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What Bailey is known for, other than Julius Peppers

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Maybe it's just me. But I was really fascinated that Bailey is the home of the Country Doctor Museum.

So I decided to spend the time and go on the tour.

It didn't look like much, basically like an average-sized house with a barn next to it.

But the museum actually tells the unique story of rural towns like Bailey.

I watched the five-minute video and went on the 45-minute tour and learned quite a bit.

What made it all the more impressive was to just put things into perspective. I wasn't born in the U.S., and, as a little boy, I benefited from alternative medicine. If not for the procedure, I might not have the use of my right leg.

Back in the day, in Bailey, many people knew one doctor for a lifetime. He traveled throughout the area, and he often bartered his expertise. For instance, in his official ledger, one doctor noted that he was going to receive a 17-pound turkey.

I saw the process of how pills were made to provide "cures" for everything from flatulence to freckles.

I also saw leeches and tools that you wouldn't want anywhere near you today.

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sean dude, come on, if you need ideas about what to right about on tha bears, just ack me. I no everything thar is to now abouit the bears. i mean ya, a lot of the time i don't make since because sometimes i talk about how i work out, and then i'll go on about every pizza place in the chicago down town area, but thats beyond the point.

between me and yu sean, some paople on this blog think i actually now what i'm talking about. butt all i do is cut the bears down all the time, and most of the time thay fail, and i lok like i'm some kind of genius, butt i'm clear;y nat. butt sean, keap dat betyween me and u!! man am i always right!!! i luv cutlar

"I wasn't born in the U.S., and, as a little boy, I benefited from alternative medicine. If not for the procedure, I might not have the use of my right leg."


"Alternative Medicine" is alternative to science based medicine because it does not work. If it worked, it would not be "alternative".

Why are you speading ignorance here? Doesn't Jenny Mcarthy have some website you can use to make people stupider?

Sean, don't let the weird random haters get you down! I was glad to read this as it provided some more interesting context that wouldn't have fit in the print version of your story about Peppers's home town. You're doing excellent work here covering this team for us fans!

Agreed, you do great work Sean, Creighton has some good things to say sometimes, but is clearly a typical hater, he can go f*ck himself as far as I'm concerned. And alternative medicine is not alternative to science per say, it's just a word to suggest it's outside of the world of western medicine. And if you think it's all BS, than you are just ignorant. Go ahead, swallow some pills from any of the hundreds of choices that are jammed in your head from the TV everyday and see how well you become. That's great science!

hmmm, did any of youse actually read the complete post by `creighton' guess not....

Actually it is getting pretty dull close to the draft, we already drfated our No.1 and No.2 and No. 5 so's we can now concentrate on Safety and Oline in the Next Bears draft :P - Don't expect the Bears to saign anyone else Top FA, as they spent too much to go there again, I expect our needs to come from our second draft now.

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