's take on the Bears' draft.

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Seriously, you're going to complain about the Bears taking a QB in the 6th round? LeFevour could have been picked by another team to contend for a starting job, so I think this is a case of picking one of the best players available on the board. In the 6th round, if you're filling needs, there is something wrong with the way you're going about the draft. No 6th rounder should be chosen to fill a need; they should be picked by talent so that they can be developed into starters, or serviceable back-ups.

Your take on Webb is also pretty childish, seeing as he is an EXTREME developmental product. Everything I've seen about the guy screams "project." Maybe Tice can turn him into some kind of a great blocker, but it will take time.

Back to LeFevour, since when does taking a 6th rounder signal anything to Cutler???? Is it wrong for a team to want a guy to develop as a solid back-up option should Cutler (God forbid) get injured for the season? Again, your argument is childish. Your free agent list in another article is also ridiculous, as they are signing, I believe, none of those guys. Can anybody say....amateur??

"The knee is healed now, and with Rod Marinelli's help, Wootton has a chance to become everything everybody thought he could be."

Ok, most fans get it. So why do the sports writers continue to insist that Marinelli is some kind of wizard that can shake his wand and turn defensive linemen into superstars? It's getting really irritating hearing Marinelli's name whenever some DT or DE on the Bears is mentioned. We saw what him work his "magic" last year and now both our starters at DE last year are gone. Ponder that if you will.

I like the Major Wright pick. He reminds me of Chris Harris but with speed and quickness. I think he's a bit raw and undisciplined but he has some nice intangibles; such as his love of laying guys out or his passion for the game which looks infectious. He could turn into a much needed leader.

Oh and everything T-Mac said.

Oh so T-Mac teams where waiting till the 6th round to draft a QB to compete for a starting job? Sure they where.

Wright, solid pick looks like a better SS than FS but will be fine in the NFL
Grade. C id he is a FS. B- if he is a SS. (Eric Berry is an A)

Corey Wooton is solid pick and great value. I only have one problem with him. Whats he going ot do for the Bears? He's sixth on the depth chart at DE. He is not going ot replace Peppers and the Bears love Anderson and Izzy. Great value and a future LDE, but the needed O-Line help not end help. Wooton will play special teams. Mid rounds are often gem territory for O-Linmen. There was a ton of value on the board and the Bears ignored it.
Grade C. Because they drafted a guy into a crowded position who will only see special teams work if he even dresses do to crowding. I get the pick but really they need O-Line help, this was not a need at all.

Moore. Just an F, I thought the Bears where doing pretty well but when this pick came in my jaw hit the floor. I thought maybe he was a small fast dude but he is not even that. They must have handed in the wrong name. Think about these names Carl Nicks, Jared Gaither, Matt Birk, Jahri Evans, David Diel, Dan Koppen, Jon Goodwin. All 4th to six rounders just on the O-Line.
Grade F

LaFevour, Angelo must be friends with his family or soemthing. Even if you like him what is he going to do for the Bears? He's a three project at best. The pick makes no sense.
Grade F

Webb, better guys where available, he has nice size, but is weak and has slow feet.
I give it a B because at least they drafted line prospect for offense. Granted that waited till it was their dead last pick.

Seriously T-Mac, you didn't find it odd that they take a quarterback when they had so many other needs? You must have been the only one not scratching his head a little bit. LeFevour is going to be a third stringer who will never see the field for years. A 6th round guard could possibly start given the OL talent the Bears currently have. The only way this makes sense is if Martz has no faith in Hanie or Basenez. Also, no GM picks only based on draft grades. It's always a balance between grades and need.

And what's up with calling people names? Hayes didn't even write the free agent article you're talking about, that was Jensen. You sound like you're just in the mood to rag on someone.

Seriously T-Mac, you didn't find it odd that they take a quarterback when they had so many other needs? You must have been the only one not scratching his head a little bit. LeFevour is going to be a third stringer who will never see the field for years. A 6th round guard could possibly start given the OL talent the Bears currently have. The only way this makes sense is if Martz has no faith in Hanie or Basenez. Also, no GM picks only based on draft grades. It's always a balance between grades and need.

And what's up with calling people names? Hayes didn't even write the free agent article you're talking about, that was Jensen. You sound like you're just in the mood to rag on someone.

I thought your comments were all right on. Any other year, I would have said the qb pick in the sixth round was a good investment, but this is a "win now big time or else" type situation for Angelo and Smith. The fact that JA would draft any developmental players at this point is curious. I see a lot of the Bear's fans who are in the know are wondering why he didn't use that pick (or all of his picks) on the best offensive lineman available. Also, it doesn't help that the JA/LS resevoir of credibility has been completely drained dry (see: "Trust me." "Adding Rod is the best free agent pick up of the off season." "Of course lots of people are going to want to come here and be our offensive and defensive co-ordinators. Why would you even ask such a silly question."). And of course, as you pointed out, all of us mature Bear fans are pretty cynical toward anyone that JA would draft after all the many, many, many previous train wrecks. Thanks Neil for your take on the draft.

Moore reminds me of Fred Smoot. He couldn't get past 2 reps either, but he played well and had a good career. Let's just hope that Moore doesn't launch Love Boat II.

I think they really had no choice if they wanted a DB than to take Wright, but why not take Mike Johnson? Could have taken Robert Johnson in the 4th, or Owusu Ansah to be a safety project.

I am with Creighton, the Moore pick was nothing short of horrid. No matter how well this kid covers, he won't be able to tackle DeSean Jackson with that little strength in his upper body. And if he was academically ineligible in 2007, that's another big red flag. The kid from Northwestern would have been better, or any number of tackle or center prospects would have made more sense there. They could have drafted a Punter and I would have liked the pick better. Maybe the kid will surprise me, but it would surprise me more to see him show some dedication. You would think at Kansas State he would be on a strength program.

I am fine with both the Wootton and LeFevour picks, because it was a tremendous value pick at both spots. I think Anderson will back up on the right now, and they will try and put Wootton on the other side of Peppers in rotation with Izzy. Or they could free up Izzy to move back down inside, where he is at his best.

Lefevour is probably more gifted than Hanie, and legitimately should be able to beat him out. We needed a better level of talent on the roster behind Cutler, although I would have rather it was a guy with experience, and we use the pick on another OL. Hanie has a stronger arm, and has some preseason experience, but those are the only advantages I would give to Caleb in comparison.

We all saw that Tice liked this kid when he came in to Halas Hall, so he was either going to take him in the draft, or sign him afterwards, so no surprise there. Another poor strength specimen. Unless he has super long arms, there is no reason for him to be that low on reps. And if they try him at guard, they obviously still can't evaluate OL talent.

Alright...if you really think Hanie is the answer at backup QB, you haven't been watching him any time he gets extended play. Against 3rd string D's, he has been average, at best. I doubt the coaches, after a couple years of watching him play and develop, have much faith in plugging him in should Cutler be out for more than a couple games.

Creighton - LeFevour would have been able to compete on a team with a lesser QB than Cutler (or someone paid not quite as much as Cutler).

All in all, I don't see how this "make or break" season for Angelo/Lovie requires that they pick up an OL every time possible...that would be a pretty ridiculous strategy. Our line is pretty terrible, given last year's performance, so the upgrades are definitely desired, but why is everyone so down on Beekman? Omiyale is the one who was awful last year, while Beekman didn't get the chance to start because of Omiyale's inflated far as I remember, Beekman was far more than just a serviceable guard the season before last.

Give me a break with the "these 4th to 6th round linemen are great" shpiel...the truly great or even very good players found in those rounds are far too rare to just expect to drop into your lap. You make it sound like it's easy to just go get some guy and plug him in and he'll instantly be better.

As for the weak pick at CB, totally agree with everyone, it seems like a waste of a pick when there were other, probably more capable, players available. However, we picked up quite a few priority free agents, and some of them may end up clicking. See below:

Try not to laugh at the honorable mention for Juice Williams at the bottom of the article...

Everyone sees Wooton and there is all this talk of Value and that is very true and I think he could be a starter for the Bears in a year or two. But this is a win now year. Wootton is not what everyone thinks he is. He is not a pass rushing beast or explosive speed guy. He has good speed and is very athletic. He is a future LDE and if where to compare him to someone it would be Justin Tuck but not as good a pass rusher, but as good against the run which Tuck is very solid at. Actually he may be better against the run than Tuck when all is said and done.

The more I think about it the more I like him.

Joshua Moore is the only one that is really making me loose it.

I could care less about LeFevour because he is never going to see the field. I get the pick, but I really wonder if he could not have been gotten a round later.

Angelo drafts a tackle every year in the 7th and every year he goes to the practice squade and never has much to do with the team.

Mostly I am mad at the lack of consideration for the O-Line again. Your not going to have a good O-Line if you don't invest in the line. LG, Future Center, Future RG and a RT are all needs. Excuse me if I doubt Omiyale at RT, but he had never played guard before and was bad, and he has never played RT before. Chris Williams was a Lt that tried playing RT. How did that workout? Tice can be as good as they say but talent is talent and if you don't give him any then you don't have much to work with, and if all your going to do is sign Vets to play the line then you don't need Tice.

I can't think of many Super Bowl teams that didn't invest heavily in the O-Line. Including the Bears in the 80's and more recently Brown, and Tait to go with Olin. When every they invest in the O-Line it pays off and they are winners. They have let the line fall apart sense them and have tried to fix it with 1 first round pick with an injured back, a washed up vet, and a never was experiment, to go along with a aging center and guard. Last I checked there are not a lot of 6 year developmental nfl prospects either. Omiyale will be 28 this year and it gets to a point where either you can play in the NFL or you can't. I am pretty sure that constantly moving him to new positions is not going to make that better.

Two first rounders in 8 years is not good enough. Considering they only have one on the Roster makes it even worse. When was the last time they took an interior lineman in the top 2 rounds of the draft if ever?

By the way just thought I would throw this out there. Chris Villarrial was a 5th round pick and solid player. Mark Bortz was an 8th rounder, Hilgenberg was undrafted, Thayer was a 4th, and Jimbo and Van Horne where first rounders.

Could the Bears at least pretend to try to build a real line? They can be found all over the draft you just need to actually draft them. You can't have them on your team unless you put some effort into it.

As I see it their pre-occupation with using picks for the D Line in earlier rounds always forces them to make better selections for other positions in the later rounds. Problem is, they are like 50-50 in later rounds with the hits only becoming so-so players.

Lets say Wright was a solid pick for FS = great, well done
Lets even give them a pass on the DL with Wotton in the 4th round = OK your done playing games
R5 = CB, R6 = QB, R7 = OT

Sounds like R5 & R6 should have been O line and in R7 you could take the CB from R5 or the QB from R6 but not both. What happened to all the press we got about DJ Moore playing so BIG?

Marinelli & Tice will not be able to make up for bad drafting, period. This BAD DRAFTING problem more than anything else, sums up the deterioration of this team over time.

Neal Hayes,

What are you complaining for? Angelo is just going thru the motions of drafting anyway. Do you really think these players are going to stick around? If we have some real football minds running this club, I would surely be concerned...but that won't happen until the end of next season when the bozos all get fired.
Don't believe me? Check this link out. Historical draft picks for the bears since 1936. But you can just start looking since angelo started drafting and please tell me where these late picks are today? In fact..why don't you tell me what happened to all of the early picks while you are at it...

This is a bad draft analysis. Wright is the need pick and Wooten was a great value pick based on his potential (if healthy, he could start opposite Peppers). Moore may have a poor bench press, but that is something that is easily corrected. However, he has very good man coverage skills and that is something that is missing in the Bears secondary. LeFevour and Webb were good late round picks because they were the best value for the Bears in those rounds. Forget needs in the late rounds. Starters or even good backups are rarely found in the late rounds, so why limit yourself to your team's needs? LeFevour has a much better resume than the current Bear's QB backups and with very little cost. Webb is just an athletic beast but raw, however, he will not play guard in the NFL.

T-Mac must be Angelo's brother-in-law or something.I agree with Neil here, as do most of the bloggers. Bears needed a safety and picked Wright, fine with that. 4th round, DE Wootten; is he going to be better than A.B this year ? Probably not, but I understand the pick.5th rd, a WEAK undersized CB ? I thought we drafted D.J.Moore at that position. Should have gone O-line with this pick. 6th rd, a QB ? WTF !! The reason we has no 1st rd. pick is because we spent it on a QB !! There's a REASON the Patriots didn't draft Jimmy Claussen, THEY ALREADY GOT A FRICKKEN QB !! Pay attention Jerry. 7th rd. FINALLY, we address the O-line with a project, but better late than never I guess. Draft grade=C-

If you wanted a 6th Rd. guard that could compete for a spot, the Bears already have that guy (Lance Louis, remember him....) to compete for playing time. It's a 6th Rd pick, come one.... lighten up!!!! If you wanted competition at G, then the 6th Rd is not the place for it! How much competition did Louis provide last summer and fall??? Think about it... you take what you feel is the best available prospect talent wise at that point.... if you draft a G, you could be reaching way to much at that point of the draft for a G..... we will find out down the road.....


Great article, but I would have given the Bear's a D. Under normal circumstances, you are correct, you can't really grade a draft until 2-3 years down the line. But with the Bear's being so limited in draft picks and the glaring need for offensive line help, you can't give this draft anything better than a D. True, you have to factor in the trade of Cutler, which I still think was a good trade, but you also have to factor in the trade of a mid-hi second for a bust DE that probably would have garnered a 6th in any other circumstance. Like it was said above, in the 5th round there were some good offensive linemen on the board, but since there was a run on DB's, it's almost like Angelo got excited and had a "knee jerk" reaction and picked one. I had no idea this guy did 2 reps @225. Wow,that's embarrassing. Years ago I saw a lady do 225 at Powerhouse Gym in Schaumburg. Never thought to ask her if she knew what cover 2 was.
To say that LeFavour is a "value" pick in the 6th round for the Bear's is like saying a vegetarian got value on pork chops because they were half priced. Value is only relative to the needs of the team that drafts him.
Angelo drafted as though it was the Bear's and not the Saints that walked off the field in February holding the Lombardi trophy. I would expect a 12-4/13-3 team with all or nearly all of it's draft choices to make the moves the Bear's did. I even have concern with the Wooten pick with regard to that word "value." Let's say Wooten's knee is fine, and he turns out to be a training camp gem. Pre-season he's a stud. Game one against the Lions, Wooten goes around the tackle, sacks Stafford, strips the ball and the Bear's get it on offense. First play, Cutler play fakes to Taylor, drops back in one of Martz's 7 step drops and Frank Omiyale, who the Bear's have inserted at RT, does an "el matador" on his guy and Cutler is hit and injures his: knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow {you pick one.} What's the value in the Wooten pick then, when you could have had an OL pick that could have serviced you better? Yeah, I know, worst case scenario and "if's and but's" and all of that. But it has been said many times since the Martz hiring that his drops could get Cutler killed. I like Wooten too, don't get me wrong. But it's a move that a much more successful GM makes. Not one that is fighting for his job. well, looks like the Charleston, WV weathermen have a similar success ratio to Angelo. No rain as predicted, plenty of sun. Time to cut grass. Good day all.

I couldn't agree with you any more T-mac. If my memory serves me right, NE had positional needs as well as a franchise QB when they picked a QB in the 6th round from Michigan.

Some of these people are acting like we picked a QB with a 3rd round pick. It's a developmental QB in the 6th round. I'd take a 2nd round graded QB in the 6th round every other year. If he develops and Cutler stays healthy you get to trade them for some value (think Matt Hasselbeck). If they bust you are out a 6th rounder.

Besides are we really that cynical and negative as Bears fans to spend our time ripping a franchise for their 6th round pick.

All the talk about the Martz offense requiring time for Cutler and we miss the boat on O Line? Disappointing. Major Wright appears to be a great pick.

To heck with best value we need O line.

The only thing I will say about the QB is this is the worst QB class in a long time.

Here is a really good scouting report on Wootton.

I don't really care about the QB in the 6th but the 5th should have been O-Line. Joshua Moore???

As for Major Wright, I like the pick I just don;t like where the Bears want to play him. Angelo said back in 2003 they had 4 LB's targeted in the third and they came up with Briggs after all the guys they had rated above him got drafted.

First off having to go back to 2003 to find a comparison in the 3rd round is bad enough. Second Angelo has a history of finding solid LB's. 3rd he has no history of finding good Safeties for this system. Chris Harris is one example I can think of, in fact Major Wright and Harris are really really similar. Harris is a SS. Big hitter, great against the run, limited in coverage. If the ystart bouncing Wright around which they have a history of doing at that position, then you may as well just set him up to fail.

Every year Angelo says he goes into the draft and they are always on the lookout for a pass rusher. Which I have zero problem with. But you know what would be really nice? If every year he went into the draft not only looking for a guy who can rush the pass, but how about a guy who block pass rushers, rather than saving your 7th rounder to take a tackle every year.

By the way guys is you are going to say the Bears can't find a O-Line prospect in the later rounds, then don't turn around and say a 6th round QB is the next Brady. If you can find a Brady you can find an Ogden. In fact the history of the draft suggest you can find really good linemen easier than really good QB's.

I love it LaFlavor of the week has yet to step on a football field and he is already, Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck, and Rich Gannon. Anyone else we should compare him to? How about Kurt Warner, Bart Star, Johnny Unitas, and Roger Staubach. They were all late draft picks and undrafted FA's. So sense the Bears drafted a guy late at the position he must be as good as these guys.

Maybe he will be good but can we at least hold off on the Brady and Gannon comparisons at this point. Although I get the Gannon one, but Brady? Not built alike and a totally differnt style of play.

LeFevour seems more like a run action QB than a pure pocket passer. But doesn't have the arm for it. He is a Pennington with inflated MAC numbers. He used to be a good runner till he got hurt.

Every scouting report says the same thing about him.

I am going to say this is a big reason the Bears selected LeFevour.

"The Bears are quite familiar with LeFevour. His offensive coordinator at Central Michigan was former Bears quality control coach Mike Bajakian." He worked for Lovie under Shea.

To add to Creighton's last post, I wouldn't draft any position in the first two rounds except offensive and defensive linemen and QBs, unless there was a superstar like Walter Payton available, or unless I had such quality and depth at those positions that I didn't need any of that. But none of this was the situation for the Bears in this or recent drafts. They just have idiotic fantasies of taking good athletes and making them into good football players, which doesn't often happen. Taking Cedric Benson instead of a left tackle was a perfect example of the foolishness and idiocy of the Bears' front office when it comes to drafting.

There's something else that no one is mentioning, I thought at least Creighton would bring it up: the Bears desperately need defensive tackles, which is a more important position than defensive end. Tommie Harris hasn't been any good for three years, and it's ridiculous to assume that he's going to get back to his old form this upcoming season. (Great if he does, but that should be considered a bonus, not an expectation.) And while Anthony Adams has been respectable at nose tackle, he's a very good backup on a championship team, not good enough to start on one. If this position doesn't improve dramatically, it won't matter what Peppers, Marinelli, or anyone else on defense does, the defense will still be lousy.

Another great draft by Angelo.

We picked a free safety that didn't have hardly any interceptions (which is what a free safety is supposed to do)

We picked a defendive end with hardly any sacks (which is what a DE is supposed to do), and we already emptied the bank for a defensive end. And we had a decent one that we released - what a joke

We drafted a quarterback.....uh, Jerry....we already have one....maybe he forgot

We go one OL and signed one OL as a free agent....way to fix the problem Jerry

We picked a CB that had two reps....uh, you think he may have a problem jamming receivers off the line?

Cutler is going to be running for his life all next year - and for the rest of his Bears career, until Lovie and Angelo are fired, which apparently isn't going to happen any time soon.

My preseason prediction of 7-9 might be a tad optomistic....

I cannot understand why everyone is hating on the LeFevour pick so much??

Creighton, who was on the board in the 6th round for the O-Line that could make an impact or even play? Nobody.
He was the best player on the board and a good value. You never know what could happen and I love the pick. What if something happens to Jay Cutler? What if throws even MORE interceptions this year? Then our only option would be an undrafted Free Agent in Caleb Hanie. I like the pick, the kid could be good.

Corey Wooton was an even better pick. Although, i view him as sort of similar to Alex Brown. I think Wooton could play and have an impact this year. We have Julius Peppers and Mark Anderson. Anderson is a big question mark, and our other DE's are Idonije and Henry Melton.....exactly. Wooton could end up being a great pick.

Major Wright can play Free Safety. Speed is not the only thing that matters. Danieal Manning is the fastest DB on our team and he was horrible at FS. Major Wright is faster than Mike Brown, or equal to him at least (during his prime). He is smart, has good instincts and is a great leader. I think he will make a GREAT FS for this defense.

Overall I liked the draft, but we DEFINITELY need some help on the O-Line. But i do not think we should draft O-Line just to draft them when there was not much talent there. OL will probably be our first pick next season. Adding some bum late in the draft won't help much.

Our next step is to add Alen Faneca. He is NOT over the hill. Last season was not his best, but he will bounce back. He has not been injured like Pace. Pace was bad cause he is not the same player physically. Faneca is.

Faneca would shore up our OLine (if you dont like Omiyale, Shaeffer would be good for a season) and then next year we can add 2 more offensive lineman with high draft picks. GO BEARS!!!

Anyone who doesn't think Faneca is over the hill knows little of interior offensive line play. This guy is going to be 34 during the season and would be little more than a stop gap. He has stayed relatively healthy over the years, but his body has taken a beating. As for players on the board who would have been a better team "value" for the Bears than LeFevour. Eric Olsen of ND would have been a good pick. You could have had him compete at guard for a year and then move into the center position. Eventually the over-rated Olin is going to have to be replaced. And right now that seems to be Beekman. Moving him from OG to C isn't going to improve his blocking. Then there was Tony Washington, OT from Abilene Christian. Has some off the field issues, but physically is a beast. Iowa OL, Kyle Calloway was a solid prospect in college. And keep in mind, the draft was deep at several positions other than QB due to the influx of Juniors decaring for the draft. So players found in the 5th-7th rounds this year might not necessarily be "stiffs."
It wasn't surprising that Angelo didn't make a move with regard to DT. Tommy Harris showed a few flashes of his former self last year and Angelo is going to give his draft picks Harrison and Gilbert every opportunity to be in the tackle rotation. And with the addition of Wooten you may see Izzy moved back inside again.
Why is it that for some reason everyone wants to think the Bears are set at WR? In one year we have gone from a group of shorter unproven young guys to a position that didn't need any help. Hmmm, let's see, you have a fairly decent possession receiver in Bennett. He doesn't really scare anyone. Let's hold off on the pro bowl assumptions for Knox. Fine, he can run a "9" route. But he plays shorter than 6' and doesn't like to run over the middle. {See 1st GB, SF, and Atlanta games.} Hester is what he is. The ruined shell of probably the greatest return man the NFL has seen since Sayers. And yes, I am high on DA, but let's see it for a whole season. Instead of the "knee jerk" pick of the DB in the 5th round, how about either Riley Cooper or David Gettis? Two bigger receivers that run sub 4.5 40's with decent hands.

maybe lefevour does a little wildcat or we use him like the steelers used slash stewart?

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