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Bears haven't hired Ruskell --- yet

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The Bears have not yet hired Tim Ruskell, according to a team spokesperson.

The former Seahawks general manager is close to Bears general manager Jerry Angelo and it has long been rumored that he will eventually replace ousted senior director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul, which is why a report that cited an NFL source and claimed that Ruskell had joined the front office did not seem far-fetched.

The Bears deny it, however, although at this point when Ruskell joins the front office may be a formality. We've been told that it will most likely happen after the draft, which seems to make sense. But you never know.

Stay tuned.

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This guy sounds like a complete tool. Look at what he did with the Seahawks....Nothing! Why don't we ever go for proven individuals rather than hiring a bunch of losers? Hire people from teams that have produced, rather than hire people from the bottom barrel teams. Seahawks suck!


So Jerry is working on establishing his legacy as a GM this season, and will hang it up for Ruskell after next season perhaps? Despite all of his questionable draft picks, he will have accomplished the following in 24 months:
--Solidifed the QB position with the trade for Cutler--first time since Luckman
--Brought in one of the premier DEs in the game today
--Assembled a coaching staff that includes 3 former head coaches

If he does his job between now and April 25th, he will be able to add these to the list:
--stabilized the free safety position
--completed overhaul of offensive line for next 5-7 years.

Sure, it's all delusional, but with the right spin, Jerry can believe that he was a fantastic executive that never got the credit he deserved. And then the Tim Ruskell era will officially begin, another thundering mediocrity of management...

The Lions just acquired Rob Sims for a 5th round pick. This goes to illustrate how smart (or not!) Ruskell is.
One wonders if Jerry and Lovie are giving out some prime jobs while they still have the authority - sort of like building up a "good buddy" payback thing when they both get fired in Chicago.

Agreed!! This seems more like The "If Lovie and Jerry worked with them or brushed up against them in Tampa Bay...lets hire them" Show. These guys are so predictable, and they try so hard to act like they are ahead of, press ect. Doug and O.B have said it many times. Anyway, who hired Pep Hamilton?

Joe I am not so sure I would go bragging about all the head coaches on the Bears staff at this point. To many chiefs can be a problem sometimes. By the way its 4 head coaches, don't forget hot Rod although I am sure he wishes everyone would forget about that.

He Brought in Peppers true. However he is paying him more than any defensive player in football and he is not the best defensive player in football. A top ten 4-3 end? Yes, but he is also 30 and has already entered the downside of his career. He is a top 25 defensive player but not the best. Then you have Cutler a great move, at least I see it that way but not cheap, and the truth is while he got Cutler he set him up for failure with his choice of Coordinator, QB Coach, Offensive line and general lack of weapons on offense.

About Ruskell, Hub has been reporting a rumor for awhile know that Ruskell has been working for the Bears off the Books. I don't know if its true, but it sounds possible.

The Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc. is the biggest Mom & Pop Shop I've ever seen. Guess us fans just have to take it in the shorts and be very patient. Hey, didn't I hear something about Virginia McCaskey considering relinquishing control to either a son or the Aon Corp.?

I don't count Lovie as a former head coach....yet. I was counting Martz, Marinelli, and Tice.

I agree with everything you are saying, just trying to see it from Angelo's point of view. He really believes he has done a good job with this franchise. Compared to prior regimes, maybe he has, but not when you compare him to other franchises in the league.

The only credit Jerry deserves is finally realizing his desperation, forcing his hand to go get Cutler, Peppers, Taylor, Martz, Marinelli, and hopefully Atogwe...And he may have been told directly that he either wins or goes home after this season.

Joe I will give Angelo this, he seems to be trying. But to be honest its not all him. He didn't want Martz, Lovie wanted Martz. I liked the Tice hire until they hired Martz, cause their styles don't really mix. Not to mention who hires a line coach before a coordinator? I like the FA moves except for no move on Atogwe and I just don't get the Alex Brown cut. I don't think Angelo wanted to cut Brown, I think Lovie did, he seems to think Anderson is the next Little.

Its not that Angelo doesn't try its that the Bears organization as a whole is so sloppy about everything they do. Angelo has one major flaw that he never seems to address. He never has a plan B unless something falls in his lap. He didn't do all this wheeling and dealing to get Cutler. Angelo wanted a new QB and then Cutler and McNugget butted heads and Denver put him on the block. Angelo just offered the most to get him. Thats not hard to do, same with Peppers. He didn't make a brilliant trade for the guy, he offered the most money to get him. That doesn't make you a good GM. Learn how to draft, learn how to control your head coach, make smart FA moves, know when to cut guys and know when to keep guys. Its like when the obvious is slapping him in the face he goes the opposite direction. He can't build through the draft, he fires the wrong people and hires the wrong people and his coach is now puching him around. He will never be a good GM, you can try and by a super bowl all you want, but I would rather be hitting in the draft and so would Angelo. Both Angelo and Lovie suffer from the same problem, they are both trying to create a team that no longer exists. Instead of creating a team they are trying to copy another team.

By the way I though yuo where just talking about how many head coaches where on this team. It should be fun to watch the clash of the Titans this year. Release the Tice!

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