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Seahawks could be favorite to land Peppers

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The Bears are expected to make a big push to sign defensive end Julius Peppers when free agency starts tonight at 11:01 p.m. CST. But their greatest challenge may be the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks aren't afraid to spend money, and former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, unlike some of his peers, obviously doesn't have any cash flow issues.

New head coach Pete Carroll is believed to be high on Peppers, who could be a long-term foundation for the Seahawks. The Seahawks desperately need to improve their pass rush since Patrick Kerney has been a disappointment since registering 14.5 sacks in 2007, his first year with the club.

Word is, Peppers may command a deal that averages about $14 million a year and includes guarantees of up to $40 million.

The McCaskey family has approved about $30 million for free agency, so the Bears would have to get creative to land Peppers or free up some more money.

After Peppers, Aaron Kampman is regarded as the second-best defensive end available, followed by Kyle Vanden Bosch. But one league source told me that Kampman may be headed to Philadelphia.

So are the Bears putting all their eggs in one basket?

There's a drop-off from Peppers to Kampman and Vanden Bosch. But there's an even more dramatic drop after those two.

We won't have to wait long; there will be plenty of activity tonight.

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Seahawks?? No sweat, who would want to play there?

Lol at Omay. If that isn't a sign of jealousy then I don't know what is. Seattle is a perfectly nice city with a good football culture. My sister lives in Seattle. I personally do not want the Bears to overpay for Peppers. Let the Seahawks overpay him. They guy is 30 years old.

Players that like outstanding up to date facilities and the support of the 12th man and a newly assemlbed, highly motivated coaching staff. Along with one the richest if not the richest owners in the NFL going into an uncapped year. Those players might be potential candidates.

Well you might want to start sweating. Who wouldnt want to play there? West coast, diverse, well educated and a very rich city. An owner rich enough to buy the Bears with just the money he has in his pant pockets. Or Lets put it another way, Paul could buy half the teams in the league and still be filthy rich. So yes you may want to start sweating cause unlike McCaskey's there is no dollar limit.

Yeah who wants to play in one of the Best cities in the country for the richest owner in the NFL? Lets see uncapped year + owner who is worth over 16 billion.

The Bears are one of ten teams with 100 million or more already on the books for next year, 60 million is guaranteed. The McCaskey family was rumored to have given the Bears 25 million prior to Pace being let go. If the Bears were trying to get more money off the books, the tendered some of their players way to high.

Intresting report is that Brandon Marshall has recieved a first round tender only. He will probably be traded for a first round pick, which is almost a joke. That guy for a first rounder, a top 5 reciever in his prime. Teams will be all over it, Jets or Browns will be the first guys after him. Many Bear fans will be happy about this as so many of them feel all the Bears recivers are easily better than Marshall. Showing you just how stupid most Bear fans are.

Cards are still trying to sign Rolle, I wonder what the asking price their will be? Either way if Peppers is the prioity then the Bears don't have clost to the money to bring in all the FA that people have mentioned.

Lets see many fans feel the Bears will go out and sign.
Chestor Taylor

They don't have close to the money to do that. I think FA is going to be a big let down for most fans who want to spend a 100 mil on four players.

FA for the Bears will probably look more like this. Unless they start cutting and trading players.
Rolle or Rhodes

There may be a dropoff in talent from Peppers to Kampman but not much in production. Kampman is a better all-around DE than Peppers. Peppers is the better rusher but Kampman is as good as it gets when it comes to playing the run and rushing the passer. A lot of scouts and NFL executives say it will be interesting to compare Peppers and Kampman in a few years. Some think their production will be similar but the costs to their respective teams will be very different. Kampman is a fine player in the right system. He was just out of place in Green Bay's 3-4 defense. Put him back at DE and he is one of the best in the business.

Stop with the pipe dreams. It'll be Goon. Peppers in Chicago? LOL!! Why, that's good money that would be better spent on Urlacher, Vasher, and Tommy "Tough Knees" Harris.

Boy, I don't see how Jensen could use the phrase, "long-term foundation for the Seahawks", on a 30-year old.

If Peppers is looking for 40-million guaranteed, I say the the Bears should pass.


Funny you would say most Bear fans are stupid after only an idiot fan who falls for hype & flash instead of substance,(which has to be the case for any real knowledgeable football fan to say Marshall is Top 5 at his position). Well Unless you think a 6'4" 230 # possession receiver who averages only 12 yards a catch is top 5. Thats his career average. In 09' he ranked 160th in that department in the NFL. 08'-127th,07'-87th! He also has only 25 TD's in 61 games! Top 5 guys average around 1 TD a game or more. Marshall averages about what .35 a game? Not good w/math,but off the top of my head I'd say thats a good guess. In 07' he ranked 20th,08'-22nd,09'-7th in a down year w/the leading total at 13 only. Also for a guy who has averaged over 100 rec. the last 3 years his 1st down total,1st down %,TD %,yrds per rec.,plays of 20 yards or more are not up to snuff with real #1 WR's. Hell in a bad year for him w/no QB to speak of T.O. had better production per attempt. And lets not forget his punk attitude & the fact he don't block worth a crap. So the next time you think your so smart maybe you should check your facts before you come on all cocky & call a fan base stupid. Because you aren't looking to bright right now.

Some other stats from a stupid Bear fan.

plays of over 20+: 09'-(11) (39th) 08'-(16) (8th) 07'-(13) (21st)

Plays of over 40+: 09'-(4) (13th) 08'-(1) (55th) 07'-(3) (19th)

1st downs %: 09'-(56.4) 08'-(62.5)07'-(68.6) I didn't include the rankings because they actually count anyone w/at least 1 rec. so there were a lot of 100%'s ect. but if you were to go to & check out the receiving stats from 07'-09' of WR's w/at least 70 rec.'s or more Marshall would rank out of the top ten at least in each one of those years.

So to summarize besides Receptions Marshall has not ranked top 5 in any important stat,& has produced low averages & percentages in every vital rec. stat for a WR who has 100+ receptions. His stats are more comparable to a TE or slot receiver then a #1 X or Z.

go ahead and buy your championship seattle....this is your chance

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