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Update on quest for Peppers, Taylor

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With a little more than an hour left before the bell sounds opening the free-agent signing period, two developments could potentially impact the Bears pursuit of Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor.

Rumors are swirling that the Redskins are the front-runners to sign Peppers, the best defensive end on the market. Lance Zierlein of KGOW in Houston is reporting via Twitter that the Redskins are going hard after Peppers, may have already agreed to terms with the former Panthers star and could have him signed by early Friday morning. That would give Redskins owner Dan Snyder the best two free-agent defensive linemen --- Albert Haynesworth and Peppers --- in back-to-back years.

While that may send the Bears in search of help at safety in the form of Antrel Rolle, they could still be the front-runners to land Vikings running back Taylor. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that at least one potential bidder for Taylor's services --- in this case, the Texans --- are not interested. Taylor is believed to be the Bears No. 1 choice to complement Matt Forte.

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Figures, you can't out Tamper the Tamper Champions, DC is the major leagues of cheating and lying even the Chicago can't compete with that level of corruption. Snyder has been trained by the best.

Its been reported that Washington wants to switch to a 3-4, I don't see Peppers as a ROLB and really that much for a 5 tech.

Still have not heard much about the Bears and Taylor, any word on who else is going after Rolle? Jets just got Cromartie for a song.

Heard Dolphins, Giants, Cardinals are going against the bears for Rolle.

Yeah, but give Snyder credit - he wants a winner, and he is trying hard. Hope not, as Peppers is quite a sack meister to be a Free Agent, exactly what the Dr. ordered for us.

and the Dolphins are going for Dansby as well, Parcells is really going for the D! I wouldnt mind putting Dansby at DE for us....

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