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Skinny on Deon Grant

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The Bears have made several upgrades to their roster, but coach Lovie Smith and general Jerry Angelo haven't addressed one position they both stated they wanted to get better at.


One who became available the other day is Deon Grant.

The Seattle Seahawks released him on Monday.

Word is, the new regime (coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider) wanted to dramatically change their roster, and they also didn't want to pay Grant his $4 million base salary for 2010.

Grant, 31, was a second-round pick in 2000. Remarkably, in the last 10 NFL seasons, he has started every single game.

He's had some issues playing in the box, where he was counted on more in run support as a strong safety for the Seahawks. He has forced just two fumbles his entire career.

But I'm told that Grant would be ideal for a Cover Two based defense like Chicago's.

Grant is also a bright player capable of getting his teammates lined up in the back end.

For his career, Grant has 26 interceptions and 74 pass break-ups.

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Deon Grant at free safety, maybe. He most likely would be an upgrade. Seems durable, smart maybe, instincts, issues in the box as strong safety seems to suggest that tackling is an issue. Can the Bears afford him or do they want to afford him? Why was he allowed to walk from the SeaHawks?

Sean, what are you referring to in regards to issues in the box for Grant? They are not like issues in the sand box like some on this blog?

What about Off. line and WR? If the bears can't put up points having the best Def. in the league only means they don't loose by a lot!

Who "told" you that? Why would he be an ideal fit? Is any of the speculation written in this blog based on fact? I'm this close to removing the Sun-Times from my Favorites list...

can the bears really have two poor tacklers on the back end with grant and manning?

why not? We have had ppoor tacklers on the front end for 2 years

Why do the "3 stooges" always leave the team's needs half unfinished? Lovie says "we need a safety" (he finally admits it)and Atogwe could probably be acquired but we go after everybody's retreads again. Great, so we get to 8-8 this year, maybe.

yes but an 8-8 year will get them all the boot. the main starting lbs are good tacklers, but the backups last year(roach/jamar/hillenmeyer) over pursued or were out of place. with urlacher, briggs, and pisa they can at least be in place for the tackle. a year under their belts the backups can be better if the starters go down. but manning and grant on the back end will get us eaten alive by run-after pass teams and zone-blocking teams

Deon Grant has been a very good player for the Seahawks the past three seasons and is a great locker room guy. In my opinion, he is a very good tackler and very tough and durable -- he would be a great addition to any defense. He's a very good leader as well, being voted by the players as a defensive captain every year he was with Seattle. He was only released by the new regime in town because they were looking for a 'new look' at a cheaper price, and not for any other reason.

Looks like Seahawks are just making room for Taylor Mays.

Grant might work, he is tweener which you need in the Tampa two. Not sure if he has the range to play FS, but if Urlacher still has good range that would help, he would still only be a stop gap.

I notice a lot of people have questions, and I heard Sean may be planning some sort of 4 down territory type Q&A for the fans here. Now might be a good time to let him know you are intrested in it. He wasn't entrenched with the team the last few years like most chicago sports writers, so he could give us some intresting outside views on what he has seen and maybe what he has heard from around the league. Cutler questions, stuff maybe he heard the Vikings say about the team. Tice and Taylor questions, Harris Questions. Third party opinion may have some great insight, maybe some Lovie or draft questions. So let him know here or via email.

Even I would be intrested in that, maybe we can twist his arm a little. An outside source seems like it could be really intresting, who knows he may even shut me up on some things, I can think of a few people who would like that.

Like Simms, a simple answer: Grant = NO

From Jason:
Who "told" you that? Why would he be an ideal fit? Is any of the speculation written in this blog based on fact? I'm this close to removing the Sun-Times from my Favorites list...

Jeez, Jason, you're wrapped a little tight, aintcha? It's a sports blog. Take a deep breath.

Yes, go for it. Deon couldn't hurt.

Nope, not a permanent solution or a sure thing. The last thing we need is a stop-gap, good enough safety past his prime to add to our merry band of misfits. Otogwe is the real deal, and I refuse to believe they're done spending on the first day of free agency. They're probably just waiting until June to try to get him at a cheaper price on the open market, and make sure the rams don't match they're offer.

My moving company was hired by Deon for a move Feb. 12th 2011, and his sister was there to manage, oversee and pay for it. I can't believe I was STIFFED BY A MILLIONAIRE!!! They only paid half of the moving bill and threat not to pay anything if I didn't take the half payment. She treated my movers like cattle and berated them the whole time. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! No damage, no scratches, and she still did nothing but bitch and gripe all day. BEWARE OF THIS CREW of cheap-skates!!!

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