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Brown signs with defending Super Bowl champs

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Alex Brown didn't need long to find a new home.

He signed a two-year contract with the New Orleans Saints, according to a league source, confirming a story first reported by ESPN.

Brown, who had six sacks in each of his last two seasons, was released by the Bears last week.

The Saints were the first team Brown visited.

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I'm glad he found a new home so quickly. His new team has the right approach to winning because their head coach is committed to it. Sean has turned that team around and he'll reap the rewards from doing it. In all, I'd say he came out far ahead of what he left behind-it's a more complete team. They actually draft people for their own position and then get someone else for another position. We could learn something from that.

Well good for him.

Now he has a chance to get a superbowl ring. He would never have this chance with the Bears even with a long career.
So the Saints continue to get better and the Bears continue to reach for the door mat. I believe that the Bears will reach their doormat status this year as they exchange places with the Lions.
4 and 12 is my prediction. 8 games against last years playoff teams. 3 games against 2008 division champs. The Washington game became a question mark when they acquired McNabb. Lions will improve enough with the draft and free agency to beat the bears at least once.
Wait a minute...that makes it a 3 and 13 season. Well...who's counting.

Oh yeah...
Offense has to not only take on the Martz offense, they have to learn and be good with it before september 1st, the beginning of the season. Now let me count the ways that this won't happen.
One player doesn't make a defense. The bears will continue to play the cover-none defense. That is the only defense that Lovie knows and/or will play. Opposing offenses will put 2 on Peppers. Tommy Harris will be nowhere to be found. Oh yeah...the bears gave away Alex Brown and expect to have enough dept to not feel it. That's a laugh. Oh...and I forgot...we have an 0 and 16 coach that was the savior of our defensive line (at least that is what he was advertised as) but saved nothing. For that, he got promoted to DC (most likely because no one in the league or college leagues or high school leagues...of peewee leagues...or mickey mouse leagues would take the job). Why does any fan believe that we can even have a chance to improve on defense? Peppers won't make the difference and the Bears still haven't found the premier safety that is required (along with a great pass rush on both sides) to make Lovie's defense work.

I love posts like the rambling, moronic, dribble above. You wonder if the person has ever touched a football, let alone know anything about the game. This incredibly inane love for Alex Brown in absurd at best. Let him take his 5.5-6.5 sacks and "gator chop" to NO. As I have posted before; based on his college career, he was an under achiever with the Bear's. Sometimes I think that part of the Bear's management complacency is due to the fact that part of the fan base falls in love with mediocrity and management plays off of that. Seriously, how much of a drop off will there be with Izzy, Anderson, or Gilbert? My guess is none.
And oh, yeah, let's look at the Lions dip into free agency vs. the Bears. Kyle Vandenbosch, Nate Burleson, and Sims for the Lions. Peppers, Taylor, Manumaleuna, and Jennings for the Bear's. Yeah, that's a tough one. And once again, as I have said many times, don't count out the Atogwe situation just yet. The Rams really don't want to give him the big contract. Yeah, I know, they said they wanted him back, but the Rams are about ready to plunge into the 50 mil. guaranteed side of the pool. Yes, I wanted Sims here and think the Bear's blew that one. But if they can somehow land Atogwe and then use the 75th pick on a quality OG (and you can find "starter ready" guards in the 3rd and 4th rounds) the the offseason will have been very productive.
Jerry Angelo has drafted over-rated, hurt, and obscure defensive linemen for the better part of 7 years and people want to take pot shots at Rod Marinelli. Ever heard of Warren Sapp? Simeon Rice? They swear by RM. When he was the Bucks DL coach they lead the league in sacks for his 6 year tenure. It's like handing Da Vinci crayons and poster board and complaining when he's done because he hadn't duplicated "The Last Supper." Do I want to see him as defensive coordinator? no, not really, but who was going to take that job with the threat of a 1 year move hanging over their head?
I'll take the 3-13 bet. Any day you want. Stick to posting in the Lifestyles section. Leave the football alone.

Let's review this, shall we?

"A source said his [Alex Brown] agent approached the team a little more than a month ago about a contract extension. The Bears immediately shot down the request."

April 1 - Bears Offically Release Brown
"Brown, 30, had two years left on his existing contract and was due to collect $10.5 million in those final two seasons."

April 7 - Brown Signs With Saints
"Saints agreed to terms with DE Alex Brown on a two-year contract worth roughly $6 million."

Everyone get this straight, so Alex Brown could have stayed with the Bears after he restructured his contract from $5.25 million to $3 million for two-years. A large pay cut to say the least. So why not? Smells like the stink of the McCaskeys and once again, terrible management.

Congratulations Alex, your in a much better position now than you were 2 weeks ago.Good Head coach who actually knows what he's doing, a defensive coordinator good enough to actually BEAT the Colts in the Super Bowl, and a city that actually LOVES what their NFL franchise is doing. Unlike Chicago, where poor drafting has left the team with little talent, a head coach who is stuck on a philosophy that EVERY offensive coordinator knows how to beat, and a city who has NO faith in coaching OR management.


Stop berating others here. It is YOU who don't know what you're talking about. Anyone can read and quote statistics, that doesn't necessarily tell you whether a player is good or bad, especially at positions like defensive line that don't lend themselves to statistical analysis. If you actually watched the games and had a clue, you would have clearly seen that Alex Brown is an above average end. He is very good against the run and gets a lot of passes batted down and QB hits, though he'll never get a ton of sacks. And he didn't make the Pro Bowl a couple of times by accident.

But all this aside, he is also a very high character guy who's a team leader. These intangibles cannot be underestimated. Championship teams are built with players like Brown, and the Bears are going to be very sorry they let him go. Stupid, cheapskate move and they're going to pay for it.

Oh, and by the way: I played a lot of football.

Ron, you have to understand that he wanted an extension on his current contract not a restructuring. That's exactly what Urlacher did. He didn't take any money off the table for the two years. He wanted a third year at less money. Let him go where his value isn't that great. Instead of 10 million for 2 he gets 6 for two. Bless him and let him go. Gearheadboy I agree with you 100 percent. Just as much as I have to disagree with mrmick. I will start with GHB: I always said that my fellow Chicagoans love the lunch pail guys because they remind them of theirselves. They fit in and shine every now and then. Every talented player we've ever had on any sports team has been beyond lunchpail. They have been true stars. Walter, Michael, Ryne, Iron Mike and Butkus were stars. They weren't lunch pails. A guy who is a LPs fills up rosters all over the place. The stars work hard but no matter how hard the LPs work they can never be as good as the stars. That's the appeal. LPs can sit in a bar with you and you can buy him a beer and small talk without anyone bothering you two. The stars can't go to a bar and belly-up because he would be surrounded and can't enjoy the 30 beers every one would buy him. mrmick their fans in Nawlins aren't any more fanatical as Chicago fans. The Saints are the only game in town. They don't have divided loyalties like our 5 pro sports teams have. As bad as fans treated them in the playoffs in 2006 I wouldn't be surprised of they put a voodoo curse on the Bears. So break out your billy goats and black cats and whatever karma you guys feel and bring it to the Saints fans and lift that curse. I'm joking of course but the logic is along the lines of my fellow Chicagoans. These same fans who pine for Ron Rivera should feel slighted at what you said about having a defensive coordinator who could beat a team in the Super bowl. All I can say is compare Rex and all those other QBs and then that's the end of the story for having a chance at winning a Super bowl as if that didn't matter.


What stats am I posting that you don't agree with? And I was responding to another post. Also, everything I say is pretty accurate as well. I didn't see you refuting anything I said. When the Bears go to training camp, and they haven't brought in a safety, then you can maybe call it a cheapskate move. I wouldn't mind seeing T. Harris and Olin gone too. As long as the money is being used to bring in more talent. But as I said before, based on his career at UF, Brown was an under-achiever. Yay, he "barely" missed the pro-bowl. O.K. forget the "popularity" contest known as the Pro Bowl. How many All-Pro selections did he make? None. Decent player..yeah. Replaceable at a less expensive pricetag? Without a doubt. And the cheapskate comment was ignorant in it's own part. The Bear's spend upwards of 50 million guaranteed without blinking an eye and you've got the nerve to call them cheap. Trimming "fat" salaries is what every team does to be fiscally responsible.
As for the Bear's, I will put my "pedigree" as a fan up against you or anyone else for that matter. I have not missed a Bear's game since 1976. I have either been to, watched on T.V., or listened to on the radio {They used to not sell out before the Thursday deadline many years ago.} EVERY Bear's game since that time. Pre, regular, and post season. I have bypassed weddings, funerals, {the people are dead, they wouldn't know or care} and other functions to not miss a game. I was a season ticket holder for years in section 135 starting in 1985. My kids are named after Bear's and I played and coached ball for years. And even though I no longer live in the area, I still make it to 1-2 home games a year, buying tickets off the street before game time. And in the last couple of years, have been to Atlanta, Carolina, and Cincy for Bear road games.
So, keep playing that Madden and look for me at radio functions. I am not hard to find. Meantime, enjoy the posts. I do.


Boy, you really don't even come close to getting it. I don't care how much you've played, watched, or coached; people who really know their game in any sport do not rely on -- or even make much use of -- stats. That was one of my points, not whether your stats are accurate. If you know and understand the game, you WATCH it and get your information from doing that. Statistics can be useful for certain discreet things, but they don't tell you anywhere near as much as what you actually see. And what anyone could clearly see is that beside Peppers, Brown was the Bears' best end. They are a worse team without him, and if you try to argue that it will just show that you have no idea what you are talking about.

And there's something else you clearly don't get: championship teams are not made of superstars, they're made of guys like Thomas Jones and Alex Brown, with a few superstars thrown in. The mental part of the game is huge at the NFL level, and high character guys like Brown provide exactly what's needed to win.

As to being cheap, there is no excuse for cutting a player in an uncapped year in a big market city like Chicago. It is not fiscal responsibility, it's being cheap, pure & simple. The Bears make plenty of profit and should be willing to spend whatever they need in order to win. (Ownership and management is so incompetent it probably wouldn't matter how much they spend, but that's another issue.)

The real issue is not that the Bears released Brown. Every successful team releases solid players if they don't think the production matches the salary - how many good players have the Steelers released or chosen not to resign over the past 10-12 years? The real issue is that no one trusts Jerry Angelos to make the correct decisions and/or have legitimate replacements for Brown.

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