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Bears take S Major Wright from Florida

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The Bears targeted four players with their third round pick (75th overall), and they landed one of them, general manager Jerry Angelo said.

The last one.

The others were off the board. But, the Bears were quite satisfied to get Wright, who will be penciled in as a free safety.

Does he want to be the starter?

"With me, I'm looking to come in and work my butt off for the coaches," Wright said in a conference call. "Wherever they need me at, I'm going to go out and play."

Asked if Wright could start, Angelo said, "No, it's not beyond the realm.

"But, I think it's easier said than done. Even though he has the athletic traits, there's a lot that goes with the position."

Smith has said Danieal Manning will be atop the depth chart at strong safety, but he declined to say who would be at free safety when asked tonight.

You hate to talk about rookies being one of the starters right away. But when you pick a player, he's our first draft pick. We're expecting big things from him.

"Right now, we're not penciling anyone in as a starter," he said. "We don't talk about starters at this time of year."

Smith said they targeted Wright, who ran a 4.48 in the 40-yard dash. Wright left with one year of eligibility remaining with the Gators.

He did win a national championship while there.

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OJ Atogwe will be starting at FS for the Bears. Remember if Lovie and Angelo don't win then they're out.

Yep.... Jerry was hoping that Wright was on the board when the Bears picked and he got his wish.

Of course Jerry also ignored the fact that Chad Jones was also on the board when the Bears picked and he is a better player than Wright but Jerry got his man!
This is the way Jerry drafts every year.
Make a list of players you like in the order that you want them, draft them if they are on the board and if they are not then just go right to the next player on the wish list.
Just pass right by anyone else no matter what and stick to that list Jerry.

Here is how Fox Sports analyzed the Giants drafting Chad Jones right after the Bears took Major Wright....

"The Giants took Jones one pick after Chicago took Major Wright, and while Jones doesn't have the same athleticism, he might be the better football player"

Major Wright Prospect Rank: 136 Drafted 75th.
Chad Jones Prospect Rank: 59 Drafted 76th.

Nice job Jerry.
Just another great job all around.
What "gem" will you turn up in the 4th round?

I think Wright is ok, but I think in the nfl FS is the wrong position for him. I think he is a SS in the NFL. Either way he is still better at either position than what they have but won't be able to maximize his ability at FS in this league.

He is a big hitter, really good against the run, average and inconsistant in pass protection, not fluid enough in the hips for a zone, and shouldn't be left on an island at any time. Smart, good character, not a bad pick but he won't excell at FS with the Bears. He's a lot like Mike Brown in a lot of respects. Brown was a better SS but had to play FS because they didn't have anyone better and he kept getting hurt in the later part of his career, which tends to happen to smaller big hitters. He is faster than Brown though, but not as consistant in coverage, they say he struggles against quicker recievers in the slot and athletic TE's.

He is the smae mold Angelo usually looks for just a little better than what he already has. I think they should let him try SS, putting him at FS and then jumping him around later never helps a player.

The Bears always take the Better athlete over the better football player. The player has more upside if you can develop him, but more often than not it doesn't work that way. Boom or bust theory.

Here is another take on Wright including the Bears picking him and a brief comment about him before the draft from College Football

"Chicago simply can’t draft, and fortunately, it gave away its top picks to an even dumber team, Denver, to get Jay Cutler. Safety is a desperate, DESPERATE need, and while Wright might not be the best football player around, he’s an instant impact player because of his athleticism.

A big-time recruit even among Florida’s high standards, he was a tough all-around defender who played at a high level for his entire career. While he’s not all that big, he’s a great hitter who doesn’t have any problems throwing his body around. The 4.48 he tore off at the Combine showed off his range, but he’s not smooth and he’s not a phenomenal athlete for his size. With his style, he might have a short shelf life and might always get banged up, and it would be a big help if he didn’t always go for the kill shot and was able to simply make the routine stop. Some will see him as a possible Bob Sanders type and will overdraft him, but that’s a huge reach for a good but limited player.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round "

So who were the other 3 I wonder? Beadles, Burnett, and Murphy? Probably could consider Myron Lewis as another option.

Seems pretty sad to me that a guy who is another tweener safety, not great on the ball, but pretty good in the box and tackling, is the pick yet again. Sooner or later, we need to get someone who is really capable of covering. A guy like Berry, THomas, Burnett, or Allen. That is what we need, and continually what JA fails to get...

Jerry had better be on his game the rest of the way. Lots of holes, and not a lot of picks.

Major Wright wasn't a bad pick, the guy has 4.4 speed and was a 3 year starter at Florida. Wright has nice range for coverage over the deep half, an area Chicago needed help in especially from their safety position. I read where one NFL scout liked his physicality, and Wright has been characterized as one of the teams (Florida's) most physical and toughest pound for pound players, you gotta like that. I also like the fact he's an explosive presence in the middle that can make the intimidating pop. Wright had 4 ints in 2008 and 3 in 2009 to go along with 4 forced fumbles in his career. He should help at free safety.

In the 4th round I'd still like a guard. I was hoping Alabama guard Mike Johnson would slip but the Falcons snatched him up at the end of round three, and Illinois guard Jon Asamoah and big John Perry of Ol Miss are also gone. Theres one left I like although, and thats Mitch Petrus of Arkansas, the 6-3 315lb guard could add the muscle inside that Chicago lacks, he looked strong at the senior bowl, getting a lot of push inside at the all-star game, so maybe big Mitch? The team could also add Notre Dame's Eric Olsen maybe in the 5th. Olsen has nice size at 6-4 310lbs and can play guard or center. Olsen would help inside especially in pass protection, an area the team has has trouble in. Olsen only allowed 1 sack in the last 450 pass attempts for the fighting Irish, he'd be another good one to bring in. None of these guys will help this year although, I think 2nd year player Lance Louis will get the first crack at the left guard position in the end. He could surprise, he made the team as a 7th rounder beating out veteran Dan Buenning last summer, and the team lined him up at left guard with the second team during the pre-season, he'll probably be the guy, should be interesting either way GO BEARS!!

I agree with Flager - Atogwe will be starting FS for Bears. I wanted Beadles but I believe Wright is a good pick here. Like his speed and toughness. Go Bears!!!!!

Ooops forgot to put my name on Anonymous. Joe I don't think it was Beadles, I think they where all DB's. Its really not a bad pick, they either get decent FS which is an upgrade or a good SS. Word is they are going defense again today. Your not going to get a great safety in the 3rd round, but he is not the end of days. Like I said before he is still better than what they have. As for Campbell I can understand them passing on him like everyone else, major character and injury concers. The interior line players are also not very good thie year so if they passed on them they passed on them. Good luck to the new kid, he seems like a worker. He's a hitter and we will se some big plays out of him. My only worry is he tends to give up the big play and is not a coverage guy. But for a third round pick, he is decent.

Lets see if the Bears go after a DT or end. Althouhg those positions has been really picked over.

I'm OK with it. We are talking third round here so all the Ed Reed's are off the board. He hits hard, is fast, smart, has decent size, and has a good resume. If you are going to play free safety for da Bears, you need to be a bit of a head hunter. That's just the way it is.

Angelo probably reached a little. You almost had to expect that unless the stars really aligned. They desperately need improvement in their recovery speed in the middle. This kid gives them that.

From NFL Draft Scout: "Wright, a second or third-round option, is projected to become an NFL strong safety because he doesn't backpedal smoothly, and doesn't transition clearly out of his breaks. At Florida he generally played in deep coverage and the level of defensive talent the Gators had masked his deficiencies. That means Wright is best fitted as an in-the-box zone defender."

So the Bears who have been without a FS for years draft another SS ... AWESOME!

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