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We want your Bears questions

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Have some questions about the Bears you want answered? Fire away. Give us your queries below, and our Bears writers Sean Jensen and Neil Hayes will give you the answers each week.

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Mike Tice has been out conducting workouts with draft hopefuls, so does that mean he has completed his assessment of the offensive line as it stands today? Is Omiyale the LG, RT, or none of the above? Where he lines up will tell us a lot about our draft strategy.

If the BEars are indeed interested in trading Alex Brown about a trade to the Dolphins for Justin Smiley? The Bears need an offensive gaurd and the dollars per year are similar although Smiley's contract is two years longer.

Have you seen my car keys? I've looked everywhere and I can't find them.

Since the bears will either trade alex brown or cut him will that clear enough money to get a veteran FS like atowge or sharper if thats the case im for it what are your thoughts ?

I think trading Alex Brown is beyond ridiculous! Especially, since the Bears believe that Mark Anderson will be able to fulfill his role. Anderson has been a disappointment since his rookie season. What do they see that I don't?

Is it just me, or are the Bears simply a mom-and-pop family business that just happens to be worth a billion dollars? I mean, keep Jerry and Lovie and Teddy for a decade because they are friends? Year after year excuse bad hiring and firing decisions? Pay one guy $70 million bucks who may or may not get 10 sacks next year, instead of simply paying perhaps $50 million to sweep out the old regime and bring in someone with a proven vision and a coaching staff to support that vision? These seem to be the kind of decisions a family grocery store or tool-and-die or tax firm seems to make.

With the bears needing help on the OL. What about adding Chester Pitts? Not sure how severe the knee injury was, but I thought he was a very solid guard.

Why is Lovie "hell bent" on making Hester a No. 1 WR?

You're on to something there. Alex could be effective at 275-285 lbs. which he did early in his career when Blache wanted beef on the ends, which would lend him towards playing end in a 3-4. He is not especially adept at rushing the passer, but he disrupts passing lanes, stops the run, and is always around the ball. That sounds like a Parcells kind of guy. If we could get Smiley for Brown straight up, that solves our LG problem. Then we can focus on FS in the draft, or get our C of the future or RG of the future in round 3

Neil or Sean,
Has anyone at Halas Hall said anything about who is going to be calling plays on defence. I know Rod is the cordnator but no one has said who is going to call the plays.

If you find out any info on this it would be helpful.

It seems like the Bears have a logjam of mediocrity at safety, and because they don't have solid starters, they end up using a random lineup generator to determine who plays where in any given season/game. What are the chances that they add more permutations of confusion by drafting yet another marginal, late-round "sleeper" safety?

How about a trade with St Louis for Brown/Manning for Awtogwe? I'm also interested to know if the Bears have looked at Zane Beadles as their 75th pick? He looked good in the Senior Bowl.

I say as long as we, the fans, are paying to support our teams. And they continue to make bad choices. We should have have own sports "tea party". Or boycott our home teams, if they are not that interesting in putting out quality teams.

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