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What about Kampman?

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Aaron Kampman isn't getting nearly as much interest as Julius Peppers.

He's recovering from a knee injury, and he only managed 3.5 sacks in 2009.

But that's largely because he played outside linebacker in Green Bay's new 3-4.

Before that, he was one of the game's most dominant -- and productive -- defensive ends. He had 15.5 in 2006, 12.0 in 2007 and 9.5 in 2008.

Not too shabby.

Right now, it sounds like the Bears, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks may be interested in him.

A league source told me that Kampman's left knee is ahead of schedule.

Kampman is a two-time Pro Bowl selection.

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We should be calling his agent tonight, once Peppers goes to the Skins. Snyder is going to lose his mind again and offer up $41 million in guaranteed money, so this is a better deal than Albert got last year, and that's more than our budget allows.

We should be considering Kampmann, Atogwe, and Damione Lewis to play DT as our first targets.

You know its funny, I have heard tonight about the Skins big puch for Peppers and that Seattle is in the race. But I have not heard a single word about the Bears and Peppers tonight. The Bears and Rolle have recieved a lot of talk and the Bears seemed to have jumped all over that, but their so called number 1 priority seems to be slipping away with zero effort.

I don't see Kampman coming to the Bears, and I can't see the Lions affording him sense they are broke. I know he wants to go to the Texans, because his church is based their, Eagles and Hawks seem like real players. But again national media is not giving the Bears much play with either Peppers or Kamp.

If it were me, I would go for Peppers all out as he is No 1 for a reason. Kampman has that knee issue and thats a big deal when your talking about that much money, kinda like Harris - alot of money for nutin there. Too bad as Harris was one of the very best DT ever, but inj...

I havent heard anything about Kampman - its all Peppers and Rolle, heard the Dolphins are wanting Dansby, as I would as well...

I would rather see the Bears sign Kampman, and maybe Chester Taylor and another player such as Darren Sharper, rather than spend all of their money on Julius Peppers.

The Bears need an Iowa kid to toughen up that line. He will give them much more bang for the buck without any of Pepper's attitude/drama. Go get Aaron Kampman!!!! Then go sign Chester Taylor and Rolle. That trio will help get the Bears back in the playoffs.

If you want to be No. 1 you haave to go get No. 1 - we were No.2 in 2006, lets not go for No. 2 or we will always be No. 2 - go for the big boys! Peppers! Rolle! The bears have been thinking small for too long and the team has been small for years. In this one single year we could be the Monsters of the Midway again. Not the loosers of the Super Bowl

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