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Harris thinks Idonije is sharp and versatile

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Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris had a funny line when asked about Israel Idonije transitioning to full-time defensive end.

"Remember when you were a boy scout," Harris asked me.

(Actually, I do!)

"He's like a Swiss Army knife," Harris said of Idonije. "He can be whatever you want him to be, and he does great at it.

"That guy can do whatever he puts his mind to."

Meanwhile, Harris has been doing his part to help humanity.

He went on a two-week mission trip to Uganda with players from his alma mater, Oklahoma. He was joined by Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Baltimore Ravens receiver Mark Clayton as part of a group called Pros for Africa, which included Sooner alums who are work in a range of occupations, including medicine.

The primary goal was to build water wells.

"I been so many times, and I remember what it was like for my first time," Harris said. "So to see Adrian's face, and Mark's face, to see the shock of how different it is from where we live...

"The highlight was seeing the smile on the kids' faces," Harris said. "We brought filter straws, that the kids can drink (water) anywhere. They went crazy over them straws."

Harris also attended two events over two days in Minneapolis to benefit Carol Fitzgerald, the late mother of Arizona Cardinals All-Pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald who died of breast cancer in 2003. Then, on Monday night, Harris attended a fundraiser hosted by his Bears teammate Lance Briggs.

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I just hope that Tommie isn't spending more time on the banquet circuit than in the weight room. he is healthy in an offseason for the first time in 3 years. He had better come into camp in top shape, and ready to go.

If we start getting word that he is "resting" for 3 days of the week in camp like he did in 2009, we are in serious trouble. And he should be too.

Tommie Harris has had some very serious leg injuries and also seems to have an attitude problem, though I can't get a handle on what's going on in his head. I wouldn't count on him for anything. I HOPE he plays well for the first time in years, but counting on him to do that is foolish. And counting on it due to the final games last season is foolish, too. I've seen players and teams play very well at the end of seasons, just to revert back to their usual form when the following season arrives.

All I can say is, surprise me Tommie, show that I'm wrong.

Joe I totally agree. For a TOP NFL player, the resting part comes in the off season (healing).The Best NFL players don't have an off season when it comes to work outs. But linemen seem to only want to bulk up.
I know a lot of Bears Fans actually hope the Bears don't make the playoffs again just to get rid of Lovie. Stop the hating We want a winning season every year BEAR DOWN !!

Let's be optimistic and believe Peppers about the Bears having a chance to be the best defense in the NFL, with Harris and Julius sacking quarterbacks all over the place, while Williams comes into his own opening holes, and Cutler has forever to throw passes to wide open recerivers because of top caliber pass protection. Optimism doesn't cost a penny, so why despair before the season even starts? Depression and pessimism are totally overrated and too often falsely labeled realism.

Really great that Tommie is doing that, I mean that really is cool, I would love to do that.
I would think right now though, he would be in the weight room, any one that has lifted, knows it's an addiction, you can't stop when your on it, so maybe he goes to Gyms when he's away...hope so. Dang, I would think he would be focused and on one trip and one trip only right now.

I remember when Tiki Barber got hot and was cranking, he said how he had started a different work out, extremely rigorous training.
I remember the Hill as well.
Think Tommie is that dedicated? Now with a leg injury maybe that is different, and he cant work out that long during the year and is saving it till before TC, But either way it has to hurt his production.
Maybe his leg is so bad, it has to be rested like this :?(
Tommie was one of the most dominant DLinemen ever, so I hope he shows us all something this year, he's a good man and he had it.
I remember the Colts had a Top Dlineman a few years back, and he hurt his knee and it was all over, he kept trying to play though.
Its all speculation at this point, but we will know this year if he will ever play great again.

Sorry, can't resist this one....

If Idonije is a Swiss Army Knife, does that make Tommie a SPORK? Not really useful, but somewhat of a novelty....

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