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Bears sign 12 rookie free agents

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Here is the official list:


Freddie Barnes WR Bowling Green

Homewood-Flossmoor product led nation in TDs (19) and catches (155)

Cornelius Brown CB UTEP

3-year starter was MVP of Texas vs. the Nation all-star game

Levi Horn T Montana

At 6-6, 320, has ideal size and excels in run-blocking

Greg Mathews WR Michigan

Game-winning catch against ND highlight of disappointing senior season

Matt Mayberry** LB Indiana

Hinsdale South product had 108 tackles, 5.5 sacks, three picks

Brandon Minor RB Michigan

Physical runner could be effective in short yardage

Antonio Robinson WR Nicholls State

Averaged 21.5 yards per catch in two season at Nicholls

Jimmy Saddler-McQueen DT Texas A&M Kingsville

Nagging injuries limited effectiveness as senior

Quentin Scott S Northern Iowa

Great size (6-4) and speed (4.43 40-yard dash)

Barry Turner DE Nebraska

16 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks during senior year

Tim Walter C Colorado State

One sack allowed in more than 300 passing plays

Lawrence Wilson DE Ohio State

Played high school basketball with LeBron James

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Freddie Barnes:6ft 215lbs: Caught 155 passes,1770yards 19 Tds.Speed is the question mark.Marty Booker type.

Greg Mathews:6ft 205lbs: Marcus Monk anyone?

Antonio Robinson:6ft 196lbs: 4.5 runner.Hurt his leg at pro day workouts. 20 catches 509 yards 6 TDs.

The one that catches my eye is Freddie Barnes. This guy has great hand, eye, body and feet control. Good first step and the ability to shake off defenders when in press coverage.
Barnes never did take the 40 yard dash so dont really know how slow he is but when this guy has the pads on he is a real football player. This is not a track star but a football smart WR that may make it in the NFL. Lets see if he can make it with the Bears.

still no OG!!!!!!! hope they sign a FA OG

Freddie Barnes could be a real steal here.

I like Matt Mayberry the linebacker out of Indiana, he's pretty good in coverage and is around the ball a lot. He'll be a good one to develope at middle linebacker.

Brandon Minor the runner out of Michigan might be another solid prospect, not a gamebreaker but is strong between the tackles. He could stick as the #3 back especially if he shows more burst through the hole than 2nd year back Kahlil Bell this pre-season. Minor could be one of the free agent rookies to keep an eye on this summer.

I see the Bears didn't sign one guard prospect. That tells me a couple things, the Bears are gonna either go after Alan Faneca, or they really like 2nd year players Lance Louis and John Asiata. I think they like Lance Louis last years 7th rounder out of San Diego st. I also think they like what they saw out of him last summer, he beat out veteran Dan Buenning for a roster spot as a 7th rounder, and thats saying something. Chicago must of seen something in Louis to keep him on the roster and not just shelve him on the practice squad for a season to develop like most 7th rounders. Louis is an intriguing prospect because of his athleticism alone. He ran a 4.8 40, and had a 30-inch vertical jump at 6-3 303lbs. And has strength to boot, he put up 30 reps on the bench. Louis was only 303lbs last year, but after a year in an NFL gym, I'm sure he's bulked up a little more. I think Louis is gonna be another one to watch this summer GO BEARS!!

I like these picks and bet at least two of them will be around at the end of this season. I also think that Horn will get quite a bit of playing time and compete well against all comers.He will prove to be a real monster and a big help to the o-line in general.

Don't you think that with the change in scheme, and the eerily similar characteristics they show, that Louis will be the next Manumaleuna? From what I remember, he was a TE for a while in college, and fits what Martz wants in his guys, where he blocks first, and occasionally catches a pass from the 2 yard line. I would not be surprised if that is the case.

I think we might go after Faneca, but we might also wait on someone to drop one of the guards we were interested in, like Smiley, Sims, or Trevor Canfield (both Sims and Canfield were claimed by the Lions, but they also drafted 2 OL I think).

I am interested in Tim Walter, who might be a good developmental prospect, or at least better than Raiola.

I love the Barnes signing. I really hope he makes it on the roster.

Ditto for Scott. I like him a lot better than most of the safeties we currently have.

I'm stunned at the lack of guard prospects. I like the idea of Lance Louis, but we haven't seen anything on the field to show that he might be our left or right guard(hell, weren't they talking about him being a tackle not that long ago?)

OL should have been a biggest priority this offseason(at least we had guys who could somewhat play on DL and Safety) and like last year with reciever(and OL) we didn't address it. What the crap?

12 players and only 2 even show up on the draft prospects list. The other 10 must have come from a secret list that nobody knows know...the list of players that don't have a prayer of a chance...the ones from the bottom of the barrel.
I guess the Bears needed bodies for pre-season practice. You would think if they still needed help on the O-line that they would have targeted players on the NFL draft prospects list that wouldn't get drafted long before the end of the draft so they could be ready to phone them....especially the positions of need.
Apparently...they don't need another lineman. They must think that the O-line has no problems to be concerned suspected by fans for many years....the bozos in charge are a bunch of complete nincompoops.

Looking at the FA's that the Bears are going with, as many as 3 of them could wind up on the roster. Barnes and Horn are in the position to make the cut simply out of need. Mayberry could have value on special teams out of the gate, but last year's injury plague showed the team you can't carry enough athletic LB's on your roster. Brown and Robinson will have quite an uphill climb, needing to take a job from someone either drafted or already under contract. Overall, I think Angelo did a good job with these post-draft FA signings, along with drafting by talent (as opposed to being a slave to need). This team got a boost, which is what a draft is for. Dan LeFevour and Corey Wootton were very intelligent (and talented) gambles that could play out huge for the team 2-3 years down the line.

The FAs sound more promising than the draft picks.

Hmmm, maybe the Bears could be on to something: trade all draft picks for players and build through free agency.

What! It makes more sense than thinking everyone they get from Vanderbilt's horrible program is "the answer."

I kind of hope that Mayberry makes the roster. I think he and Shaw would be a great 1-2 punch for special teams. I am also a fan of Malast, who I think long term can be a backup to Briggs, or eventual replacement 3 years from now. Tinoisamoa is no more than a 1 year stopgap, and we probably will not resign Roach AND Williams, but we will get one of them. Shaw is proving his worth as an NFL special teamer, and Mayberry seems like the same kind of high motor, high energy kid that can be a force on special teams. So I think the loser of the SLB competition needs to be released or traded, and Jamar Williams should also be released. If you don't think he can replace Briggs in this defense (as evidenced by resigning Briggs when he could have left as a FA), then why not let a younger player take a shot. Mayberry, Shaw, and Malast is not going to scare anybody this year, but could be a solid depth chart with some game experience on special teams, and some work in the film room.

In a crazy way, it may be good news that there are not many o-line guys as UFAs.

Remember, they may be longshots, but a lot of these undrafted players have a choice. Several teams call and maybe their agent shops them. Then they huddle up and decide which team gives them the best offer and best chance to make the roster. For this reason, I'm not sure if I'd rather go undrafted than be picked at the end of the seventh round. If you're drafted, there aren't many choices.

Based on the panic attacks I'm reading in this blog, you would think the UFA O-line guys would be flocking to the Bears, but they are not. What's that tell you?

Mike Tice is one of the best offensive line coaches in the league and I have to believe he has seen something in Louis and or Asiata that he likes. Faneca would be a nice pickup. I think the Bears liked what they saw of the offensive line in the second game against the Vikings last year. The line played much better in the last couple of games after Williams was moved to left tackle.

i think the bears got pretty good value for their picks.i like wright and wootten will pay dividends in a couple of years

Well, I was close on Williams. he is being traded for Harris, so that's even better that we get something for him.

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