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Taylor agrees to deal with Bears

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Chester Taylor has agreed to terms on a four-year contract worth $12.5 million, according to a league source.

Taylor will be guaranteed $7 million, an unprecedented amount for a running back who turns 31 in September.

But Taylor has only started one full NFL season, gaining 1,216 rushing yards in 2006, before Adrian Peterson took over as the Minnesota Vikings' No. 1 tailback.

Taylor, though, remained a valued part of the Vikings offense, and he completed his four-year, $14.1 million with the club.

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Yes! 2 for 2! Let's get the big one done now!

Good deal, Forte may be the backup after camp. Now its Peppers time and that is about done, Halas hall is said to be an Asylum rught now. Word is comming in, don't believe the PR people, Olsen is as good as done, draft day is about to get exciting.

Im really excited and impressed that Angelo has awakened from his slumber. These are great picks so far. We are really playing the free agency well. Maybe its because of our lack of 1st and 2nd round picks in this years draft.. Whatever it is.. i like.. Now lets' finish this deal off by getting Julius Peppers, Rolle and Brandon Marshall or Boldin.. (Boldin preferably because we can afford him).. Eitherway, i love our aggression and moves so far.

NE has 3 2nd round picks, 1 of them may have Olsen's name on it before long.

Seriously... Olsen for a 2nd? He better be a swap for Marshall or Boldin and then some. Olsen is a game changer for the right team. Don't forget who our OC was. Didn't know how to use talent. I'd rather keep him, but if he has to go, then it had better be for someone BIG. No Thomas Jones like trades.

excited...yes!!!!!.fearful...yes???? WIll he get hurt? What will we do
with Bell....are we going to keep him....he was impressive...but I think the bears showed him too much last year...someone will take him......what does e1 think of Kahlil Bell? Softy from UCLA?????

This is a GREAT DAY in Chicago!

This guy is a great RB with lots left in the tank.

It is incredible how the Bears might have really taken a step to going deep in the playoffs!!!!!

Chester Taylor is a good move, fits the scheme well and may challenge for the starting role with Forte. It doesn't really matter who starts since they seem to be quite interchangeable with essentially similar strengths.

Creighton may be right about Olson to New England however I don't see why Martz could not utilize Olsen's receiving skills in this offense. My understanding is that the Martz basic offense is a derivative of the Air Coryell offense back from the San Diego Chargers past and their hall of fame tight end Mr. Kellen Winlsow. He caught a few and scored a few albeit he probably was a better blocker than pretty boy Olson but lets not give up on Olson yet, he could be a diamond in the rough, not a potato on the couch.


The 2 pickups so far are nice, but unless we upgrade the some other spots on the OL, particularly C, LG, and RT, they're arent't going to matter much.

I say we pass on Peppers and use that money for some OLs. The cover-2 is old and broken and no amount of fancy gadgets (no disrespect to Mr. Peppers) will fix it.

Look, I like Olsen, but he plays soft. He can't block, gets poor separation from defenders, and has not used his size to his advantage to go up and grab balls. At this time, he is not worth the 1st round pick we used to draft him - if we can get a 2nd rounder from the Patriots, jump all over it now! Then use the 2nd and our 3rd rounder on a LG and a RT to block for Cutler.

Remember as well, the 3 Stooges are desperate - another failure to make the playoffs means they're out of jobs. There's no looking to the future for them, so the Bears' future is 2010 and only 2010 (for better or for worse).

Damn da bears doing work, yal got Peppers too. Vikings all day tho

Bell is an ERFA, which means that no other team can offer him a deal or try and sign him since we tendered him. He is basically our property for the next year. I think he is the right kind of back for a 3rd RB and special teams guy, and will be good at spelling either Taylor or Forte. I like his size on special teams, and his aggressive running style will help us in short yardage if we use him for that.

What it really raises for me is what happens to Garrett Wolfe? I have been very disappointed in Wolfe, but maybe someone will take a flier on him because of Sproles' success. Not as likely since his freak injury, but he would likely get a camp invite from someone if we let him go. I think he doesn't fit Martz's system as much as he did the WCO. He is not a solid pass blocker, and if you go back through the last 10 years with Martz, his backs do a lot of block-checkdown combinations, and they need to be able to kill the momentum of the defender and still be able to move quickly into a spot where the QB can see them. He just doesn't fit that any more.

Speaking of not fitting, what happens to McKie as well? Martz uses a fullback in short yardage only. Do we drop McKie, and bring up Ta'ufo'ou, who is less expensive, and can probably handle the job, or do we drop FBs altogether, and use Manumaleuna as the short yardage FB?

Great . . . first the WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY . . .

Now the WORST FA SIGNING in team history!

What can we possibly do to top this in 2011?

I smell another 7-9 season!

WOW, what a day for Chicago two guys we really need and a pacifier for the new offensive coordinator. A lot of people says this move spells the end for Olsen, but I don't believe so, I just think its a replacement for gilmore, who left last year for Tampa. I think one of the TE's have to go, either Desmond or Davis may be on the block. Olsen would bring more value, but he is the most polished guy we have right now catching the ball and don't forget his relationship with Cutler will play a big factor in the decision making process. The hawaian is being brought in strickly for the run game and nothing else, and we all know that spot needed a major upgrade.....Go BEARS

Angelo and LOVIE cn take a Bow today!

Bears will still suck.

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