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Angelo leaves door open on Faneca

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo didn't shut down the possibility of signing nine-time Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca.

Faneca, 33, reportedly was released today because he refused to take a pay cut and because the New York Jets drafted guard Vladimir Ducasse in the second round.

"I don't know who would not consider Alan Faneca, if you had a need at the offensive line," Angelo said. "Again, we'll look into some things, like we did before the draft."

He was referring to Rob Sims, the guard who eventually was traded to the Detroit Lions. The Bears were among the teams interested in acquiring him in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Bears offensive line is clearly a concern after the improvements made around the NFC North, most notably the Detroit Lions selection of Ndamukong Suh with the second overall pick. The Green Bay Packers have a solid unit, and the Minnesota Vikings have arguably one of the best in the league, featuring three Pro Bowl linemen.

Faneca's skill has diminished, which is one of the reasons the Jets released him. The Bears may be stinging from their gamble on Orlando Pace, another highly decorated offensive lineman who didn't pan out. But, if they believe Faneca can improve their unit, then they should make a push to sign him.

Angelo also didn't close the door on signing a veteran quarterback, even after taking Dan LeFevour in the sixth round. The Bears already have Jay Cutler, Brett Basanez and Caleb Hanie on the roster.

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You can't live in fear due to past decisions. Orlando Pace was not even considered a gamble - he just fell apart. Faneca, on the other hand, is still a valuable piece for us as we try to open up a running game. He was a key free agent 2 years ago that we missed out on and I'd hate to see that happen again. Paring him up with Chris Williams on the left-side, I would feel much better about our chances in 2010 and 2011.

Dear God yes bring Faneca in. With Faneca the Bears will actually look respectable on offense and Taylor/Forte/Wolfe will have holes to run through.

Sign Faneca! He still has the fire and talent to be a very good offensive lineman. He will bring an intensity that the Bears need up front. Make it a done deal... like now.

Faneca was once one of the best. But last year he his wall. It would just be another Pace signing. He played on an elite line and still gave up more sacks then any guard in football. His pass blocking was horrible and his run blocking was sub par. He had his worst year by a long shot. He had worse numbers than Omiyale and Beekamn put together. A great player in his day but I think his day has come. The Jest know line talent, and they cut him for a reason.

I am still wondering about Jammal Brown. I think he and the Saints may be done. They drafted Charles Brown in the 2nd round, they have Jon Stinchcomb who they just extended not to long ago, and Jerome Bushrod who helped the Saints win the Super Bowl.

Lots of cuts are on the way.

sign Faneca Please

I don't know. I really have been a supporter of Mr. Angelo, but he refuses to address the O-line in the draft before the 5th round. Name me the O-linemen Mr. Angelo has taken in the first 5 rounds every year he has been the GM?


Mark Columbo 2002 1st Rd (29) Boston College
Terrence Metcalf 2002 3rd Rd (93) Ole Miss
Josh Beekman 2007 4th Rd (130) Boston College
Chris Williams 2008 1st Rd (14) Vanderbilt ( My favorite Bear)

NINE YEARS and NINE DRAFTS and four O-linemen are all we get through the first 5 rounds!!! Mr. Angelo has a build the team through the draft practice, yet he refuses to do that with the O-line. In fact, that is the only facet of the entire team that has been built through FA, and not the draft. Why does Mr. Angelo ignore the O-line so much?

Thomas Jones rushed for over 2,500 yards in '05 & '06 combined with a great O-line. Didn't that prove to Mr. Angelo why the O-line is so important?! Of course most of that line were FAs. To me, the O-line is the second most important aspect of the team behind the QB. Third would be the D-line. I know it's not sexy, but using 1st and 2nd round picks on O-linemen win you games and championships. The O-line is the true "weapons" on the offense, not those OVERRATED WRs. If the O-linemen don’t do their jobs, then the QB, WRs and RBs are worthless.

Last year Jay Cutler ran for his life in most of the games. He didn’t have much of a chance to be a quality QB. However, in the OT win against the Viking late in the year, Chris Williams was awesome against Jared Allen and the rest of the line did a good job. The result was the offense being able to move the ball and score points.

How is ignoring the biggest problem the Bears have improving the team. Ok, FS is a huge need for the Bears, however, it’s not as big as improving the O-line. The Bears at least have Manning to play FS (I know that’s not a solution), but who is going to play RT and LG (and be effective), Also, Kreutz is not what he once was and a new center will be needed sooner rather than later.

I truly believe the Bears will be 6-10, or if they lose the opener to the Lions, than they should go 5-11. I really hope the do, and that kills me to say. I’m sure Sweetness and Papa Bear will both smack me in my sleep tonight, but that’s how I feel. I have supported both Coach Smith and Mr. Angelo up to this point. I even defended them both as to why they should keep their jobs in 2010. However, this draft just proves it more of the same and losing is in our future. I think it’s time for a new GM, Head Coach and Head of Scouting.

Coach Cowher for 2011, if there is a season anyway.

When Angelo first got to the Bears he looked at the line and said it needs to be fixed and he put effort in to it.

He brought in John Tait a first rounder. Ruben Brown a All Pro(granted he was past his prime but still was playing at a high level), drafted Mark Culumbo(never should have been at LT) in the first, brought in Garza, brought in Fred Miller, drafted Metcalf in the 3rd(not a good pick but he was trying) and put them with Olin in his prime. Sure he made some mistakes but he tried. He did that in two seasons. Sure it wasn't a long term solution because he was trying to win now.

Sense then, he has gotten St. Clair(backup), Shaffer(backup), Pace(washed up), Omiyale(experiment), Chris Williams 1st round pick(questionable back) and Beekman(not a great pick). He hs also tried to milk out guys like Brown, Tait, Pace and Olin after they where at the end of their careers. When he new Tait wasn't going to be around much longer he ignored the issue.

He has never done a ton in terms of drafting for the line. 2 first rounders in 8 years, a third and a 4th. Those are the most notable picks. What he has not done is brought in high end players like he did with Tait and Brown and has ignored the problem with Olin slipping every year.

Now look at the defensive line.
Alex Brown a 4th, Haynes a 1st, Ian Scott a 4th, Harris a 1st, Johnson a 2nd, Dvoracek a 3rd, Bazuin a 2nd, Harrison a 3rd, Gilbert a 3rd, Melton a 4th, Wootton a 4th and Anderson a 5th. He traded for Goon(Pro Bowler in his prime), Signed Peppers(1st rounder and all pro, number 1 FA), Traded a 2nd rounder for Adams, and signed Anthony Adams (former second rounder in his prime). Still the line has not been good for 3 years. But he is at least investing in the line with draft picks from the 5th round up on a regular basis the last 8 years and is bringing in high end FA's and Trades or at least solid FA's like Double A. Not washed up guys like Pace who everyone said was done or experiments like Omiyale. Granted not a lot of it has worked but would a little more attention to the O-Line kill the guy?

Not to mention how many wasted picks on Safeties and DB's? Or special team backup LB's?

This motley crew of want-a-be bears management just makes me sick.

The Bears have to do something at left OG, Faneca would be a decent signing although he has started to slide in his production.

Even if they get two decent years out of him, that would allow for offensive line building in next years draft, which is sorely needed.

Overall I liked the draft for the picks they had.

Wright, reminds me a little of Mike Brown and brings some lumber on his hits, could be a Mike Brown type. I am really looking forward to this kid starting and staying at Free Safety. Lovie, please do not try to make him into a Nickel corner.

Wootton: Good value, good pick, not a slick pass rusher but what a motor, with good strength. He will be coming after the QB and will help against the run. Knowing Lovie, he will probably move him between tackle and end making him gain and lose weight each year.

As for the other picks, who knows for sure. Corners are always a need but his strength is a cause of concern. Kansas State has a good history with defensive players.

QB. is a good choice, when good talent is available at QB, you have to take it. The Pack did it often as backup to Favre and many of these QB's became later trade bait going to other teams and while they were with the Pack good insurance for Favre. Who would have known that Favre would be the most durable QB of all time.

This kid out of Texas 6'8" and 328 pounder, I would love to see Tice take a kid like this and make him a pile driving road grader. Very raw but the kid has some up side and has decent feet with a wing span similar to a Condor. Could we say "Diamond in the Rough" lets hope so at either RT or Guard, depends on where Omilyale plays this year and whether the kid makes the team at all.

I'm a die-hard vikes fan and would first love to see Faneca come to Minny. We've got an already old team that's basically do-or die this next year. Our best players besides Rice, Harvin & Peterson are either at or past the pinnacle of their career. I might be wrong, but I think the Bears are best to develop or go with younger guys if they show promise. When Tice was our O-Line coach, he was constantly developing solid o-lineman using guys that never required first day draft picks or even draft picks at all (Jeff Christie, David Dixon, Matt Birk...) The Bears are going to be a very tough team this year and I think very scary in the next couple as long as they don't keep chasing the high price Free-Agents and pin themselves against a salary cap if one gets placed. Between Mike Martz running the offense & Lovie Smith as your head coach, I think there's going to be a lot of talent revealed that nobody saw coming out of Chicago. You guys at least a staff that can identify and develop talent, the vikings staff only inherits it.

Well lots of people seem to think Faneca is being cut beciase the Jets don't want to pay him a lot of money.

Well this just in, Alen Faneca has $5.2 million in guaranteed salary this year and still got cut. That kinda tells you something.

The Bears should have signed Faneca two years ago, just like they should have gone after Walter Jones and/or Orlando Pace years ago when they were holding out due to contract disputes. Like Reuben Brown and Pace, and maybe now Faneca, they wait until the guy is so old that he's well on the downside of his career. Brown played very well on the Bears, but nowhere near his level when he was on Buffalo. I didn't see Faneca play last season and don't believe in relying on stats, especially for offensive linemen, so I don't know if Creighton's analysis is correct. If there's a chance that Faneca would be an improvement, of course the Bears should sign him. But once again, this looks like too little, too late for the three stooges who run this team, and that's if they even try to sign him.

Please sign Faneca. I wanted him when he was a FA a few years ago and the Jets snagged him and now it seems almost like a "no duh" signing considering they need help on the O-Line and could use a veteran presence. You need guys around Cutler to protect him when he drops back and create holes for the RB's. I think Alan Faneca would be a great pick-up for the Bears and I really, really hope they don't blow another chance to get him.

I have doubts about Faneca. I was all for the Pace pick-up, and look how that tuned out. Once burned should make one twice wise, so I'm apprehensive about faneca turning out to be another expensive fiasco. I guess I'd prefer to develop less expensive players, altough I thought Marshall would have been worth the money.

still scratching me head at the QB signing.. they still dont know about hanie and how are they ever going to find out if they did what they did.. I do understand signing the best availabke but wouldnt it have made better sense to go out and get a veteran?

I'd pass on Faneca. Too many alarm bells. My main concern is, why did the Jets cut him if he can still get it done?

Look at it. He gets paid either way. They are eating over $5 million to dump him. This is not a Pace situation where the Jets are in rebuilding mode, he's sent packing while they are setting themselves up for a Super Bowl run. Last but not least they have a shiny new francise QB that they want to keep shiny. I don't like it.

Patience is the way to go here. With literally dozens of first and second round O-linemen being drafted last weekend, there are going to be better veteran players with tread on their tires that hit the market before camp.

Just for a Comparison, Ruben Brown vs. Faneca. When the Bears got Brown had played 9 seasons. Faneca has played 12. Brown retired after 13 seasons and in his 13th season he did not play well. Brown was also injured much of the time he was with the Bears, save the 2006 season which was his 12 season.

Faneca is older than Brown when we got him and has 3 more season under his belt. Brown was 31 when they got him, Faneca will be 34 this year. This is not a good time in the career of an offensive lineman to grab him.


Yes, but. The Bear line stinks, agreed? So, you're still going to pass on Faneca even if he's better than what we've got? No one is expecting him to play the way he did, but he still might be better than what the Bears have. We're looking at Beekman at left guard since they've announced that Omiyale is going to play right tackle. Without even seeing him last season, I strongly suspect that Faneca is still better than Beekman at guard. And starting Beekman at guard means he's getting nowhere in replacing Kreutz, which is what he was supposed to do.

The Bears have created a big mess on the offensive line. There are no quick or easy fixes, just hard choices. I don't see a downside to giving Faneca a chance.

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