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54 players attending Bears rookie camp

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There are 54 players competing at the Bears' rookie minicamp, that began on Friday and continues Saturday and Sunday. Draft picks and rookie free agents are in attendance, as are a handful of second-year players such as receiver Eric Peterman, fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou, cornerback Woodny Turrene, linebacker Kevin Malast, guard Johan Asiata and tight end Kevin Brock.

How many of the 54, I wonder, will end up making the team? Three? Four? Five? More?

Anywhere, here is a list of the players invited to tryout. Juice Williams is the most recognizable name. The former Illinois and Vocational quarterback may have the longest odds of all with Jay Cutler, Caleb Hanie, Brett Basanez and sixth-round pick Dan LeFevour all expected to compete for playing time in training camp.

Juice Williams, QB, Illinois; Will Baston, P, North Alabama; Desi Cullen, P, Connecticut; Mike Salerno, PK, NIU; Chase Turner, P, Houston; Tom Mante, PK, Yale; Nick Merchut, WR, Carthage, Steven Turner, WR, Bishop's; Wopamo Osaisai, CB, Stanford; Cam Nelson, S, Arizona; Roderick Rollins, CB, Boston College; Jake Sharp, RB, Kansas; Justin Woodall, S, Alabama; Ryan McFoy, S, Arizona State; Shamar Graves, FB, Rutgers; Austin Steichen, C, Northern IowaAndrew Pitz, LS, Penn State; Damaso Munoz, LB, Rutgers; Chris Johnson, LB, South Dakota State; Dennis Conley, G, Hampton; Malcolm Arrington, LB, Northwestern; Blaze Soares, LB, Hawaii; Tom Harrington, LS, Western Michigan; Vince Vance, G, Georgia; Averell Spicer, DT, USC; Kyle Harrington, DT, Massachusetts; Brian Coulter, DE, Missouri; Zeke Markshausen, WR, Northwestern; Craig Carey, TE, Cincinnati; Justin Buckhalter, WR, Tennessee-Chattanooga.

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I think you need more P/K invited...can they play on the O line ?

There is one player on this list who I believe will start for us this season and his name is Woodny Turenne. That is assuming that there is and OPEN competition at cornerback in camp. Time will tell.

Again with the Turenne thing? I thought he did a solid job against Buffalo in the preseason last year, but let's take baby steps. He has a chance to make the roster this year, especially since DJ Moore has not done anything to make us think that he deserves a roster spot.

But Tillman, Bowman, Graham, Jennings, and probably Joshua Moore are all ahead of him on the depth chart, so he is fighting for the 6th CB spot, which probably means inactive on game day. Whether that is where his talent puts him is irrelevent. There is really no such thing as an open competition for Lovie's Bears. The only time there is anything close to an open competition is when they want to make a change, but don't want to openly insult the player by benching them. Orton vs. Grossman, Hillenmeyer vs. Tinoisamoa vs. Roach, Beekman vs. Omiyale. The winner was predetermined, but they put us through the B.S. of believing there was an open competition.

Joe, unfortunatly your right about Lovie and his inability to have true open competition. The only thing I will add about Turenne is that if he performs exceptionally well than the Bears will have no choice but to move him up and give him more oportunities. With this staff on a one and done leash this season, they better make sure that the players who have EARNED playing time are out there on the field on Sunday, and not some sort of predetermined pecking order. My money is still on Turenne to start, and I do not think we have seen enough of D.J. Moore to make and estimation. I like D.J.'s ball skills and speed, so this preseason will be huge for both Turenne and Moore.

The Bears need to look into adding depth the O Line. Vince Vance from Georgia has played both Guard and Tackle..... Remember his name if Chicago drops the ball on signing him....

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