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Are Bears among teams calling Belichick?

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The Patriots have three second-round draft picks and need a tight end. The Bears have lots of tight ends and no second-round pick.

Sometimes, things are as simple as they seem, which is why the Bears may well have been one of the teams in Bill Belichick's ear of late.

"That isn't surprising to me,"the Patriots coach said at his pre-draft press conference, according to "I'm not saying that anything will or won't happen. I think that's pretty common at this point in the process, a week or so before the draft, where you start to talk to teams and try to get a feel for whether they would or wouldn't be interested in moving a particular pick. It expedites the process a little bit when you get to draft day."

Belichick told reporters there have been a "pretty decent number of inquiries" about those second-round picks.

"It's not so much a specific trade of 'I'll give you this, you give me that,'" he said. "It's more of 'Would you be interested in moving this pick, moving up, or moving down in the first round, or whatever it happens to be?' It's more in that nature."

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Considering the price Miami just paid for Brandon Marshall, I don't see how Olsen by himself would get us a second rounder from the Pats. It would have to include at least one more pick, and possibly a second or third from 2011 to get it done.

Maybe that's why Jerry is saying he is fine with the players he has at the safety position. He can't get into the second round to get one better than what he has. Not unless he moves Briggs, or sacrifices picks that may not belong to him for next season. And none of us are super-excited about those prospects.

I think the chance of the bears trading a olsen for the patriots second round pick is about 90 percent. The bears need oline, martz isn't interested in olsen, patz would turn him into an instant pro bowler!

I agree with you on this Joe. If Boldin and Marshall are going for less than you would have expected, how can the Bears muster a second round pick for a TE that does not block as well and has never been to the pro-bowl.

Now, that being said, I can see the Bears brass offering up next years' first or second for a mid-to-late second this year. After all, if the Bears are worse this coming season, their second round pick will be a good one in next years' draft. Maybe good enough that some team with extra second's trades for it.

You know the Pat's don't want to spend that much money on rookies this year anyway, three second round picks!

Given the Bears' poor track record or selecting impact (or even quality) players through the draft, I would not trade Olsen. Does Olsen fit Martz's offense? Probably not. Is Olsen one of the best tight ends in the league? Probably not. But I would not trade a proven commodity, one that at least has been consistent at whatever it is he does, for an unknown no matter the surplus the Bears have at the tight end position.

I have to vent this.

Hahahaha a second for Olsen? All I know right now is if the worlds worst draft pick evaluator Jucy Angelo hadn't traded away a second round pick for a bust nobody wanted mid season. We could have had Marshall for it. Lets see Gains Adams or Brandon Marshall? How is it the Fins get a stud WR, one of the best in the NFL in his prime and the Bears get a busted out DE. Granted they gave another 2nd rounder for next year which is only worth a third this year. But that is still a steal. No fan wanted this trade when it happend and yet Angelo and company thought it was a good idea. Does the man just have no clue as to draft pick value? He thinks all his players who suck are worth first and second round picks and he thinks all the busted out players in the league are worth a high draft picks as well. But then you see Marshall get traded and you see how much value a pick really has. How is it that other teams get a Marshall and we get a Adams? He wants a second for Olsen? The primary reciever in your offense went for all of 600 yards, and you think Big bad Bill is gonna give a second for that. You do realize their are better TE's in this draft than Olsen and they will be their in the second. Why they ever took him in the first is beyond me. They already had Clark. Its not like those two TE sets have helped much.

Angelo is running around screaming "we have Greg Olsen", and every team in the NFL is going "SO!" Heck Miami is going "we have Marshall and we play you". Have fun stopping that monster.

Now is about the time Tripper should jump in and say "oh yeah Creighton, well we have Bowman, and he is better than Marshall and so are all our recievers as well, somebody help me stop Creighton".

Why in the world would you give up Olsen (who I'd get rid of in a heartbeat if the Bears could get anything decent for him) PLUS next year's second round pick, just for this year's second round pick? I'd take that trade in a second if I were New England, hopefully the Bears aren't stupid enough to do it. On the other hand, you probably wouldn't go broke overestimating the Bears' stupidity.

I don't agree. I think Olsen is worth a 2nd round pick. He didn't have the oppertunity to show his worth last season. He's young and just getting into his prime. I feel a team would be damn lucky to have him. I hope we don't lose him, and when they clean house next year he will be an even bigger prospect.
Bear Down !!

I do not believe Olsen is going to be traded unless some team comes up with a deal the Bears simply cannot turn down. Giving up Olsen for Marshall and other considerations was perhaps feasible,but Olsen can perform more than adequately in the Martz system, especially if a solid blocking back can take up the slack as Olsen runs his route. Slants over the middle should amass a bundle of first downs this year. I'm into the Cubs right now, but can still hardly wait for the football season to start.

the redskins are shopping laron landry the bears should be trying to add him to their roster he is a good player and the redskins are looking for a third round pick so i say we trade them a third and des clark and get the guy like we are going to use that pick on a safety anyway so why not pursue a young player who knows how to play in the NFL

Joe and Gus- Olsen can easily yield one of their second round draft picks because he's not old and injury prone like Boldin, and doesn't have off the field issues like Marshall. Those aspects do affect a player's value.

Been a long while fellas and glad too see the regulars are still around! Been working too much and enjoying my time with the kids.

OK so a 2nd-rounder for Olsen? Well let's see ... 5th-rounder for a Pro-Bowl and Super Bowl MVP wide receiver and Marshall going to the Fins for a steal ... I'm gonna say COMPLETE AND UTTER BS!!!

I am working on my draft value board right now so hopefully I can contribute something of worth but a 2nd-rounder for a guy who looks like an after-thought in this years roster? That just makes me realize that my months away after Biggsy left were well spent!

Maybe we can get rwo first-rounders for Caleb Hanie and a sack o' magic beans while we're at it!!!

// I have a signed Urlacher jersey and hat if Arizona is willing to give up Larry Fitzgerald!

My, my Creighton. Thanks for the plug. Have faith the rest of you "real" Bear fans! Things will work out fine. Creighton is just a fair weathered "looser" (as he would say) Hahaha

No way they should trade Olsen for a 2nd round pick. I don't see the logic in that one bit. They will not get a talent like Olsen in the 2nd round.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Trading a known, excellent player for some possible second round bust rookie is just what Angelo would do though. Another nail in Jerry's coffin come January! KEEP OLSEN!

There was a good reason Marshall went for a second round pick. He isnt a stable person, trust issues and wanting a big contract.
Angelo doesnt want all the baggage. If this was Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson going for a second then I could see the fustations. Reality is there are 31 other teams in the NFL. Some with bigger needs then others, thats why a team will pull the trigger and offer more then another team. Good example of that was the Bears trading for Cutler. The Bears valued him more then anyother team and thats why they won the battle over 3 other teams.
Bears didnt need troubled Marshall anyway. Get over it Creighton. We all know you wont be happy unless Cutler passes for 10,000 yards this season and the rest of the team stinks. Im thinking that the only thing that makes you happy is see the Bears players fail just so you can say I told you so..... is that being a fan or just being full of yourself.

Hey, all you fair weather Bears fans, we have had confidence on the Bears front office last year getting a QB. Then with all the turmoil of O and D line problems we blame the Qb and the general manager...Get real, get smart. The game of football will always be won up front, in the trenches...the offensive and defensive lines are the biggest impact that can happen on a team. If we can protect our QB and run the ball, then we can be successful on offense, however, championships are won on the defensive side of the ball. If we don't have better play up front, to protect Urlacher and Briggs and rush the passer the Bears defense will be scored on like the past two years. Generating a pass rush in the Tampa two with four players is a must, if that does not happen, the defense the Bears use can not be successful. Look at the past two years when we have underachieving defensive tackles and ends, we had to stunt and people would catch us running or passing the ball. BE A FAN,
root for the Bears and hope that we get more O and D line players...The Bears can only win by this type of thinking and drafting.

I'd keep Greg Olsen if I were Angelo. Olsen is a good tight end, is he a pro-bowler, no, but his abiltiy as a pass catcher does add a dimension to Chicago's offense that it never had before Olsen was a Bear. Olsen has had 50 or more receptions the last two years, 60 plus this season to go along with 8 tds, that pretty good production from your tight end. A lot of Bear fans seem to forget before Olsen the Bears were lucky to get 40 catches and around 4 tds from their tight ends. Back in 2006 Desmond Clark had 46 catches with 6 tds, but thats just one season, he never was consistent doing it back to back seasons like Olsen has. Also, I think Olsen will get better. Martz will find a way to use him.

Most teams now days feature two tight ends, one that is a blocker, and one that is primarily a pass catcher. Chicago has a nice set in Olsen and newcomer Brandon Manumaleuna. Trading Olsen would only set the team back. I say stay in the third and take one of the guards, Mike Johnson of Alabama or Jon Asamoah of Illinois, work on that offensive line, especially inside, thats where help is needed.

I don't like the idea of trading with New England. It's like sending lettuce by rabbit. Don't see trading Olsen. I think they might try to move Des Clark, but not for a 2nd.

Y'all are making a mistake by looking at the value of these trades without considerinig the contracts. Philly was not going to sign McNabb to an extension. Getting a 5th rounder for a player you were planning to release was like stealing. Same with Denver and Marshall. The value the fins traded was for the right to rent him for one year. Ponys were going to lose him next year and were just looking to get something back. Without a doubt Miami had a contract for an extension worked out before the trade.

Don't be foolish. You want to trade a very talented TE that in the right system, like the patriots, will be a stud, for a 2nd rd pick that will be chosen by a guy who gave us Michael Okwo and Dan Bauzin. You want to get rid of the Bears most sure handed receiver on a team in dire need of receivers for a system that will only be in play for one season. The Bears need to have the pieces in place for 2011 when the new coaching staff and GM comes in not further mortgage the future of the team by throwing money away on another wasted draft pick.

Welcome back Coach!

The Pats can turn Olsen into a ProBowler no doubt. But Marshall and Boldin trades say Olsen is worth a 5th (maybe) but the Pats have lots of 2's and they arent stupid about how to utilze/develope Olsen. Heck yeah Id trade Olsen for a 2! I like Greg, but we have Davis who does the same thing as Olsen, (is Davis still a Bear) and we have got to get a LOG/Safety to make any noise, we need that pick back from insane Adams trade, I dont know if Pats do that or not, I wouldnt, but they need a TE and Olsen fits the Bill.
And screw a bunch of `attitudes' If there is any GM that knows about attitudes it's Parcells, he made that trade as fast as he could, and it was a great trade for the fins. Marshall is a top talent, and that puts fans in the seats no matter what. They will make money off that trade and get into the playoffs. Bill isnt stupid and before any fans call him stupid, maybe look at the Bears moves first.

If the Bears can trade Olsen for a 2nd rounder, I think they would do it. People who say that they wouldn't because the Bears will be changing offenses after they clean house next season are missing an important point: Angelos and Lovie are DESPERATE and are trying to prevent their firing. Therefore, the future means nothing to them right now. All they care about is the possibility of getting a safety or guard who can help them NOW.

However, I don't think people have to worry about Olsen leaving. I don't think anyone is going to give a second for Olsen because draft picks are overvalued at this time of year - and this is considered to be one of the best drafts in many years. I think the Patriots would have considered a third (not sure how interested the Bears would have been in that), but they don't have a third round pick.

What happened to our right of free speech? Censored just like the old Soviet Union, too bad the Chicago Sun Times is so worried about saying only positive about the Bears that they have to slant other opinions or not let them be heard at all.

What worries me is that it does surprise me as I am still a little naive about the good old USA constitution and rights.

I just can't understand all the Olsen love here. What exactly has he done in 3 years ? 6oo yds. recieving ? OOOOOO I'm so impressed. If the Bears can get a second rounder for him, then do it . They certainly DON'T need 4 TE's, but they sure do need a free safety AND a left guard !

I mostly agree with you, darrell,s., but keeping the defense off of the field will definitely be an asset for the defense, and ball control with the running game and short passes can accomplish that. I also think Peppers will make an impact and that he and Harris can lead to a few more three and outs than has been the case the last couple of years. I am also interested in seeing how Melton performs. He too could be a positive factor.

Welcome back Coach. Fans are fans pie in the sky not in the world of reality, Olsen is a under-achieving, weak blocking TE with 0 for yards after catch, he doesn't catch well in a crowd. I have seen no evidence he is in hot demand either. Truth is the Bears have cornered themselves. Look closer the spent millions for a pass rush after gambling a second rounder on a pass rush so they spent the future and the present on a pass rush for a regime that is 50/50 on being re-signed next season. Yes defense wins championships but you just invested a ton of money and draft choices on Cutler it will be wasted if you don't protect him, who knows the answers might be there in Louis and Asaista but this staff has always been afraid to put a young player out there to develop so we might never know. In closing it's ok to love your team but keep it real all this hype on Olsen is unjustified and unwarranted.

I am glad to see people are now calling Jerry Angelo what I have been calling him on the radio for the past 3-4 years. The worst talent evaluator the NFL has seen in the past 50 years. In the post about Peppers saying the Bear's defense could be the best, I spelled out how Angelo could have had both Sims and Marshall. But Angelo has no clue as to how to be a productive GM. Sims could have been had for this year's 4th or even 5th with a conditional 6th or 7th next year based on snaps, games, etc. And if Marshall is going for the 44th pick this year and I would have to assume a lower than 44th pick next year, {Basing that on the Dolphins being better than they were on 09.} then Angelo should have been on the phone dangling next year's number one. And all this crap about if they trade next year's number one, the next GM won't have it to work with...Once again, I bash Angelo more than anyone, but why should he care if the number 1 is there next year? His behind is on the line in 2010. You could have had one of a select few players in the league with Marshall, and you could have made your OL younger as well with Sims. As I have stated, two of the top "beast" wideout's are already in the NFC North. They being Rice and Johnson. It would have been nice to have one as well.
Of all the TE prospects that have come out of college in the past 10 years, Olsen has been the most physically gifted. No one's 40, vertical, and size combo has been close. But leave it to the Bear's to try and use him outside the norm. Like they think they're smarter than anyone else. I don't see Dallas Clark, Gonzalez, Whitten or Shockey making bone jarring, pancake blocks. You put Olsen with a
offensive genius like Sean Payton, Jason Garrett, or Shanahan and I will bet that within 2 seasons he's catching 80+ balls a year. If you want Gresham or Gronkowski, go ahead and go for it. They would be JA's kind of guys. Bum knees and all.
I also find it curious that it has been almost 3 weeks where the Rams have exclusive rights to sign Atogwe and nothing has happened. They do have another 6 weeks till June 1st, but as I said last week {and the week before that} the Rams don't want to pay Antrelle Rolle money to Atogwe with Bradford's contract coming very shortly.
The Bears have done a fair job trimming "fat" contracts, but there is roughly 6 million or better that could be had by cutting Kreutz and Hunter Hillenmeyer. And if Tommy Harris comes into camp and is typical Tommy. You know, sitting on the sidelines, missing drills, etc., you could cut him too. There is money there if you want Atogwe. Just food for thought.

Coach, been wondering what happened to you? I thought Brando/Tripper had finally found where you lived. Anyway welcome back man, good to see you haven't lost that charm. Be careful though, a certain someone may deem you a fair weather fan, I hope your feelings can handle it? Its very tough stuff to deal with. I cry myself to sleep every night because of it.

Oh wait I see a Tyler Durden post, Brando or excuse me Tripper, or is it PackerBacker this week? Isn't Durden one of your alter egos as well? That is so fitting, you do understand that Tyler was not a real person in fight club? Biggs emailed me a list of your names when he left as a going away present, but I can't find it at this moment. I am pretty sure Durden was one of them. Anyway you crazy stalker guy you, keep up the good work. Reading one of your posts is like walking on a rainbow, its such a joy. Keep up the good work puppet.

Dahli, what happened? Neal is a little more sensative about what gets posted then Biggs was. Although he does seem to let Tripper post whatever he wants. I myself have been asked not to use the "I" word. Or make personel attacks, cause of course nobody ever takes shots at me. So some words like "More" that ends with "on" will keep a post from getting posted, so will words that start with "Id"(similar to ego)and ends with the last three letters of r"iot". The their is everyones favorite sounds like Irish "Stew" mixed with "qupid".

This has been your elctric company version of what not to say on this blog or your post may not post.

Now dahli if you wonder if some of the beat writters for the Bears are on the take. Lets take a direct quote from Dan Pompei as seen in his recent Q&A article. When asked if the Bears would trade into the first or second round, he gave two reason, the first was not enough ammo to do it, this was the second.

"The second reason is there is not a prospect in the draft within their range who they believe without a doubt could make a difference on their team this year. So why trade up? They should be able to find a player in the third round who can help. It's a deep draft."

So Pompei feels that even if the Bears where to trade up nobody they could trade up for would be good enough to help this year. However he feels by staying at a lower draft position they can find a better player than one higher on the board. So his logic is their is more talent in the later rounds where you can find help, but the earlier rounds have nobody who can help. By his logic the Bears should trade down, its a deep draft, and their is help to be found later in the draft but not earlier. I believe Dan is suffering from what ails Angelo, reverse draftitus. They both see the draft backwards, they have draft dyslexia.

Oh and by the way Tyler, I find your comments about Clark to be a joke. You say he has never been consistant at catching the ball and point out that in 2006 he had 45 catches but has not done that on a regular basis. Let me remind you, that Des was the starting TE in 05 and 06, pre Olsen and the two best seasons the Bears had with Lovie. Also the only two playoff years with Lovie. With Olsen, zero playofffs.

In 2001 with only 4 starts in Denver he had 51 catches, 566 yards and 6 TD's, as a backup, in 2003 he had 44 catches, in 06-08 40 plus catches each year for the Bears. In fact sense the Bears have been focusing on two TE sets and more TE play they have not been in the playoffs. Simple fact about Olsen is this. If he can't beat you with his speed, he can't beat you. Thats all you need to know about him. What exactly would the Bears be missing without Olsen? Its not actually good for your TE to be your primary reciever. Look at Atlanta, they brought in Gonzalaz, and the QB used him as his crutch and Atlanta missed the playoffs. Plenty of analysts pointed this out last year. Their is a reason Martz said he would rather have a reciever on the field than a pass catching TE. Whats real funny is a 34 TE had a better year than Olsen and he was playing on a new team. They only gave up a second rounder him and he is a HOF player.

So I ask, what has Olsen done that is so special? He isn't even a top 10 TE. If he was that good NE would be intrested.


You must be knew here lol ... Between myself, Creighton and many others Angelo should have been fired years ago. His draft record is horrendous and his trade of a 2nd-round pick for a now-deceased bust pretty much sums up his legacy as a GM.

You loosers! I smarter then all you. I told you Orton is the best. Cutler trade worst in bare history! peppers sucks to. should have kept grossman to.

Hey Creighton (and dahli and the rest) great to hear from you guys and see you're still around fighting the good fight! If these blogs are so closely administered why do we get someone who is obviously not Creighton (see post before this) using his name? I mean if words like "stupid" or "idiot" or "tardbucket" need to be rejected why can't the moderator do a better job of policing identity theft?

As a former journalist I have always had a problem with the whole "we'll deem your submission worthy or not" when true journalists live and die by free speech. Seems hypocritical at best.

Anyhow, I was not gunned down by NBS, Crap-ton and Bill Holland in a hail of dum-dum bullets, I just had personal stuff to attend to. Everything is going great now and really excited with the draft because I love that time of year. Also it means baseball is in full swing so coaching my son's 7-8 year old team and having a blast.

I finally got my big board together and put it on my blog - my top 350. I'll also be putting up my look back at my 2nd-guesses of the drafts as well as documenting the 2007 draft for JA. Hint: HE SUCKS! Was waiting for a relevant article to post this in but got tired of waiting so there it is.

Just getting back into the swing of things so will be posting more and more. Hope everyone is doing well even those of you who don't particularly care for me. I guess I'm one of those "fairweather fans" since family comes before the Bears lol

Lastly, ANYONE who thinks Greg Olsen is worth a 2nd-round pick is deluding themselves. The ONLY GM who would be dumb enough to make a trade like that ... runs the BEARS!


If you have listened to Chicago Sports Talk radio since 92, then you have heard me before. {Under the same name.} I first called Angelo out on draft day in 05 when, with the 39th pick in the draft, Angelo took Mark Bradley out of Oklahoma. I didn't have to wait to see this drop happy, bum kneed wideout play. He wasn't in anyone's top 100 prospects that year and JA took him 39. I was on the phone before the card sent to the podium was thrown in the trash. And it has gotten worse over the years. Michael Okwo, Dan Bazuin, Henry Melton, Garrett Wolfe {I could go on and on.} So, no, I am not new at blasting JA. And this year will be no different. I don't expect the GM to be perfect, but I do expect him to have a blockbuster year every decade or so. {See Jerry Vainisi circa 1983, 1984, 1985.}


If you have listened to Chicago sports talk radio at all since 92 then you have heard me at some point. As for Angelo, I first called him out on draft day 2005 when, with the 39th pick overall he took a bum kneed, pass drop happy wideout from Oklahoma. Bradley wasn't rated in anyone's top 100 prospects and JA took him 39. The card that get's sent to the podium wasn't even crumpled up before I was on the phone blasting Angelo. And it seems to have gotten worse since that point. With Bazuin, Okwo, Wolfe, Melton, etc. Heck, I could go on for hours. I don't expect the GM to be perfect on every pick or transaction, but I do expect them to have a blockbuster draft once a decade. {See Jerry Vainisi circa 83, 84, 85.}

I just read a camp observation article from another site and those idiots are still shuffling players in the secondary. Steltz is not a free safety Bullocks was but they had him at strong this is the same confusion camps Lovie has conducted for years. Those morons have consistantly played musical chairs with no apparent direction I can understand why no one really develops they are confused. These are the same dopes that moved a athletic tackle who plays better in space to guard saying he was bigger humm Beekman 6'2" 315 Omiyale 6'4" 315 Omiyale is 2 inches taller and not used to interior line play (brilliant) maybe after this season they will finally get canned and bring in a real GM & Head Coach.


As far as Angelo is concerned he is terrible. Really you are not alone on that one by far. Anyone who has drafted guys in the 2nd and 3rd round who were out of the league a year later needs fired. Angelo is a joke and MANY around the league laugh at the Bears. Since you listen to Chicago sports radio you'll know this.

As far as your "fandom" I don't doubt it a bit. But keep in mind any moron - and A LOT OF MORONS - call sports radio stations. I'll judge you on the merit of your responses and insight not on how long you've called The Score lol

"I'd keep Greg Olsen if I were Angelo. Olsen is a good tight end, is he a pro-bowler, no, but his abiltiy as a pass catcher does add a dimension to Chicago's offense that it never had before Olsen was a Bear."


I guess we watch different Pro Bowls LOL ... If ANY team in the NFL gives us a 2nd-rounder for a tight end that can't block, can't work in traffic and can't run after the catch ... I'll kiss your BUTT in the middle of Whacker and give you an hour to draw a crowd!

None of this talk would be necessary if Angelo had not traded the 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams.
Not because Adams died but because he was not worth a 2nd round pick in the first place. He did nothing in Tampa (other than Jerry and Lovie love anything that says Tampa) and he did nothing in his short time in a Bears uniform.
Look at what other teams are giving up for former 1st rounders right now.
Hell.... McNabb has had a lot of success in the NFL and what did the Eagles get in return for him?
This is a deep draft for O linemen and the Bears could have gotten a very good player in the 2nd round but that is not going to happen now.
I would have liked to have seen the Bears keep Alex Brown and dump Tommie Harris but Jerry just has to have his redemption.
His big draft pick just "has" to work out.
That is why they force fed us Rex Grossman when it was obvious to everyone in the NFL that he was not the guy.
He was Jerry's guy.

Angelo and Lovie should have been shown the door the day after the 2009 season ended.
A new G.M. and coach brought in and deal made to get back a 2nd round pick was what this team needed and that did not happen.

I can't remember when I cared less about Bears season then I do this year.
After 40+ years of being a fan I am about to write the Bears off as just another waste of my time.

Coach, several of us have stated the same thing about others taking another person's name and talking drivel as that person. It isn't right and it destroys the integrity of what people really are saying.

It's always the same group of morons that think they know everything! Always looking at the negative. Give Jerry and Co. some credit. He did have some good draft picks and he is doing his best in free agency to build the Bears. How about Briggs, Tillman, Forte, Hester, Williams, and the jury is still out on last years picks. Don't worry, if the Bears suck like you all say they do, you'll get your wish and everyone will get fired! GO BEARS! Through thick and thin! (not like all you fairweather fans!)

Creighton and Coach, Jensen and Hayes sometimes cut me off on my posts, it seems that whenever I get a little exercised about the triumvirate of Lovie, Angelo and Phillips and call for their head on a platter as some of the medieval kings would have if they had to watch the Chicago Bears the last three years in particular.

Either there is influence against too much bad publicity for the Bears that is coming from the McCheep family, or one of the three stooges has either Jensen or Hayes dog as a hostage, or the Sun times are politically connected to the Bears.

The conspiracy theory rings true for me with the Bears and I do believe there is someone pulling the strings and not allowing Jensen and Hayes true freedom of speech. Is it Virginia behind all of this clandestine effort?

Yes, JPGR, only people who don't criticize Angelo are real fans. People who want the Bears to be better than 7-9 and have productive drafts are fairweather fans.

I agree! Dahli
I have had a couple posts censored that would have passed under Brad. and people should not use others names period.

As far as Jerry doing his best in Free Agency and drafts JPGR, Gimme a break, his best is not good enough! If it were we would have been back at the big game like the Colts. 2 different franchises that were at the Same point and went in 2 different directions. Why? Injuries? or incompetance? Look at the Gaines trade, look at the fact we had to buy Peppers when we drafted how many DE. Lookj at the demise of the most important positions the Oline and Dline after Jerry drafted those positions. Now I do like that we got Cutler/Taylor/Peppers but Mister! Jerry already drafted/bought those positions several times and now hes fixing his own mistakes. Morons? Who would that best describe? The moron that posted all the bs about how Jerry does `his best'

it aint good enough mister moron. btw Mister moron, the jury is still out on Hester/Forte/Williams. Think about the year they ALL just had! what?id they look like ProBowlers to you?

Hey dahillama. What the hell are you talking about? I don't think you can call anyone connected with the Bears "McCheep" anymore! (See Cutler, Peppers, etc.)
T soon as the Bears start winning and kicking butt this year you'll all say how great Angelo is! Fairweather fans!!

dahlillama, if you had something constructive to say you might not get cut off on your posts so much! Please, think before you type(if possible), then don't type!

Randy, how can you compare the Bears to the Colts? Don't forget, the difference in those two teams is one man, Peyton Manning. Take him off the Colts and where would they be?.... All you guys think you know it all just like Jerry. He knew Gaines Adams would die, why do you think he traded for him? You MORONS!.. There will be plenty of room on the Bears Bandwagon for all you fairweather fans when they start winning! The Crow will be nice and juicy for you all to eat, too!

JPGR: If the Bears were not cheap they would have fired at least two of the three (Lovie, Angelo and Phillips) running this team that is below .500% for the last three years since the SuperBowl. I know which two I would choose.

If the Bears were not cheap and a little stupid they would have kept Alex Brown, worked out a financial deal with him and then either traded him to another team and at least got something for him, or kept him for a year and had a better line because he was playing opposite Peppers.

If the Bears were not a little cheap and a little stupid they would have picked up Sims at LOG and Marshall or Santonio Holmes at WR. Both were traded for not too much in draft picks. Lets say either the Bears are cheap enough to be a mediocre team or stupid enough to be a mediocre team or the McCaskey's are not committed enough to having a Superbowl quality team except when they luck out every 25 to 50 years. The city of Chicago and Bears fans throughout the world deserve better.

JPGR: the definition of a fairweather fan is when you ditch/quit your team when times get tough and the team doesn't do well. Let me clarify something for you. A person that criticizes or honestly communicates frustration or happiness in regards to a team is not fairweather. I live and die by the Bears. I have been a Bears fan since 1963 and have watched probably 90% of the Bears games since then. Is a person a patriot when they criticize their own country when it falters, hell yes they are patriots, they criticize but they also help improve the country that is what America is all about. Same philosophy for the Bears. I simply cannot stand to see the team lose when I believe they could be so much better, so I give my constructive criticism,.

Tripper: What up G? You be the one tripping, not me. Check back on some of my posts Mr. Perfect, maybe you will see I applauded the signing of Peppers, C Taylor, Cutler, even Pace at the time although I was wrong. You are right I have been pretty critical of Lovie, Angelo and Phillips for what team they have put on the field for the last three years, for the poor coaching decisions and for allowing Chicago to have a team that is worse than average, a truly mediocre team. Tripper grow a pair and grow a brain.

JPGR - Of course I will give credit to Angelo if the Bears have a good season. I give Angelo and Lovie credit for the 06 season and Angelo credit for the Cutler deal, even if it had growing pains last season. So if Angelo reverses his recent history and hits a homerun this year and if last year's picks suddenly become beasts, Angelo will deserve credit. I want the Bears to win. However, based on the vast majority of Jerry's draft picks, he hasn't proven he can draft. Since the Superbowl season, Jerry's best picks have been Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, and Johnny Knox. Think about that - a TE who maybe gets 60 catches with no yacs, a running back who can't average 4 yards a carry (and may be replaced by Taylor as a starter), and a small slot receiver (since he was a 5th round pick, I would consider this his best pick since 07 draft). Why did the Bears need to spend a lot of money this year on free agents (and I do give props to the McCaskeys for spending the money)? Because the Bears' drafts the past few years have been horrible. So wanting Angelo to draft better and being cynical about his ability to do so is being a fairweather fan?

Your logic about being a fan is questionable. When the Bears lose a game, can Bears fans be upset? Or is that being a fairweather fan? When the Bears in the late 90s during Wanny's era started a season something like 0-9, was it wrong for fans to approach the next game with dread? If Cutler throws two interceptions and I get nervous the next time he drops back to pass, is that being a fairweather fan? Is it wrong if that next pass is a touchdown that I cheer, or is that being a fairweather fan since I was nervous when the play started? So if I cheer for the Bears every Sunday but I cheer louder when they win, does that makes me a fairweather fan? I think you are mixing being a fan with blind optimism.

JPGR being a true fan dosen't mean you sit back and just ignore the ineptitude. It is the same for posters like you we cannot ignore your ineptitude it's fans like you that enable the ineptitude. I could see if the were Pro-Bowlers and HOF coaches and GM's. Sports to us is entertainment and banter for them it is a job, if you performed at your job like Lovie and Jerry you would be fired not re-signed, under-performing workers get demoted then fired here they stand on the sideline during work. If you get sick at work you go home not under-perform. Remember this is the regime that said "Rex is our quarterback", "we get off the bus running" so I really don't want to hear that fair-weather fan stuff I watched Johnny Morris, Dick Gordon, Butkus, Buffone and many others and I am still here so stop whining.

JPGR: So I should praise Jerry Angelo because he drafted Briggs, Tillman, Forte, Hester and Williams?
Big deal!
Briggs has been great but the rest?
Tillman has disappeared.
Forte has had one decent year and one bad one after being drafted to replace the terrible pick of Benson. He also could have been drafted in the 3rd round instead of the 2nd.
Hester was drafted as a kick returner and a CB. He is not a real WR and is being misused.
Williams was drafted as damaged goods when everyone else in the league knew about it and so far he is a bust.
Olson is already trade bait and these are just the guys that stuck with the team.
What about the ton of bad picks Angelo has made?
The list is long.

One hit for every 10 flops in the draft is not a good track record and Angelo has missed far too often in the first three rounds.
That is where you build your team and trading down to have a bunch of 5th round “value” picks every year or drafting guys with bad knees because they are a “diamond in the rough” is not getting it done.
I gave Angelo credit for getting Cutler even though the price tag was heavy but his tenure as the Bears G.M. has been laughable at times.

After watching every Bears game for decades including the seasons when they sucked I really don’t care if some blind buffoon thinks that I am a fair weather fan because I expect more for the years of my time and money invested in this team.

There is no way that the Pats would send a 2nd to Chicago for just Olsen. First of all, the Pats offense does not feature the TE very much. TE's are basically used as a blocker first, receiver second. Olsen does not fit the bill there at all. This doesn't mean that NE wouldn't be interested, but rather that Olsen is not the perfect fit for their offense. I think Olsen and pick #75 to NE for pick #53 would go through. Maybe even pick #47 instead. Olsen simply isn't worth a second all by himself... at least not to the Pats.

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