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Bears catch the "Fevour"

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The quarterback position wasn't a glaring offensive need like, say, offensive line. But, the Bears obviously couldn't pass up a chance to take a quarterback they liked -- one with local ties.

Dan LeFevour starred at Central Michigan, breaking numerous national records in 51 starts, but he played his prep football at Benet Academy near his hometown of Downers Grove.

LeFevour was projected as a potential second-round pick, but he dropped to the Bears in the sixth round.

"This is a process you can't control," LeFevour said, noting how badly quarterbacks want control. "It's a little bit aggravating at times. But you have to realize it's all going to work out."

Still, LeFevour said it's a "dream come true" to play for the Bears.

"I've been watching the Bears for quite a few years," he said.

His favorite player was the late Walter Payton, even though the legendary running back retired before LeFevour was born. Still, he thought enough of the Bears great to hang his jersey in his room.

LeFevour is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. While he didn't play at a major school, the MAC is a respected conference, producing players like Ben Roethlisberger and Chad Pennington, and he was effective as a passer and runner, piling up 15,853 total yards.

He runs a very respectable 4.6 in the 40-yard dash, and ESPN analyst Mel Kiper said he's got a stronger arm than Pennington.

It will be interesting to see what the Bears do with their depth chart.

Lovie Smith said at the NFL owners meeting he was open to adding a veteran, highlighting how that player might be a nice sounding board for starter Jay Cutler.

But, Cutler is now backed by Caleb Hanie, Brett Basanez and now LeFevour.

Since they invested one of their few draft picks in LeFevour, the Bears certainly are going to give him time to develop. And if he shows anything in the pre-season, the Bears likely will not be able to slide him onto the practice squad, especially since he was projected to go higher in the draft.

That means Hanie and Basanez may be battling for the final spot.

Smith has said several times that the club likes Hanie, but he hasn't given any indication about how he -- or anyone else -- feels about Basanez.

The x-factor, of course, is if the Bears were to add a veteran like Marc Bulger.

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Didn't see that coming. Another value pick. Give Angelo a little credit because, except for Wright, there isn't much "right now" in this draft. These are long term developmental picks. It's all been good value prospects for the mid to late rounds.

LeFevour makes some sense. Hanie is approaching the point where he is almost ready for a second contract. The Bears either have a valuable commodity that is ready to compete somewhere for a starting job, or it's time to move on. They need to give Hanie plenty of showcase time in the preseason to find out which. If he is capable of playing QB in the NFL they don't need a veteran. Hanie can be the backup to Cutler and then go on the trading block next year. If it works, they need another prospect like LeFevour to start over again.

That is good thinking, but not thinking like a one and done GM and coach.

Yes this is what they need a long term developmental backup QB. Moore is a joke as a DB, small, slow and weak. Both of these picks should have been offensive line. You get great value in the middle and late rounds when it comes to linemen. Lots of times you get starters, LaFevour has not chance of starting, he can't run, he can't throw, and he has no chance of starting behimd Cutler. They have no use for him other than the practice squad. Then you have their last pick Webb. A low footed 6'7 328 pound tackle who couldn't handle it at Texas and left fot JUCO. He is also weak in his legs and upper body, he benched 225 17 times.

The first two picks at least have talent. But the last three not only lack talent they are long term developmental projects. Hello you have no LG. Tons of value was on the board, tons of great O-Linemen have come out of the 5th round.

No clue what the Bears are thinking with those last three picks. Hanie was rated higher than Lafevour in college and he is developmental. Waste of a pick.

Another example of just how "off" with regard to the draft Angelo is. You have invested {2} first round and {1} 3rd round draft choice, not to mention a pretty sizeable contract extension on your starting QB, and you pick up a guy in the 6th round that is a pretty good QB.
#1: It would be a "value pick" if Orton or Grossman were still the QB in Chicago. But with limited drafting resources, and by everyone's estimation {everyone except Angelo} OL was your 2nd most glaring need, Angelo "wasted" a draft choice on a postition we were pretty set at.
#2: Everyone blogging here knows as well as I do, that the worst thing that could ever happen would be for this kid to have a sensational pre-season against 3rd and 4th stringers and then for Cutler to start slow out of the gait and you will have numbskulls calling for a QB change.
If you wanted a value pick, then he should have taken the OT out of WV or the OT from Abilene Christian. He has great physical skills and upside, but a little soft between the ears. According to some reports, he interviewed well at the combine. If he turns out to be a stud, then you have great value. If he fails, then you have lost a 6th round pick. And then in the 7th round Angelo takes a OT that isn't in any of the draft publications or has a grade on There are some good OT still out there as free agents. We'll see what happens.

Im sure New England fans were just as steamed as you Creighton, when they drafted Tom Brady with the 33rd pick of the 6th round.
Remember Creighton they also had a Frachise QB on their roster.

Timmer,Did the Patriots have a 1st and 2nd round pick in that draft ? Comparing apples to oranges you pinhead ! Creighton's all over this one. Angelo wasted ANOTHER pick on a position the organization just spent 2 1st rd. picks on. I think keeping the QB currently on the roster healthy and upright would be more impoetant that finding a replacement for him when the O-line gets him killed !!

MrMick drafting a gaurd or tackle in the 6th round to keep Cutler protected is just football stupid. Creightons crying over anything the Bears do is just that. Why think anyone from the 6th round in their rookie year to be a Starter is just far fetched. So Mr.Mick the point you are TRYING to make, makes no sence as does your alter EGO named Creighton.

They should have picked Selvish Capers from West Virginia.

This is going to be a tough year for the offensive line.

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