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Bears a player for Seahawks' Sims

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The Bears are one of four teams believed to be interested in guard Rob Sims.

Sims, a restricted free agent who signed a tender today, is on the trade block, and the Seattle Seahawks are expected to ship him to the highest bidder.

the Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions are in the mix. But there's another intriguing team: the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are now run by Mike Holmgren, the former head coach of the Seahawks. Few know Sims better than him.

To read more and find out an obstacle for the Bears, check out this link.,CST-SPT-bearnt02.article

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Go get Tyler Reed instead. Total mauler!

Why are interested in a bum like Sims. Holmgren doesn't want him, it's not about money. Listen to the fans and they can't stand this guy.

Sims is a bum. I guess that would make him a good signing for Jerry.

Seattle knows how to do it right, they will get some type of value for players like Sims. The Bears have Brown and get zero, zip, zilch for Alex Brown, nothing, nope nada, the Bears organization is so penny wise and pound foolish that I want to throw up blood, I am so damn disgusted.

In a dream world it sure would be nice to see the McCaskey's sell the Bears to a real owner that will win for the great city of Chicago (which truly deserves a Championship team) and have an owner that will not put up with below mediocre performance as the McCaskeys have and get an owner that would fire and lose the three stooges in Phillips, Angelo and Lovie as fast possible.

Good luck Alex Brown and I hope that Angelo in his infinite wisdom does not give up next years first round pick to get Sims, although it would be nice to see Sims as a Bear but do not mortgage the future to get him.

How do you guys know he's a bum? Maybe you do, but I gotta scratch, claw and dig to find detailed info on how the Bears O-linemen perform. If you have time to keep up with all 32 NFL O-lines you either need to do this for a living or get a life.

Sounds like a guy you should be able to get with a 6 or 7. I can't see giving a 3 or 4. This draft looks pretty deep on quality O-line prospects.

The reason Seattle can get something for Sims and the Bears can't for Brown is because Brown was set to make upwards of $5 million next year, while Sims' tender was around $1 million. It's not a question of the Bears doing something wrong and the Seahawks doing something right. If Sims was making $5 million next year, no one would want to trade a pick for Sims either, they'd just wait for the Seahawks to release him. I'm certainly no apologist for this regime, but they tried to trade Brown and didn't have any takers at his current price tag. And considering Sims was tendered at a 4th round pick and no one bit, Seattle looking at less return than than in a trade (probably a 5th or 6th round pick). That's hardly mortaging the future.

The Bears have dumped the saleries of Ogunlye, Vasher and Alex Brown. I have no problem with this as lond as there is some sort of plan BEHIND it . Is Jerry freeing up money to go after an O-linesman or veteran free safety ? Feel free to dump the over-valued, under-achieving Tommie Harris as well !! A. Adams and M.Harrison did a better job last year anyway.


I am definitely aware of the cost to the Bears of $5 million per year, a good defensive end is worth $5 million a year. Many teams will hold onto their good players (which Alex Brown is) in case of injury to others in the same position.

It is an uncapped year, the McCaskey family could have worked out a deal for 1 year similar to what the Seattle did with Sims, the Bears could have kept Idonije in as a Defensive Tackle which he did well with last year and kept him also on Special Teams where he has been a stalwart player. Peppers is capable of playing the left side so Brown could have been kept and the Bears could have still pursued getting some value for him in a trade throughout the league and probably done so before the summer started.

A box of rocks has a higher IQ than these 3 stooges, that have been stooges for years. The problem is that there are far too many Chicagoans and Bears fans that just go along with the McCaskey program of mediocrity. If the fans ever really decided they would not take this shi- any longer and became very vocal, didn't buy Helmets, Sweaters, hats etc something would change for the better immediately.

I am pis-ed and can't take this anymore.

I agree with Dahli. In an uncapped year, there's no excuse for cutting a player for salary reasons, especially in a big market city like Chicago. If the McCaskeys want to be cheap, they should sell the team to someone who's willing and able to do what it takes to win. They can be cheap on their own time, but I'm fed up like Dahli and others and won't stand for this anymore. I froze my as* off at too many games at Wrigley and Soldiers Fields, and have given my heart and soul to this team for too many decades, to just accept this garbage. The three stooges (no offense to the real Three Stooges, who are gods compared to these jerks) are lucky I'm not running the team, they'd be gone immediately.

Well according to Fox Tommie Harris made almost 8 mil last year so yeah I will take Brown and his 5 mil and cut Harris in a second. Its an uncapped year and the team lacks depth at DE. Brown can play either side, the only reason he never got moved was Goon and his contract and the fact that they had nobody who could play RDE better than him. With Goon gone it would have made sense to have Peppers who wants to play RDE again play there and have Alex at least tryout for LDE, at worst you could cut him later. Brown did say he would be happy to move, he is better against the run than Peppers and he is a great leader. Their is no excuse to cut him at this point other than saving a little money on his bonus. At the very least Alex Brown earned the right to tryout for the LDE position, a lot more than Anderson did who is just being handed the job. No quality depth, only one legit starter at end. Was it to much to let Brown have a shot at LDE? You would have also had a bette rshot at a trade after the draft when teams have a better idea of what they have.

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