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Come and get it! 2010 schedule

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Here is the 2010 Bears schedule and a quick comment about each game. Thoughts?

Date Opponent Neil Hayes' comment
Sept. 12: Lions Loss in opener will have buzzards circling

Sept. 19: at Cowboys Big Week 2 showdown key early test

Sept. 27: Packers First Monday Night appearance of season

Oct. 3: at Giants Second straight prime-time apperance

Oct. 10: at Panthers Homecoming for free-agent prize Peppers

Oct. 17: Seahawks Pete Carroll hopes it's like playing ND

Oct. 24: Redskins McNabb comes home in new uniform

Oct. 31: bye A midseason break for tricks, treats

Nov. 7: at Bills Game to be played in Toronto

Nov. 14: Vikings Will Brett Favre be back?

Nov. 18: at Dolphins Thursday night makes for tough turnaround

Nov. 28: Eagles Fourth straight year vs. Bears

Dec. 5: at Lions Detroit could be much improved

Dec. 12: Patriots Will Brady vs. Cutler be mismatch?

Dec. 20: at Vikings Monday Night showdown could be huge

Dec. 26: Jets Rex Ryan's team should be AFC contender

Jan. 2: at Packers Could division title boil down to finale?

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Tough Schedule, I wouldn't be surprised if Detroit upsets the Bears in a game. Playing in Toronto against the Bills, not sure which sucks more? Seahawks have no shot. The only way the Eagles will be decent is if they find a QB. I think the Pats are in decline and having problems filling voids no matter how many picks they have. The Jets O-Line will shut down the Bears D-Line without even trying. The Dolphins game is gonna be tough, and the Sunday night game against NY who will probably improve this year is comming on 6 days and a time change. Lots of high profile games the East is loaded as usual and if the Carolina line is healthy Peppers isn't doing jack against them.

Someone needs to explain to me how the Saints schedule is a total of 16 games under 500 and the Pats have a cake walk and teams like the Bears, Titans, and Browns get hammered. At least Primetime this year is loaded with what should be great games.

Preseason Prediction

Sept. 12: Lions (W)
Sept. 19: at Cowboys (L)
Sept. 27: Packers (L)
Oct. 3: at Giants (L)
Oct. 10: at Panthers(W)
Oct. 17: Seahawks(W)
Oct. 24: Redskins(W)
Oct. 31: bye (Tie)
Nov. 7: at Bills(W)
Nov. 14: Vikings (L)
Nov. 18: at Dolphins(W)
Nov. 28: Eagles (L)
Dec. 5: at Lions(W)
Dec. 12: Patriots (L)
Dec. 20: at Vikings (L)
Dec. 26: Jets (L)
Jan. 2: at Packers (L)

Adds up to 7-9 (again) if we are lucky.....just like last year, the second half is brutal. Small, fast, underacheiving players like the ones that Angelo drafts and Lovie "coaches" don't hold up well to the rigors of the current NFL.

We can only hope that they are both fired after 2010.....

ahhh....i now the seeson hasnt started but i lokks to me like teh bears will be LOOSERS yet again. oh yea ans im callng it now they will LOOSE to the lions. so why even watch???? i told you guys whats going to happen allredy.

oh wells go bears!! oh wait i dont say taht i never say that....who won the superbowel again??? o hyeah GO SAINTS!!! WOOH!!

but you gus nowe me old crap-ton just trying to be posatibvr...

ps WHO DAT!? GEAUX SAINTS!! benn a fan all my life sense the yare true winners ;)

I hope we lose to the Lions both times, as well as the rest of the division rivals. The Seahawks, Redskins, and Bills will also hopefully anhialate us. I know I'm evil, I'm a bad guy, but deep within I am huge fan and I hope for the best for the TEAM and us, the fans.

Hey everybody there's a bright side...we can see Cowboys stadium up close and personal. Since we don't have a true stadium lets make the best of it shall we!I have a feeling the Cowboys will run the ball.

Don't see the Bears getting more than 6 wins. Too bad. Sadly, I think we could win more but I think the coaching and schemes (or lack thereof) will get in the way.

Oh, I'm so excited!! 16-0 + Super Bowl here we come!! 22 Pro Bowlers. Look out '72 Dolphins! Our D-line will really be pumping, especially if we get Dusty back (total beast!--when he's not in a wheelchair). Everybody, get your Bumstead on!!

Bears going 7-9. It's unreal that the Packers have an EASIER schedule after making the playoffs. Typical CRAP.

Last I heard, you need an offense in order to win a football game in the NFL. Dumbest wideout corps in the NFL. After three weeks of watching Jay Cutler throw to where the WRs should be but will not, we should all meet up for a hot stove draft.

John F. has it about right 7 wins maybe 8, Lovie still gets FIRED!!!

It's not what teams did last year that matters. This team needs to win 10 games to have a shot at playoffs for 2010, injuries play a key part in how well teams play in a given season. The BEARS can't be looking for excuses, they must find a way to get it done or else.....

I just hope they get it right on the o-line if so and Cutler cuts down on his redzone blunders we can get it done...Our defense will be improved, but a playmaker in the secondary could put them in the top 10, if they come up with one in the that bothers me the most is the Skins with McNabb coming home again, that game will tell us exactly which direcion this team is going in....Go BEARS 2010 p[ayoffs or bust for Lovie and Angelo

Bears go 6-10.

But the bright side of my crystal ball?
1. Lovie gets fired
2. Angelo gets fired.
3. Favre gets alzheimer's
4. Aaron Rodgers gets a Staph Aureus in his left knee and has to retire
5. Cowher becomes head coach
6. Leslie Fraser the D-coordinator
7. John Gruden the O-coordinator
8. Mike Holmgren hates Clevland, and becomes Da Bears GM

**But the 2011 season will locked out anyways, and since players pee their money away so quickly, they have to settle with the owner's for crap money in 2012.

Yea...2012, that's what I'm waitin for.

Wow, the moderators around here sure are awfully touchy for journalists. It took me 4 posts to get one rejected ... AWESOME!

I'll save the full rebuttal for my blog but ...

Dear Neil,

If you think Week 2 is an early "key test" ... away ... against a NON-DIVISION opponent ... then you are what we refer to as NFL-stupid. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give you ... a shiny balloon to go with your shiny white helmet!

Why would anyone reject my posts? They are sheer GENIUS! Well at least I think so.

Neil, I am so smart that if you have a different opinion than mine you are stupid. I know what you're thinking; that that type of thinking is typical of a 4 year old. Well all I can say is that I want my wowwypop!!!

//Shiny white helmet! Haha! That always gets me laughs! Well, at least I laugh at it! Ha ha yeah go Clown go!
//Say, maybe everyone was happier when I was gone?

Yeah I am with Coach, rejections are way up for some of us. You can say Crap-Ton, but not id+the last three letters of riot. This blog seems to be run by a mom who is putting training wheels on her 35 year old sons moutain bike and dressing him in full pads and helmet while only letting him ride in the driveway. No offense Tripper, the rest of us don't actually go mountain biking like that.

Maybe the name should be changed from Inside the Bears, to Sesame Street. You realize it is a football blog right? When you are in the locker room after games do you just stick your fingers in your ears and pretend the players are talking about taking tea in the garden?

Blaxico you forgot the O-Line, if you think about the system the Bears are using now on offense, these teams and coaches come to mind. Air Coryell, the basis for the modern offense in the NFL. Bill Walsh modified it and created the WCO. Joe Gibbs, took Air Coryell and added a power running game, small quick recievers and 2 TE sets(This would also probably be the best version for the current Bears roster). Norv Turner and the 90's cowboys, and of course the Greatest show on Turf Rams. All those teams had a higher level of talent, but the one thing that stands out that they all had in common was thier O-Lines. They all had very good to legendary offensive lines. Martz is a disiple of Turner and Zampese. I don't think he has the talent or skill on his line to be a full blown Martz style offense, he doesn't the back (Faulk, Smith, Tomlinson) and he doesn't have the recievers(Holt, Rice, Bruce, Irvin, Monk, Clark). None of it matter without the O-Line though. The Cowboys, Skins, and 9ers had some of the best lines in NFL history while using some form of the Coryell offense. Turner who mentored Martz had 5 Pro Bowlers on those Cowboys lines and who doesn't remember the Hogs? At worst Martz had one of the best tackles in the modern era of football and 3 to 4 very solid players on the rams. The Bears don't even have an anchor on the line. Maybe Williams will be good but he will never be Pace in his prime and Sorry if I hold onto my doubts about Omiyale at RT. They don't even have a starting LG, and Olin and Garza have seen better days.

Hey at least we have the draft, while the Bears don;t get to pick we can see how some teams within the division improve and get younger. Plus just two weeks after Angelo said he was happy at safety he is now saying they need help at Safety. Poor Jerry, I wonder who is pulling his strings this week? You know I think he would actually be happier if he left the McCaskey family.

Yeah take that Coach, and I didn't write that, and I am not Brando. Just a fan of the genius he is. He is the best and you are not and everyone was happy while you where gone thats why when you came back only like 12-15 people welcomed you back. I can get at least that many to welcome me back, I have a list of like 20 names I post under so their. I am the most popular blogger ever. Just ask me. Well most popular after the King of the Blog, Brando. I am like the Prince of the blog. So in your face, hahahahahahaha. BURN!!! Even that clever fox PackerBacker respects me. Tell him everyone. Show him I am the king, I mean Prince.

Gosh Coach, why would you ever leave this place? It must be so nice to know Brando, excuse me "Tripper" is still around and as clever as ever. Da Cult of the Clown, its a classic, sort of. I think the board loon missed you. He seems very excited and worked up this week, I think he is happy you have come home, well his home anyway.

Neil I get it if want the board run a little tighter and you would like to avaoid flame wars and be more football oriented. I would prefer that myself. But if your going to edit out me calling someone an idiot who is acting like an idiot or posting stuff like the Cult or the clown or Crap-Ton. Then your going to get posts your not going to be happy with. Where I come from you, you poke the bear, you get bit. You let people attack people they are probably going to defend themselves. Currently you have posters attacking posters, pretending to be posters they are not, and doing goofy stuff. Its up to you. But if guys keep getting over edited then the Sun-Times may loose some readers. While it may not be a lot of readers, the last I checked the Times could use all the readers it could get.

For once I agree with Neil, week 2 is an early conference test. And, if by chance, the Bears come out and beat the snot out of the Lions in week one, then the focus is going to be on that game against the Cowboys, which I would assume would be a FOX nationally televised game. But, unfortunately, that is called being between a rock and a hard place. If you happen to go to Dallas and win {very unlikely, but like it was said above, injuries can happen} then you set yourself up for a major let down against your most hated rival the next week on MNF. If you look past the Cowboys to the Packers, you might get blown out of the stadium in back to back weeks. As for the Pats, You can get younger very fast with 4 picks in the top 53. especially in this deep draft with Belichick doing the drafting.
The list of reasons why Angelo should be fired is long, but somewhere on there should be listed. "4 straight years without an OL pick in the top 4 rounds." How that is coming back to haunt this team. I think that with time, Williams could be better than Orlando Pace. #1:, he's got to stay healthy. #2: Protect Cutler for 7-8 years, and #3: Establish himself as a good/great run blocker. Pace, even in his glory years was maybe a 5 or 6 {on a scale from 1-10} as a run blocker. I agree on Omiyale. He couldn't maul a window dummy. He looks ok coming out on a 245# linebacker, but a guy like Jenkins, or even Suh next year with the lions would make him look silly at guard.
It is a stretch considering who's doing the drafting, but if the Bears could come out of this draft with 2 solid interior linemen who could push for starting positions, it would be a success. Leave Shaffer out at the RT position where he looked more than serviceable late last year. It wouldn't bother me, if the Bear's cut Frank O in camp.
Taking a closer look at the schedule, it's not only the above .500 opponents, but also how the schedule is pieced together. I mentioned the potential early schedule disaster, but after the bye, they go to Canada, come home for a tough game against the Vikings, then off to Miami for a 4 day turn around. As much as I would like to see JA and Lovie get canned, you still want your team to go 16-0. With that said, the best you could hope for would be an 8-8 year.

Sept. 12: Lions (W)
Sept. 19: at Cowboys (W)
Sept. 27: Packers (W)
Oct. 3: at Giants (W)
Oct. 10: at Panthers(W)
Oct. 17: Seahawks(W)
Oct. 24: Redskins(W)
Oct. 31: bye (Tie)
Nov. 7: at Bills(W)
Nov. 14: Vikings (L)
Nov. 18: at Dolphins(W)
Nov. 28: Eagles (W)
Dec. 5: at Lions(W)
Dec. 12: Patriots (L)
Dec. 20: at Vikings (L)
Dec. 26: Jets (L)

I see the bears turning this season me crazy, however, Lovie still gets fired! There are serious X factors that no one is counting on for this season...

1) A WR based offense.
2) Teams won't know what to expect...Turners OFF was, 'Go ahead Ron, beat us with the pass'.
3) Peppers defensive play.
4) Taylor's play out of the backfield.
5) Tice working with O-line.
6) The Draft...who knows what could happen???

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