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Smith says Bears have improved most in the NFC North

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Coach Lovie Smith took exception with a reporter who suggested that, despite his team's additions, the Bears could have a hard time moving up in the NFC North standings in 2010.

While the Bears finished third in the division with a 7-9 record, they posted 3-3 record in the NFC North.

"We split with the division winner. The team that ended up in second place (Green Bay), we could have easily won both of those games. And we swept the other team (Detroit).

"I think we're close. At the end of the year, we played Minnesota as well as anyone," he said. "We're a better football team now. I think its safe to say, that we've improved more than any team in our division."

The Packers swept the Bears, winning the season opener at Lambeau Field 21-15 then winning at Solder Field 21-14.

Smith, though, wisely noted that the NFL draft is coming up, an important point since the Bears don't have a first- and second-round pick. Meanwhile, the other three teams in the division do, including the Lions who pick second overall.

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Lovie your talking horseshoes and gernades.

I have to agree with Smith on this. The Bears looked much better at the end of last season and have made some solid additions.With the new coordinaters and coaches they are bound to be better and werte pretty darned good at last season's end.

At first blush the Bears look better, although it may be a little premature to declare they have improved the most in the division. Although they have filled some major holes at DE, TE and RB they still have the old Free Safety hole that has two past Bears FS's starting for two teams in the NFL.

I hope Lovie is right about Idonije moving to end since he was rated one of the most effective in the NFL at DT, does Lovie really have a handle on evaluating talent? Pace started almost the entire year and clearly he was not up to the task, Omilyale was pretty poor at guard, receiver we finally saw Aromashodu in late December, where was he all year, how many combinations did we see at Safety both Strong and Free Safety, where is Daniel Manning going to play only the his horoscope will know for sure, boy have the Bears screwed him up. He was great at nickel and kick return, that was two years ago why can't the Bears keep something that actually works. How long did it take for Adams to prove through his play that he was the best DT?

Yes, the Bears have improved but the head coach Lovie Dovie has plenty of time and poor decision making to screw that up for this season.

We'll see. Show us something we haven't seen for 3 seasons Lovie.

The Bears do have better talent now, but will they play with urgency, desire, and killer instinct?

Only a few teams show up pe year for every game with the intent on kicking the other team's butt, and stomping on their throat when they have them down. N.O., Indy, Jets, Vikings, and Ravens did that last year.

I want to see the chip on the shoulder type of play this year. Maybe desperation fuels that type of play. If so, the Bears have it. It's an attitude that must start day 1 of camp to fuel the season.

Sure the Bears can win the North. But how bad do they want it?

We'll see.

If your refering to Mike Brown, Chris Harris or Brandon Mcgowan then that comment isn't really accurate....

Brandon McGowan was benched late in the 2009 season, the last four regular season games and lone playoff apperance to be exact.

Mike Brown started at strong safety last season for KC and is currently an UFA.

Chris Harris is a strong safety for Carolina..

Go Bears !!

Ummm Lovie?

Yes I believe, as of today, that is correct. Compared to the rest of the NFC North, the Bears have made the most improvement in the off-season.

Just one little bitty teensy problem with that statement. It's still March. Nobody has made any draft picks yet. All of the teams in the north will have made two picks, and one will have made 3 before the Bears make their first pick come April.

Maybe we should wait until the off-season dust settles? I'm just saying.

We will be alot better because the root of all our problems the last few years is gone, Mr. Ron Turner!!!

From what I hear McGowan is starting for the Patriots this year and Harris has worked both free and strong safety. The point is that for the last 4 years the Bears had some talent at safety and now they play on other teams. Harris actually played a key role in a Bears loss causing a turnover, remember. Mike Brown even though he is slowed and beaten up would have played better at free safety for the Bears than anyone the Bears lined up and his physical skills have waned, bring Brown back as a coach, he would probably be great.

Bensonsucks, all I am saying is that the Bears have sucked at solving a problem at free safety for how many years, way too many and Benson doesn't suck anymore since he has been in Cincinnati.

Ummm don't the other teams still have their first and second round picks? I mean yeah the Bears made a big splash in the FA market and that always has a great history of working out. But last I checked the other teams had much better draft options to pick from, although we all know teams don't build through the draft and its all about FA. With the draft and roster cuts still to come teams like the Pack, Vikes and Lions may just move up on the Bears. So when Smith means the Bears where better at the end of last season what does he mean? The last game, the last 2 games, 3, 4 ,5, 6, what exactly does he mean. Sense Smith likes to talk about the season as quarters lets look at the last quarter of the season. The Bears lost to GB at home, then got blown out by the Ravens, then they beat Min at home, and then Detroit at home. So with 3 out of 4 home games the Bears went 500. But a closer look at those teams tells a bigger story. GB with its lousy O-Line won in Chicago, they are a good team but not a great team. The Ravens who are also a good team but not a great team destroyed the Bears, the MIN game was pretty much Cutler, Cutler and more Cutler unless Smith believes his defense giving up 30 points in a half is a good thing. Then of course we beat the Lions, a team that everyone Beats, a team that didn't even have its starting QB, although Matt Forte showed up for that game, second that year Forte had shown up, the other time was against the Lions as well. At the time we played the Vikings well they where slumping weren't they? It was a 4 game stretch in which the vikings lost 3 of 4. In fact in the second half of the Bears game they actually regained their form. The Bears where up 16 going into the half and they end up winning in OT. Not exactly putting on a show. Is finishing 500 in your last 4 games really showing improvment, still got destroyed by 1 team, and managed to beat the Lions. Not sure how that is impressive?

It doesn't matter where any of those teams pick there isn't anyone in the draft better than Peppers. That alone makes his statement true. And taking a contributing player from a rival has to hurt. And Green Bay lost Kampmen. Plus players who were hurt and playing last year should be healthier this year. That includes Tommie Harris, Kreutz,Urlacher and Forte. Other teams may also get the injury bug so his optimism is not short-sighted. You guys act like he's supposed to say stuff like "hope" and "maybe". If anything he is positive and you can't blame him for being that. There isn't an idiot in the world who looks in the mirror and see an idiot.

The best way for the Bears to improve more than the other teams is for Smith to resign.

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