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Bears officially hire Ruskell

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It's finally official: the Bears have finally hired Tim Ruskell.

The team announced in a press release that Ruskell has been hired as the team's new director of player personnel, reuniting him with Bears general manager Jerry Angelo.

The two worked together for 14 years in Tampa, where they helped return the Buccaneers to relevance and drafted players who were key to the franchise winning Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders in January 2003.

"First and foremost, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization, both in personnel and how things are done at every level," Angelo told the team's website. ""He's experienced everything.

"He's been in three different organizations and had success in all of them. I think he's going to be a real good addition. We worked together for 14 years, and I think the commonality that we share in terms of how to build a football team will bode well not only for me but for the organization."

Ruskell spent the last five seasons as president of football operations and general manager of the Seattle Seahawks. But, in December, he resigned from the position. John Schneider, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, was hired as the Seahawks general manager in January.

In his five seasons, the Seahawks won the NFC West three times, and they advanced to Super Bowl XL, before losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before Seattle, Ruskell worked in Atlanta under former Bucs general manager Rich McKay. In 2004, when he was the team's assistant general manager, the Falcons advanced to the NFC championship game.

Ruskell started his scouting career in the CFL in 1983, with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, then he headed to the USFL for two seasons before joining the Bucs as a regional scout.

In 1992, he was promoted to college scouting director then replaced Angelo in 2001 as director of player personnel.

UPDATE: Lovie Smith comments on Ruskell.

"When guys come in, of course, it's about them blending in with what we want to do," Smith said. "Tim, of course, is comfortable with that. He'll be a great addition to our staff and I'm looking forward to working with him."

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Bobby DePaul was better than Angelo and Ruskell put together. Not that that is saying anything.

Maybe Ruskell can drive down the Bears like he did for the Seahawks. LOL

Dang,I wish I knew Lovie or Angelo,I am sure I would have a job,and it would not matter how I did my job,just look at all the $hit that Lovie and Jerry brought in,OLD FRIENDS of theirs,and they sucked $hit,Halas must be rolling over in his grave,Lovie would be nothing but a BallBoy if Halas was still here,and Angelo would be mopping the floor.

Sometimes change is good, but Ruskell comes with some baggage. I guess it is smart for Angelo to bring in his old buddy from the Bucs, maybe he did so thinking Ruskell would put in a good word for him when the time comes for Lovie and Angelo to pack their bags and not let the door hit them in the (butt)!

I have to say that Angelo has done a better job since he had a fire lit under his (butt) and the sense of urgency from both Lovie and Angelo has been evident.

Now lets see how Lovie gets it done on the field. There are no more excuses for either he or Angelo. A 10-6 record this year they stay since they should make the playoffs, however if they blow it in the playoffs with stupidity, one or both will be gone.

Angelo is blessed.

He stunk it up in Seattle so why is this good news?
It is not.
The Seahawks got old and bad under his watch and this is just another case of the Bears bringing in yet another one of Jerry's Tampa pals.
This has never been about building a competitive football team and it is all about putting friends and fishing buddies on the payroll.

How long do we have to watch this crap?

foR some ODd reason this seeMs fAmiliaR IN somE reaLLy Insane way

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