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Brown lines up two visits, first one Tuesday with Saints

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Former Bears defensive end Alex Brown will visit with the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints on Tuesday, according to a league source.

Several teams have expressed interest in Brown, who was released by the Bears last week. Brown also has a visit set up for Thursday.

An interesting possibility is the Carolina Panthers, a team looking to add depth after Julius Peppers signed with the Bears at the start of unrestricted free agency.

Brown had six sacks in each of his last two seasons with the Bears. But he was set to make $5 million in 2010. The Bears tried to trade him before releasing him late last week.

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Angelo is a knucklehead, bears just dont seem to get it, tommie harris is still around??? Alex was much more productive at least this will be Lovies last year and he can take all his loser buddies with him!

The other team is? Are we to assume it is the Panthers? Hmmm....


Was that an effort to trade Brown by the Bears? You could have fooled me, they just cut one of the few players that had any trade value and a player that still could have helped the team this year if he was kept.

Lets not forget that Peppers can play both left and right defensive end.

I wish some of the press would quit kissing the ring of the Bears heirarchy and start calling it like it is, this was clearly a bone head move by three bone heads. The three stooges many thought had passed away years ago but they still live in Chicago,Larry is Angelo, Curly is Lovie and Phillips is Moe and we are the fools that watch them and laugh at their antics.

Alex will have the last laugh.
Leaving the worst team in football and joining the best team in football with a chance for a superbowl ring.
The other team will be the Green Bay packers...but think the Saints will sign him in a hurry.

Teams reported to be intrested in Brown are: The Bucs, Lions, Titans, Panthers, and Saints. But the Bucs, Saints and Panthers are suppose to be the main teams. I hope he lands with the Saints, then he can call Lovie and Angelo and remind them what its actually like in playoffs. He can also ask them how it feels to be cut.

Dahli I actually don't blame the Bears for not trading Brown right away. I do blame them for choosing the time right before the draft during one of the FA dead periods to try and do it. Most teams won't make a trade at this point, not to mention draft pick value is at its peak just before the draft and teams tend to hold on to them. What shocks me is they cut him this quickly, he isn't do a bonus till June unless they let him workout. If the plan is to win this year, why not pay him a bonus he actually earned unlike Harris and let him compete against Anderson for a job at end. How exactly would that hurt the Bears? The other thing is right out of the box with the Brown move everyone knew if they didn't trade him right away the Bears would cut him. Basically they killed any chance of getting a draft pick for him from the get go by letting everyone know they would cut him.

What would really be a kick in the crotch would be if Alex gets signed to play LE, and plays better than he did on the right. My thinking is he is more like a left end than a right end, since he is not an especially dynamic pass rusher, and holds up well at the point. Also, considering his ability to clog the passing lanes with his meat-hook hands, he might have even more success on the strong side of the offense. If he manages 6 sacks from the left, then the Bears screwed up big time. If he doesn't, they may have still screwed up, but not nearly as badly.


Exactly my sentiment, they could have waited until June then cut him if no trade was workable,, at least tried to make something happen with him or they could have kept him for a year (sign a deal which we all know is not guaranteed) and worse case scenario put Peppers on the left side.

Maybe Brown would have made a good left defensive end as Joe stated, who knows? The Bears got nothing for Alex Brown which plain and simple is poor management by the BEARS.

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