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Sources: Peppers, Taylor signings imminent

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The Bears signing of free-agent defensive end Julius Peppers is imminent, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

A separate source has told Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times that former Vikings running back Chester Taylor will also sign with the Bears today. A press conference announcing the signings of Peppers, Taylor and tight end Brandon Manumaleuna is expected to be held at Halas Hall later this afternoon.

The source said that although the Patriots and Eagles have also made offers for Peppers, the deal the Bears are offering is worth more per season and it would be a huge upset if Peppers left Halas Hall, where he is visiting today, without signing what is expected to be a six-year contract worth approximately $12-14 million per year with the first three years guaranteed. The source said the Eagles and Pats are offering deals that are closer to $10 million per year.

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Woo Hoo!!! Go Bears!!! Just like any FA signing, there is the possibility that these could turn out to be bad signings (I personally don't think they will), but at least they're trying their best to fill their holes.

I haven't posted in a while since I haven't been excited about the Bears at all thinking they would mess up Free Agency as much as they have everything else with our front office brash. So long as this is true, then I say YESSS!! to this being a successful Free Agency for our Bears and I hope they don't screw this one up too like everything else they do

Now Jerry, go get Otogwe for FS and I will be even more ecstatic!!

First 3 years guaranteed? That is a pretty sweet deal, and gives us an out when he might start slowing down in 3 years.

Pretty impressive first day if all 3 are signed, but the kicker would be making an offer to Atogwe before Sharper or Rolle sign a deal. Get it in while no one is going after RFAs, and make sure you are the ones that he deals with. They only get one shot at an offer sheet, so they should make sure they don't miss it.

If they do all 4 today, that might qualify as the single-most productive day Angelo has ever had.

Good to hear! Bears still have work to do though,but this is a good start. Good to hear they did what they had to do. Kudos to all at Halas hall including much maligned McCaskeys.

After hearing that they were really going after Peppers I am not surprised at the quick signing. Sometimes it's frustrating that they don't get in the mix for more free agents. That said, you don't hear much about them missing on players they want. When they do jump in, the history has been that they usually don't mess around.

I'm just glad he did not come to the NFC East, as if the division needed him to get any harder. The Bears are still such a mess I can deal with Peppers heading to Chi Town. I suppose it does act as somewhat of a consolation for having no 1st or 2nd round picks though.

If this happens things will be looking up for the playoffs this season and Lovie's survival. One of the times I agreed with Creighton in doubting Angelo's ability to get this done, and might be proven wrong, but it will be good if Angelo proves me wrong on this one. If/Once Peppers signs the draft options become crystal clear, O-line help at guard and best free safety on the board in rounds 3-5, then work on special teams with last two picks....BEARS are trying to make a zplash and doing it with cash instead of manhole covers...what's next?????

WOW! First the Cutler trade, now this! I am a happy happy fan. Where was this Jerry Angelo years ago?

Wow, 3 STUD FA signings in 1 day. The owners must have turned over a new leaf and actually want to win.

Can everyone on this blog not b@@ch for 1 day?

Bears just got a whole lot better.


I never said Angelo couldn't get Peppers, originally when word came out after DePaul got fired I said it sounds like a PR move. Outside of that I have said I am not a huge Peppers fan and that it would be hard to get him. I also said it would be really hard for them to get Peppers and Rolle and Rhodes. I said I thought that would be impsossible, which it is. When Jensen reported the Bears only have 30 million to spend I said they couldn't do it with that amount of money. Which they couldn't. I also said they couldn't get Peppers, Rolle, Rhodes, and Taylor all together and they can't. I did say I would rather have Kampman. But getting Peppers is a good thing, it can't hurt the team, it can only help and its not money. Go Bears, keep acting like a real NFL team.

It is hard to get Peppers 72 million dollars for a 30 year old player is not an easy move Bears had to outbid teams by several million dollars.

But at no point did I ever say they couldn't get Peppers.

I still think Olsen will be traded and that the Bears are trying to trade him no matter what they are saying.

Brandon Marshall is visiting Sea on Sat, which I said would happen last week.

Good job Jerry. :)


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